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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo R&B Soul




"Songstress Lydia Rene is far more than Jill Jr."

“Oh my god, [s]he was fly. [S]he was witty and sweet. Relaxed and comfortable,” Jill Scott sings—well, more like reflects—on “Some Other Time,” a favorite from her super-fly fourth, The Light of the Sun, a gift from her three Junes ago. It’s a lyric that comes to mind after my phone chat with Lydia Rene, the big-laughing, sweet-speaking songstress ingenue that Philly can claim on a handful of levels. By the way, this girl’s about to blow.

Rene’s dabbled in the background of things for years, providing writing support for dank duo Tejumold and Johari Newton, the once-embattled musical masters behind The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, but she’s stepping into the spotlight herself, with a full-on debut album in the works and a couple Philadelphia-area gigs this week. Unfortunately, the songs the three made together never got traction. “They were trying to shop all these songs around [to various artists], and then they’d get shelved,” Rene tells PW, having flown home from her current Los Angeles stomping ground the day before. “That kept happening with every artist,” she says. So now, she’s ready to go it alone.

Her Mt. Holly, N.J. childhood, with parents who were churchgoers but also musicians, gave the impressionable Rene a firm foundation on which to blossom. “Their band was really good,” she says, describing times that were “never really strict. It was nice, loving—and we listened to everything.” James Taylor—whose July appearance at Susquehanna Bank yielded rave reviews from Rene’s mom and dad—Carole King, Tower of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire were a few family favorites in her youth. She started on piano at six years old with her dad until she got good enough to take lessons from his piano teacher, an 84-year-old woman Rene says “was killer on that piano. And she could bust out a jazz solo.”

Rene didn’t really start sharing her songs until late into her college years at Philadelphia University, where she studied fashion design. (The latter’s apparent in her photos; it’s obvious this gorgeous girl’s got her own unique style.) Brutally honest Project Runway champion Jay McCarroll was her portfolio teacher for a term, a man who, unsurprisingly, never held back. “He likes to read people,” she admits with another laugh. “He got super real on them. I don’t think a lot of people can handle it. I thought it was hilarious.” On a break from rehearsals for her current string of shows, Rene says she didn’t make music a priority until after she got her B.A. “I was writing songs the whole time,” she reassures. “Was I telling people? Maybe not. I wasn’t ready to showcase myself yet.”

Right now, her band’s perfecting a version of “Wonderwall”—yep, the jam Oasis built. I was more eager to talk about her rendering of “Prototype,” the subtle diamond from Outkast’s 2003 Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, to which she does beautifully jazz-flecked justice live in concert. She put out a live album called My Love IS My Life, but took it down from iTunes after a while. “It doesn’t reflect how I sound now,” Rene confesses. “I think the songs are great—they’re well-written and well thought out—but the execution wasn’t there.”

Although Rene’s only dabbled in guitar, someone in her band is knocking fire from it on “Only in Time,” a buoyant, folksy R&B track that’ll definitely be on the forthcoming LP she’s calling Vintage Heart. It’s already on Spotify, as are “Last Night” and “True Love,” also slated for Vintage, which was recorded mostly in Coatesville, PA and a little in the Poconos. These tracks are right on par with some of the artists Rene says she’d been listening to lately: Alice Smith, Lianne La Havas, Laura Mvula, even Snarky Puppy, which may sound a little goofy, but trust, makes total sense. It feels like her heartbeat is comprised of equal parts jazz and soul, R&B, folk and funk.

Throughout the interview, it’s hard not to be struck by Rene’s booming, full-spirited laugh—like when it’s suggested that hardcore Outkast fans prefer Speakerboxxx and Big Boi to Andre 3000’s The Love Below—her calming tone and generous nature. She seems like the kind of girl with whom I’d like to have conversation and verbal elation, some stimulation—maybe share our situations, temptations, education and relaxations. Maybe we could take a cruise and listen to The Roots and eat some passion fruit. Or maybe we could just be silent.

