Lying In States

Lying In States



Since Lying In States' inception in 1999, these virile young men have worked hard to unclog the stopped-up Chicago music scene by developing a dynamic sound and side-stepping blasé categorization. Fusing danceable, dirty rhythms with shadowy, swerving electronics and infectiously frenetic hooks, Lying In States nestles itself between the classic rock of the '70s, the naked noise of the '80s and the stepped up
sound of the '90s by constructing a compelling clamor that sticks to your brain.

Lying In States has played and conspired with Dead Meadow, Hot Hot Heat, Rainer Maria, Rye Coalition, Cursive, Denali, The Watchers, The Swords Project, amongst others. Many have born witness to the
spectacle and testified that Lying In States' live set is not to be missed.

They play with a primal energy as if on a mission to leave witnesses dumbfounded. Lying In States released its debut, The Bewildered Herd EP, in fall 2002 on Harmless Records, and then recorded an 11-song full-length album at Semaphore Studios with Scott Adamson (Just a Fire, Alkaline Trio, The Arrivals), released in January 2004 on Chicago's Flameshovel Records. That record, entitled Most Every Night, is instantly hooky upon first listen. Blending foot-stomping keyboard riffs with unsane guitar
chops, it packs in 43 minutes of pure rock sans any dull moments-not unlike the band's live show.

The band has once again gone back into the studio and put the finishing touches on a new album - Wildfire on the Lake. The album finally truly captures the band's live presence and also shows off the work of a band really hitting their stride. Riffs have turned into full blown chops while unbridled energy has transformed into undeniable passion. Wildfire on the Lake is the sound of Lying In States spreading their wings.


Wildfire on the Lake [Flameshovel 10.18.05]
Most Every Night [Flameshovel 2004]
The Bewildered Herd [Harmless 2002]