Lying To Sick Children
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Lying To Sick Children

Victoria, Texas, United States

Victoria, Texas, United States
Band Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Report: Goregrowler's Ball Pre-Fest Party"

Excerpted from article:

Lying to Sick Children played an enjoyable set centered around brutal death metal that, curiously enough, lacked a bass guitar. While this would spell doom for many other bands, Lying to Sick Children’s guitar tone was ridiculously low, so much so that it seems as if the presence of a bass player would merely turn the band’s sound into a muddy mush. Lying to Sick Children aren’t exactly original, as their misogyny-tinged brutal death metal didn’t sound any different from scores of bands playing the same genre, but in any case, they put on a good show. Remember, unoriginality doesn’t always mean “bad”, as evidenced by hundreds of black, death, and thrash metal bnds that don’t do anything mind-blowingly original but still produce enjoyable music. In any case, Lying to Sick Children set the mood for the rest of the festival, as there were quite a few bands who played a similar style of music, and fans of local death metal should show them their support. -


Self-titled demo to be released December 2010 on Stockpicker Records



Our band formed in April 2009. The members include:

Goretooth - Vocals
Johnny Devil - Lead Guitar
Cereal Killer - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Banrabishu - Drums

We came together by chance, all from separate walks of life. Goretooth spent many years in prison, Johnny Devil is a family man, Cereal Killer served a life on the streets and Banrabishu fought in Desert Storm. The one glue that keeps us together is the love for true metal.

We all have similar and separate influences including Iron Maiden, Rompeprop, Gorerotted, Suffocation, D.R.I., M.O.D, Dying Fetus, Deicide, Obituary, Slayer, Aeon, Decapitated, Vader and on and on.

Our music sets us apart form the other bands nowadays. We lived in Texas and the Texas scene is choked with that whole new Screamcore, Deathcore, new Hardcore crap with high pitched screamy vocals and identical riffs passed around song to song, band to band. We do not do anything near this. We try with success to bring back the old days of death metal when Chris Barnes sung for Cannibal Corpse and metal meant something.

Texas has many great death metal bands and we've made our mark here over the last year playing many great show with many great bands including Engaged In Mutilating, Disfigured, Scattered remains, Emperial Massacre and so many more.

At the risk of seeming pretentious, we've started refusing shows that have a lineup of nothing but trendcore. And we don't care. If we can contribute to the eradication of that genre, our mission is complete.

We will be here until we can no longer be here.