“I first heard ‘A Long Walk’ on the radio in our gymnasium when I was 14,” she recalls, “and ever since then, I’ve been a hardcore Jill Scott fan.” Without saying too much, Rene’s last name is also Scott—which made it just a little bit weirder, but twice as awesome, when she’d get, as feedback, “Oh, you’re so Jill.” She welcomes the opinion with open arms. “That,” she says, “is an awesome, awesome compliment.” - Philadelphia Weekly

"The Vintage Heart Of Lydia Rene"

The soulful and grooving sounds of Lydia Rene could best be described as classic feel good music. Listen­ing to the R&B/Neosoul songstress, you’ll quick­ly catch yourself head bopping to the familiar sounds that hence at the vibes of artists like Jill Scott, Floetry and Ledi­si.

The South Jersey native is fresh to the Los Angeles scene with only having been here since this past January after spending her time play­ing gigs around Phila­delphia and elsewhere. “I’m getting used to L.A.,” she said laugh­ingly when asked about her transition. “But the traffic, oh my gosh its unreal! However, I feel that there is a lot of op­portunity and growth offered here and I like that L.A. is very music friendly.”

Growing up in a musical family where her father was a multi-faceted musician, Lyd­ia Rene’s craft started to take shape early. “I started singing in the choir as a kid and my parents even have a tape of me singing a solo when I was three. Mu­sic has always been a large part of my family and being involved with music and playing piano from an early age has made music somewhat of a second nature for myself,” she said.

Despite a heavy in­fluenced musical back­ground, Lydia Rene didn’t initially see her­self going down the path as an artist or profes­sional musician. Re­ceiving her degree in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University, becoming a designer was her initial vision for herself. “I’ve always been creative and started designing clothes when I was in high school and even began selling some of designs that were used for prom dresses,” she said. It wasn’t un­til later in college where she decided to bite the bullet and perform some of her material thanks to the encouragement of her friends. “I had bad stage fright,” she re­sponded with a chuckle when asked why it took her awhile to perform.

Since then Lydia Rene has been a force to reckon with. Along with being a skilled pianist, she also has an accomplished back­ground in songwriting, which has afforded her the opportunity of writ­ing for some of the in­dustry giants such as Toni Braxton. Recently performing in Taste of Soul Festival hosted by the Sentinel, the singer has continued to create traction. “Taste of Soul provided great exposure for myself and network­ing is always a plus, but what I really appreci­ated was how receptive the crowd was.”

In a more recent achievement, Rene was the winner of the LAMN Jam Urban Division that granted numerous rewards, but was also a more significant mo­ment for the singer per­sonally. “It was a very emotional moment for me,” she said. “After the third song I burst into tears, which isn’t a nor­mal thing for me. I’ve become more of crier the older I get,” she stat­ed jokingly. Rene de­scribed the win as a so­lidifying moment in her music career because it was reassurance that she had what it took to be successful, but more im­portantly that her music was relatable.

Being involved in an industry where im­age can surpass talent, sometimes there can be added pressure result­ing in inauthenticity to reach mainstream suc­cess. “I put more pres­sure on myself more than anything, but I al­ways believe in staying true to who you are. I feel that being true and honest is what resonates with people,” she said.

In the time where popular music and hip-hop have currently been dominating the industry, challenges as an R&B artist seem to be more prevalent than before.

As a Neo-soul/R&B artist, Rene felt that de­spite the shift in musi­cal preference amongst the majority of people, music will always find its way to listeners. “ I think there is an audi­ence for everyone,” she said. “I’m also open to trying other genres like EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or Pop, but I be­lieve no matter the genre there is always someone willing to listen to you.”

