Lying Still

Lying Still


A mix of all genres of metal. A distinct sound that is unlike any other band.



Lying Still began in July of 2004 in Milwaukee, WI, with founders and high school friends Justin Netzel (vocals), Nathan Rick (bass), and Gerald Richard (lead guitar). Later on that year adding Charlie Ruff (drums). Gerald left the band and now Nathan has taken over guitar. David, just joined the band and is taking over Bass. When creating music we incorporate all the music we that influences us as individuals such as Hard Rock, Metal, and Alternative.
We played our first show in October of 2005 and have played many shows since then, and in January of 2008 the band toured the midwest with Chrome Promotions, and bands Silence All, Hebron, and Harsh Reality. Lying Still ambitions are to continue make music that we love and are passionate about and share it with as many people that we can.


We released one E.P. in 2007 called the Winterkill E.P.
We are releasing our first full length album called Into the Dark in August. We are in negotiations with Best Buy and Hot Topic as well as other businesses to sell our album in their stores. We have about three tracks on internet radio. We just signed on to do two compilation cds that will make two of our songs available at Best Buy, itunes, and available to purchase as ringtones. We do all of this ourselves. No label, no promotion or production company, no manager!

Set List

Our typical set list depending on the venue is 30-40 minutes. The set list is usually as follows:
Blank Canvas
Nothing Left
Into the Dark
It Ends Here
Anger Management
We are only an original band. NO COVERS EVER!