Lydia Skalozub

Lydia Skalozub




I, Lydia Skalozub, graduated from Technical University (in the Soviet Union it was called a Polytechnical Institute) and worked as an engineer for many years. In my half-century of life I have had to change occupations several times. Intricate and at times strange confluences of events, enhanced by curiosity, have led me to the USA.

Besides my primary work, in different periods of life I have had various interests and hobbies with which I have occupied myself in my free time. In recent times, my fascination with literature has entered a more serious phase—I’ve begun to write. And the culmination of this new interest is my book. In it I have included a theatrical play and a collection of my lyric poems.


Wish Upon Christmas Card

Written By: Lydia Skalozub

“I love to watch the falling snow
It’s as if to earth, for our souls
The gentle angels have forayed...
There’s no better New Years Day.

Above men, float daydreams,
Isn’t that how it seems?
What do you desire, wish, and wait upon,
Are you thinking of a love that’s gone?

I saw you in my sleep last night...
Regardless of how we did fight
The play of imaginings untrue
Has returned me back to you.

In that dream we were still in love,
Alas, no, said those fates above/
Maybe we can revise their rendition?
O, how I trust that snowy superstition.

You trust those gentle angels too
And they’ll make you wish come true.
Cast a spell on Christmas night
And magic will make it come to light.”

...That New Years was bright and still,
He didn’t answer me, perhaps he never will .

I Lost Your Number

Written By: Lydia Skalozub

I lost your number,
It’s a annoyingly sad,
I’m all out of sorts,
O, I’m sure you’d be glad.

The first time that we met,
We danced and droned on delighted,
Cool and still behind-the-ears wet,
We got love’s comet ignited.

I perfectly remember that night,
I remember your hands and their heat,
I thought we’d be forever alight,
O, circle of life, you’re deceit.

In my pocket I had a napkin
With your number in red,
And New Year’s crystal call
Promised me love up ahead.

I’m sure of my self and
In my life I’ve thrived, too,
Other women made me happy,
But my mind recalls you.

In my telephone book
There are millions of entries,
But sadly no chance to meet you,
I lost your number, it seems.

Our Sunday

Written By: Lydia Skalozub

It’s so blissful and so fair
On this mountain summer day.
You with a flower in your hair,
I’m so happy we’ve come this way.

We lie in the grass on the ground,
Watching the sky and its blue.
I’ve found a sign in a cloud.
I don’t get the teasing you do.

Taste the sweetness of grass,
Babble the birds.
The trembling of your lashes,
Death of love’s words.

A light buzz clouds the eyes
As my hand touches yours.
Eagles watch from on high
A butterflies’ storm.

The downpour’s first taste-
Happiness or Regret?
This is our Sunday
I won’t ever forget.



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