With one live album under her belt, Lydia Rene’s current EP proj­ect “Vintage Heart” set to be released early next year will feature an ar­ray of material. Ranging from songs that make you want to put on your dancing shoes and step out, to more serious is­sues “Vintage Heart” will provoke emotion, which is what Rene says is most important. “The one thing I would want someone to take away from my music is the presence of a message and emotion,” she said. “Emotion comes from a very real place and I want people to know that there is someone who can relate to them in any given situation.”

Check out her Soundcloud and website to take a listen. - Los Angeles Sentinel

"Lydia Rene: Ready for Her Close-Up"

Terrified is more like it,” was Lydia Rene’s response when I questioned her about the excitement of the pending release of her album Vintage Heart. It was a surprising answer, especially for someone who honed her chops in the musical avenues of Philadelphia and shared stages with many Grammy winners and accomplished musicians. However, this time around it’s just her: her lyrics, her voice, and her time.

A student of life and love, Lydia Rene has crafted a suite of songs dedicated to the process of love—a testament to the rigors of relationships with the message that, though your heart is weary and worn, you’re capable of love. The album flows as a love story, the traditional girl-meets-boy with the true twists of life, in somewhat of a concept album. The album has taken various forms over the last few years, going from an EP to an LP thanks in part to Rene winning the Los Angeles Music Network’s LAMN Jam contest, which included 24 hours of studio time, which she made great use of, recording tracks the necessary tracks to make Vintage Heart a full-length project.

Winning that contest came at the greatest time for the independent artist, because she’s truly handling every aspect of her career at this moment. Let me rephrase that, she’s doing everything! From the writing to playing keys, co-production and even the artwork, this young lady has completed the monumental task of releasing a major label product from the confines of her home office and co-producer Harry Wilson’s home studio. It’s the fact that she’s birthed this album from start to finish that created the “terrified” feeling she described, but also allowed her to exhale and celebrate when people started to gravitate towards the music and share via social media how much they were enjoying it.

Risks are nothing new for Lydia; she left Philadelphia for LA armed with a severance package, love and the hope that Los Angeles will bring her closer to her dreams. After having worked the Philly music scene and a long-distance relationship, she packed her bags and began to scope out the City of Angels to find her place in the spotlight. That light will brighten because Vintage Heart is a triumph; the visuals received from her storytelling are only overshadowed by Rene’s vocals, which tell a story within themselves. The songs have that authentic feel to them, something vintage, characterized by its enduring appeal.

The heavy lifting is done, but that doesn’t mean the work is complete. Before she can get started on a follow-up, Lydia Rene has to beat the pavement to ensure as many ears find their way to the album as possible. She’s heavily involved on social media, often engaged with fans from her Facebook page or partaking in the never-ending chatter on Twitter (@lydia_rene), but it all starts at her internet hub.

Vintage Heart can be purchased exclusively at, with announcements coming soon about the major online retailers and the physical copy release.

–Al-Lateef Farmer - SoulTrain

"SoulBounce Exclusive: Lydia René Reveals Her ‘Vintage Heart’ With This World Premiere Album Stream"

Lydia René first impressed us so much when we first came across her music in 2009 that we had no choice but to make her Bounce-Worthy. She's kept us hanging on to her every note since that time with a sprinkling of songs here and there, but we've been yearning for more from this talented young Philadelphian. Now our hunger is finally satisfied with the release of her long-awaited project, Vintage Heart.

She teased us last year with the three-song Vintage Heart EP, and now the LP of the same name is here and SoulBounce is happy to world premiere the album before it's released on Tuesday, February 10th exclusively on Bandcamp. The album features previously released tracks "Only In Time," "True Love" and the recent smash "Last Night," but there's more hotness where these songs came from. Standout selections include "Feels So Nice (Wasting Time)" and "That's Life." Lydia displays her vocal skill throughout Vintage Heart on songs that are soulful, jazzy and funky.

