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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"To All of Those recieves 4/5 from The Music Appraisal"

Lye - To All Of Those...

Think about some of your favorite progressive rock bands. Got them in mind? Now forget them. Lye is a new breed of progressive rock hailing from St Louis, Missouri. The bands debut EP ‘To All Of Those…’ features some familiar elements from the progressive rock genre but adds so many other intangibles that it’s hard to compare them to other bands in the genre.

Yes Lye uses sweeping melodies over rhythmic drumming but they also uses very technical guitars with lots of solos to keep the listeners attention on the longer songs. Yes Lye uses heavy guitar riff and bass lines but they also use subtle instrumentation to balance their sound. The result is a five song EP that takes the listener on a journey letting them experience every ebb and flow.

The opening track “The Devil And His Queen” showcases the bands sound perfectly. It starts off with heavy drums and loud, distorted guitars but quickly shifts to a soft serene sound. The song transitions back and forth between the two extremes for over seven minutes but never seems to loose your attention. It almost seems as if Lye is telling you an epic story through the song. This is a hard concept for many bands to pull off let alone do right but it works here. The rest of the EP follows along with the opening track in terms of a balanced sound with epic storytelling, until the last track.

Lye seems to step it up on the last track, “The Sore”. The song almost sounds like Tool with its drumming and bass lines but differentiates itself through the guitar work. For most of the song the guitar work is basically just a lot of riffing but once you pass the halfway point of the song your get some monumental solos that take the song and band to another level. The solos are almost reminiscent of 80’s metal or fantasy metal but works well with the rest of the instrumentation. It is the perfect way to end the EP and leave listeners wanting more. It will be interesting to see where the band goes next and if they are able to continually work outside of the norm.

Rating: 4/5 - The Music Appraisal

"Dylan Parker Featured in BASS PLAYER Magazine"

Our very own Dylan Parker is featured in this months Bass Player Magazine. He goes into detail about the hardware he uses and how bass is like chess. - Bass Player Magazine

"Holger at thinks Lye " To All of Those " is Überraschen!"

Holger Andrae from in Germany gives an amazingly thorough review of the debut ep " To All of Those ". He compares Lye to Tool and Porcupine tree and in one sentence states, "The best unsigned band I've heard for months! "

Get out your German to English translator to read the full official review -


" To All of Those " - EP 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lye has been together for nearly four years and has definitely seen its changes. Now that the mold is set and the members are in place, the band is doing anything but creating a cookie-cutter fan base. At a concert, wearing colors other than morbid black is aloud. But oh, I pray you don’t take that the wrong way, no matter what you wear, the band will stimulate your intellectual taste buds. The band is composed of some great guys, they won’t care who are, and their music will melt your skin no matter what stereotype you fit into.

The entire band has such a passionate outlook on their music that they had formed something that can minimally be said to be a progressive hard-rock formation that tries to persuade into a deeper thinking. Far from a preaching band, the band explores the severe extremities in the world. They are looking for a change in the modern world of rock. This chemical turned rock band will do more then just open your eyes.

Lye has played at more than a few venues and their list of demolitions is continually growing. After the escapes of venues that once were, Lye doesn’t miss a beat and is immediately looking for a new place to corrupt. The buzz of the always-impressing show is growing everyday until soon it will just be a noise that will never seem to end. Need proof? See it for yourself.

Maybe not a “movement” quite yet, but does anyone ever want to miss the bus? This band is not just a band that can produce jaw-dropping music, it is a band composed of friends that never deny, never belittle, and never loose touch with their fans.

The first cd “To All of Those” came out July1st, 2006 and is already selling all over the United States and to countries like Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.

So to all of those who believe there is more to all of this. To all of those who see through the hypocrisy they inadvertently taught us through their actions. Allow Lye to be the voice through which you speak.