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Southern Comfort EP - 2005


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L.y.f.e. has performed in various local clubs (Cafe Mowanaj, Dr. Dremos Taphouse, Crossroads, Bar Nun, Nancy Raygun club, etc) on the east coast and is creating a huge fanbase rapidly. He has had contract offers from various indie labels in the U.S. and the UK.

L.y.f.e. is now on a promotional tour in the southeast to push his debut, "Southern Comfort EP" which was released May 31, 2005.

Years have passed by, months and weeks including the days of each and every person's L.y.f.e. Yet everyone have not found the fulfilling purpose of their destinies let alone understand them.

L.y.f.e. (Lost Youth Forever Eternal) has been in that mind state for the past 20-sum years. In the month of February two decades ago, L.y.f.e. was born in the slums of Elyton Village Projects (a.k.a. EVP) on the westside of Birmingham, Alabama. The lost soul, was delivered to his grandmother after 3 months of birth because his mother saw that his physical presence was a burden and stress on her occupation as a street hooker.

In his early childhood stages, he was having difficulties due to his deafness. Luckily for him, he was able to speak and hear just enough for him to communicate with his family. But his struggles and tribulations had just begun...

Around the age of 11, L.y.f.e. was already running around the projects with a clan of his homies training themselves to be a part of a local Crip gang (in which he called "claiming") by doing petty robberies, car jackings, and "extra work" for some of the local gangmembers.

"My playboy Simp taught me everything I needed to know about how to run my own click," said L.y.f.e. in a recent interview. "Pokey and Simp were the two nigs that made me see a different side of life that I never wanted to be a part of cuz I never understood that life."

Things got deeper as L.y.f.e. (called "Smoke" by his street peers because he stole cigarettes and sold them to gang affiliates) grew older for he wanted to get "in" sooner than most young initiates. L.y.f.e. had one more "work" he had to complete before he was up for admittance.

"One day I was walking home from school and this car pulled up to me right? It was my nig Simp motioning me towards the window and he was whispering and sh*t. I couldn't understand what he was saying cuz my hearing aid battery was getting low at that time and it was embarrassing having to raise the volume and sh*t. He told me was I ready to roll, and at first I thought about my grandmother who might be mad at me if I got home late. She was the real deal about correcting my juvenile state which took her years to master. I ain't gonna say the rest of what happened cuz I ain't like 50 Cent, I don't want no DA to play this in court, *laughing*"

Eventually L.y.f.e. got in.

"There was no telling what I was gonna do now. I mean I was the first with a hearing aid repping and holding it down for my nigs in the EVP. Straight up mayne, we was full of pride and were down for whatever."

Emotionally, L.y.f.e. was complex and very extreme in his nature with his newfound clan. To his homies, L.y.f.e. was the smartest and the best at strategics than most of his gangmembers. The test of his intelligence got realer and gloomy as the months passed by.

"There were some sh*t I did that was intelligent and some I did that was stupid. I can't speak on that stuff cuz it hurts and I get bad memories of them. Real G's NEVER speak of that sh*t in detail unless they writing a book trying to impress somebody or collect that paper. But I can tell you that everyday one summer before going back to high school I was scared to come out of the house. I knew there were some nigs from Southside looking for me. I knew that they were just high school dropouts who did nothing but set trip all day and wanted to get at me. All that stuff got me sad-eyed on top of cutting classes, being in detention everyday all day and bringing a glock 9 mm to school one day. Damn, I can't believe I got caught for that one."

With all of this happening, L.y.f.e. found the passion for music.

"I used to listen to my grandmother's old records. I never touched them cuz they weren't my thing to listen to but whenever she had them on and I was stuck in the crib, I listened and hummed some of the tunes. That's when I started listening to other music like Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee and 'em n*gs from up north. I used to take money from my granny and scammed folks at the University of Alabama football games by charging them $1 more on drink sales when I was a kid vendor and used them to buy bootleg rap tapes and walkmans."

"I started writing when I was like 12 but been rapping younger than that. I had good grammer and sh*t. I read a lot. My granny used to FORCE me to these libraries in the summertime when she was at work to keep me out of trouble. I kind of liked the music books I was into but she didn't think they were good f