Now calling Los Angeles home, this album is as warm and filled with sunshine and good vibes as Lydia's adopted city. Vintage Heart is the album that we've been waiting for from Lydia René and proves what we've known all along, that she's got next and her time is now. -

"Introducing Lydia René"

Artists like Lydia René are why we work tirelessly everyday. This sister has the goods. Not only is she bringing remarkable vocal skills, but the soundbed accompanying her is majestic, stylish and simply compelling. With shades of Ledisi, Phyllis Hyman and even Fertile Ground, this EP is refreshingly pleasant to listen to and we look forward to hearing much more from this musician. Honestly, this sampler left us wanting the full course.

Lydia Rene’s debut studio EP Vintage Heart will be released in January 2015.

Rating: A
Best Songs: Last Night, True Love, but really all of these tracks are amazing. -



Soulful, vibrant, and ahead of her time are all words that describe the amazing Lydia Rene. Who is she? She is an amazing recording artist who has been compared to Jill Scott, and by the way, she does not mind the comparison. Lydia Rene’s music takes you on a journey that will get you in touch with your soul. This is music that takes you to another dimension. When was the last time you felt that way about an artist or song? When was the last time your heart felt a clear connection to a song? When was the last time a song made you yearn to hear its soulful words and melodies?

Lydia Renee started writing songs when she was just a teenager knowing she had a gift. Self-doubt and stage fright caused her to delay her transition from a writer to a performer. However, Lydia’s family knew this gift could not be kept quiet so with a push from her aunt, who is also a recording artist, she decided to record her songs. We are so happy she did! In 2009 Lydia’s live album entitled “My Love IS MY Life,” was released and it has been a non-stop ride for her ever since. With the motivation from her family a beautiful, curvy, and soulful STAR was born!

BJ: Your voice is so amazing and soulful. Do you get upset when people compare your voice to Jill Scott’s?

LR: No I don’t get upset, I think it’s a GREAT compliment. I think people see my afro, my smile, and my personality and they automatically think about her because of those things…and the fact that we’re both from the Philadelphia-area…and are both curvy women! So it’s definitely understood, but I still want people to recognize me for my unique sound and talents as well.

BJ: Philly? WHAT! I’m not from there by my family is! Man how I need a hoagie in my life!

LR: Really! LOL

BJ: Being able to work with TOP producers and artists is always a blessing. Who have you been blessed to work with and submit songs to?

LR: Well I initially started working with producers Tejumold and Johari Newton who helped produce the GRAMMY Award-winning album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” They were the ones who gave me the opportunity to work with them to pitch songs to artists like Toni Braxton, Melanie Fiona, and Lil Mo. But, I definitely learned of how difficult it is to get songs placed (…even when we think it’s the best song in the world). But I enjoyed working with the producers and taking part in the creative process. I’m still finding new artists and producers to work with in hopes of making something special.

BJ: Being around music your entire life what is it about it that touches your soul the most?

LR: I like that I can make people feel something…whether it be at my live shows or just by listening to songs that I’ve recorded. I love when people tell me stories or send me messages saying “this is exactly how I feel!” or “I sent this song to my boyfriend because it expressed everything I felt that i couldn’t say!” That means the WORLD to me that I can help people by singing. But not only that, I also love how people of all ages can enjoy me just being myself and telling my own experiences. I love that someone 75 years old can dance to my music as well as someone who is 6 years old!

BJ: “True Love” is my favorite song of yours. I can honestly say I have listened to it over 100 times! I’m really in love with that song. What made you write it? Was it a life experience that prompt it?

LR: I originally wrote this song about a friend of mine that was in a bad relationship. Anyone that knows me knows that I really value my friendships and if my best friend is sad, depressed, or feeling low because of how someone treated them, it makes me upset as well. My friends are like my extended family. So I decided to write a song hoping that maybe she could see her relationship from someone else’s point of view. It’s really about a love where one person constantly gives and the other person only takes. “He wants me but I need him”… is one of the lyrics that I try to illustrate the intensity of a broken relationship. Essentially, this girl is deeply in love with her man, but it is not being reciprocated. She desperately wants him to give her a sign to show her that he loves her, but he never will because…he doesn’t. The crazy part is, after I wrote it, I found myself in a similar situation, and I think the song helped me realize that I wasn’t a healthy relationship either! So that song is like my own therapy.

BJ: “True Love” is something a number of women go through every day. Loving someone who just does not love you back. WOW! I’m so happy you wrote that song.

LR: Aww thank you so much!

BJ: Being in the industry there is so much pressure with image. Are you proud of being a plus size woman in the industry?

LR: I definitely do feel pressure, but no one has ever said anything to me or made me feel that way directly. I’ve put that pressure on myself. I think any female artist (no matter what size they are) always has pressure from society to look a certain way and act a certain way. But as I get older I get more comfortable with the way God made me, and I think it’s important to stay true to yourself.

BJ: Do you feel that there needs to be more plus size singers in the industry who are proud about their bodies like you?

LR: I think that no matter what size you are you shouldn’t be made to feel inferior to anyone else. Confidence is so beautiful…whether it is in entertainment, business, or ANY industry.

True confidence in everything you do will outshine everything and put the pressure on the back burner. Lydia Rene is truly a diamond in the rough and I know you will hear and see more of her next year with her first studio album “Vintage Heart” being released in January 2015. In the meantime go to to hear her music!

Lydia Rene is a true “Manik Music” artist! - MANIK Magazine

"Lydia Rene Has Something To Say About ‘Last Night’"

Bounce-Worthy alumna Lydia Rene throws caution to the wind and is ready to jump into a new love thing on her new single, "Last Night." On the uptempo groover, the Los Angeles-based songstress sings about someone who has her heart open from jump. She questions her love-at-first-sight feelings as she sings ,"but I just met you last night," while trying to make sense of it all. We've probably all been in this position a time or 10 where you fall for someone immediately, and Lydia provides a fitting and fresh soundtrack that'll make you want to grab your honey by the hand and take them for a twirl on the nearest dance floor. If your spring fling is turning into a full-fledged summer love, then add this one to your collection right now with a purchase from Bandcamp. -

"Spotlight: Lydia Rene"

Originally from Philadelphia PA , now residing in Los Angeles CA. Lydia Rene has been plowing the ground as an independent artist for some time now. This soulful singer just released her single Last Night on May 30, 2014 and Her EP "Vintage Heart" is set to be released Fall 2014. Lydia René is a classically trained pianist and accomplished musician whose sound is best described as smooth out-of-the box soul. Lydia has had the opportunity to work with acclaimed producers and musicians like Burn N Bush (Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin), BAM (Lil Mama), Damon “Mr. Dizzy Fingers” Bennett (Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake), and Stan Davis (Kindred The Family Soul, Kelly Rowland, Teena Marie). She has also had the opportunity to write songs for other artists including Toni Braxton, Melanie Fiona, and Lil Mo.

Some may say she's has caught their attention from her awesome arrangements and covers of songs like XO from Beyonce and Wonderwall from English Rock Band Oasis. Her covers show range and her original works show creativity and charisma from the levels of variety. With a resume like this Lydia Rene will be writing herself into the history books!

You can check out her covers and original music on Soundcloud. - Parvenu Magazine

"Bounce-Worthy: Lydia Rene"

Most young, aspiring singers struggle with finding the right producers, songs, band members, etc. to help build their unique sound. When I discovered the music of Lydia Rene, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this singer/songwriter/musician pens her own material--from the lyrics to the band arrangements. In her words, she's striving to become the "female Quincy Jones" of her time. Her debut album, My Love is My Life, is a jazzy introduction to the world of this classically trained pianist whose deep alto voice fits beautifully amidst the live instrumentation. Lydia's "Medley" instructs us on how to save ourselves through self-appreciation:

"I have to embrace myself, for my mental health."

"In Love" takes us on that all too familiar journey of romance that often results in total emotional surrender. Her heavy lyrics are lifted with precision piano melodies and soulful rhythms making Lydia's compositions a joyful experience. Be sure to give her a listen below and check the live performance video after the bounce. - SOULBOUNCE.COM

"Female artist examines self through lyricism"

It’s an impressive feat for a seemingly timid woman with an electric piano to win the attention of a bar full of college students on a Friday night. The headliner for the College Union Board’s (CUB’s) female Singer/Songwriter Night at the Rathskeller pulled it off with a smile.
In spite of the sleepless night before her performance she spent waiting on the delivery of her newest EP, “Unsaid,” singer/songwriter Shannon Corey embraced Friday night’s Rat crowd with a bright burst of energy and excitement. Her 90-minute set rang with lyrical sincerity and all the sounds of a thoughtful mind at work.
Corey attended to an eager audience with her catalog of intelligent original works and a cross-section of rock and pop covers.
“Winter,” a song featured on MTV’s “The Real World,” projected a pictorial message of sympathy and understanding. Her lyrics, set in the form of a thought-provoking parallel, depicted the inner struggles of a friend in the context of shifting seasons.
Her playful nature onstage, however, belied the more serious attitude of some of her songs.
Corey prefaced one of her best compositions with an anecdote about dressing her little brother like a girl. But the songwriter dressed “I Miss Home,” in funny-turned-serious lyricism, Through her arching piano progressions, Corey meditated on her decision to leave her childhood home in Rhode Island for the artistic gateways of New York City.
Corey, a classical pianist since she was 3 years old, powered her lyrics with smart and shining keyboard structures. Her high-flying persona blended a musical theater background with a variety of influences in popular music.
She performed an array of cover songs including a flawless rendition of Ingrid Michaelson’s sharp-swinging “Breakable,” and well-done, stripped-down versions of songs by Cold War Kids, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon. For the rock covers, friend and album artist Sean Carmichael accompanied Corey on acoustic guitar.
Later, Corey gave The Police’s “Message in a Bottle” a creative twist. The “S.O.S” refrain sounded more like a transmission of confidence than a song of desperation.
Both her covers and originals were intimate but comprehensive and demonstrated the transformative power of attitude and technical creativity.
New Jersey artist Lydia Rene, who opened for Corey, presented similar characteristics in a different style —rooted in R&B and infused with indie sensitivities.
Rene, with her fabulous hair and musical dexterity, split the difference between soul queen and independent singer/songwriter. Her warm, deeper-end vocal tones became agile and crisp and sometimes abrupt when the song required it.
In “Stressin’ Me,” she confronted her problems with good humor, a cheerful scolding: “I won’t enter your crazy with you / ’cause craziness is not how I do.”
“In Love” and “Demise” rounded out Rene’s set with a profound happy-sad duality. The first, with its melodic refrain stood in deep contrast to the second.  On “Demise,” a song Rene said she composed in about 30 seconds, she dropped the repetition in favor of delicate turns and lyrics that reflected urgent, sober thoughts.
For both performers, the keyboard added fundamental meaning to the songs. Rene’s chords were soft but atypical.  Her rhythms and progressions hinted at subversion, whether that implied someone else’s betrayal or her own rebellion against constraints.
A shared taste for minimalistic depth made Corey and Rene apt local partners. Though different in sound and style, both women brought a universal sincerity to the stage.

-By Matt Huston - The Signal,THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY

"Tuned In to Lydia Rene'"

November 21, 2009 (WPVI) -- Our featured Tuned In artist this week is Lydia Rene'. She is a talented local singer songwriter. Her music is filled with many elements from genres that inspired her at an early age.

Lydia was our "viewers' choice" this month. Her music video "Mine Addiction" was the most played clip on the "Share Your Band" section of our website. We caught up with her at The Blinkin Lincoln in Roxborough.

Here is her biography

On the road to discovering her many talents Lydia Rene' has chosen to follow the trail of an authentic love for music mapped out by her parents singer/pianist and music teacher Donald Scott and Certified Life Coach and music lover Katya Scott. These two are credited with exposing Lydia Rene' to a myriad of music genre's such as classical, jazz, gospel and rock very early in her life. There were many times her parents would ask her out of the blue who does that sound like and Lydia Rene' would respond in kind, "Stevie Wonder or Glady's Knight" and she would of course, be right.

But wait, there's more, she is a classically trained pianist, was a member of the jazz band in high school as a pianist, a drummer and xylophone player in the marching band as well a member of the drum line at the competition level. With that kind of early musical lineage, musicianship and instrumentation along with her innate gifting; it is no wonder she is so prolific at what she does and prepared to blaze a trail of her own.

There was a time early on in the careers of performing artist that the industry wanted you to be specific in your genre and your niche. It was not acceptable, fashionable or politically correct to write, play, arrange, orchestrate, produce and sing, but thanks to other trailblazers I'm pleased to say not only are these skills and abilities admired, but they are sought after and highly valued.

Lydia Rene' is one who is able to do it all, do it well and is well prepared to demonstrate it. No wonder her tracks throb with an undeniable R&B groove and syncopated percussion that catches you off guard rather nicely, yet still has that classically trained flare of precise orchestration with tasty musical interludes and outrageous lyrics. Add to all that her own distinct rhythmic phrasing that draws you in and makes you want to hear every word, just to see how she delivers it.

In 50 Years...

Lydia would like to be known for:

1) Tasty relevant lyrics about timeless issues
2) A creator of memorable moments; and
3) An ageless sound that doesn't date itself

Lydia Rene has found her sweet spot in music and is beginning to stir her pot of goodness. Interestingly enough, I don't think she really knows just how tasty she is, but she's certainly ready to find out as she invites us to join her face to face in a dish of her best-orchestrated and arranged musical cuisine. Please enjoy the performance video from her show at The Blinkin Lincoln

You are now Tuned In to Lydia Rene'

On the web-
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"Artist Spotlight: Lydia Rene'"

Lydia Rene is a upcoming artist, writer and producer in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. She has a love of music, that she inherited from her parents, who have surrounded her in the warmth of music. Her earthy and powerful voice, also has a softness that comes across very well. It has a quality that seems it’s yielding to an innocence that emanates from her lyrics. She has the range, and the skill to sing and write in a variety of genres. So, she won’t be labeled as only one type of performer. To help round out her voice, she has been classically trained to play the piano. Lydia Rene also plays the bass drums and xylophone. She has picked a great band to compliment her vocal and writing talents. Her band is made up of Donald Scott on piano. Bass guitar is John Dingle (JD). Then on guitar is Oscar Strange. Followed by Joseph Dingle on drums and on keyboards is Greg Bowens.

She released her debut album “My Love Is My Life” last October, that’s available on iTunes for $9.90. I just started listening to the album, and right off the first song, I love it. She has sultry deepness to her voice that draws you in, and envelops you. There are ten songs to give you a great idea of her talent. When I finish the album, I’ll post my review.

I think that Lydia Rene is a perfect example of the indie Soul artist that we are seeing more of today. She is putting her talents, promotion, and career in the hands of someone who knows best….herself. This is a very good time to be a fan of music. The fan gets access to such great talent, without the filtering that larger record companies do.

Here are two live performances from her Blue Light Session last year. It was put on by her recording company Blue Light Digital Sound. They are “That Song” and “Such A Fool“. Oh, if you are in the Philly area, and want to check her out, she is performing tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Blinkin Lincoln “Tuned In 6ABC” Recording, on October 28th. -

"Get To Know: Lydia Rene'"

Lydia René creates real, grown folks R&B music, the type that we rarely hear nowadays unless your privy to the ever-growing indie/underground scene (and if your reading this I guess you are). She is one of those artists who actually make me feel sorry for those stuck in the commercial radio/MTV rut … they are missing out on so much.

Lydia was brought up listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder and was heavily influenced my her music-teacher father and music-loving mother from an early age. She is a classically trained pianist, was a member of her school jazz band (playing piano) and also played drums and xylophone in the marching band so it should come as no surprise that not only does she sing on My Love Is My Life, she also wrote the songs, played keyboard, arranged the songs and had a hand in production too.

As well as the excellent writing and vocals present on the album, the fact that it is recorded live with an audience adds a touch of authenticity or realness to the album. You can sit back, relax and almost imagine you were present when the recording took place. The songs themselves deal with those staples of soul music, namely love and relationships, however the interesting arrangements combined with the jazzy soulfulness of her voice ensure that the material sounds fresh and interesting.

You can take a listen to a couple of tracks below and purchase via iTunes. - Soul UK

"Lydia Rene, "Jill Scott meets Nina Simone""

Pianist vocalist LYDIA RENE is a millennium mix of Jill Scott meets Nina Simone. Rene born of musician parents is a classically trained pianist in addition to the keys. LYDIA RENE plays the bass drum and xylophone and she is the recipient of a few jazz awards. She has been doing shoes throughout Philadelphia lacing the city with her sweet voice and songs of hopeful love. Read more on Lydia Rene' on Myspace or Facebook. - Traycee Lynn of Pilly Cypher Newspaper


"Vintage Heart" LP

Released: February 10th, 2015

"Last Night" (Single)

Released: 2014

"True Love" (Single)

Released: 2013

"Only In Time" (Single)

Released: 2012

"My Love IS My Life" LP
Released: 2009
Recorded LIVE at Blue Light Digital Sound, in Mt Holly, NJ



A classically-trained pianist and accomplished musician, Lydia René’s sound is best described as smooth, vibrant soul. With influences ranging from Jill Scott and Phyllis Hyman to James Taylor and Carole King, Lydia’s blended sound will take audiences to a higher musical plateau.

Lydia has shared the stage with GRAMMY Award winning and nominated independent artists such as Eric Roberson, Wayna, Jaguar Wright and Jean Baylor. She has also had the opportunity to work with acclaimed producers and musicians like Tejumold and Johari Newton (Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin), Rick Carlos (J-Lo, Nelly), Harry Wilson (John Legend, Kindred The Family Soul), Damon “Mr. Dizzy Fingers” Bennett (Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake), and Stan Davis (Kindred The Family Soul, Kelly Rowland, Teena Marie).

As a native of Mount Holly, New Jersey, Lydia gained her musical experience by performing at music venues all over nearby Philadelphia. Now, Lydia resides in Los Angeles CA where she just finished working on her debut studio album "Vintage Heart". Lydia teamed up with GRAMMY nominated producer Jameel Roberts (Usher, J. Cole, NIkki MInaj) as well as very accomplished producer/musician Harry Wilson (John Legend, Kindred The Family Soul)  & Rick Carlos (Nello, J-Lo) to create a sound all her own. She's the proud winner of the 2014 LAMN JAM competition (previously won by Aloe Blacc). While in LA, Lydia has had the opportunity to perform at the Taste Of Soul Family Festival (which draws a crowd of over 250,000) along with other performers such as Tyrese, Syleena Johnson, Tank, and Raheem Devaughn. Recently Lydia had the opportunity to sing a soul stirring rendition of  "I Put A Spell On You" for the movie trailer campaign of Box Office hit "The Perfect Guy".

While Lydia René continues to build upon her ever-growing fan base, she hopes to one day reach the level of music’s greatest singer/songwriters and musicians. Her debut album "Vintage Heart" has already received acclaim from music publications including SoulTrain, Philadelphia Weekly and SoulBounce. The album is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and Bandcamp.