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""I Like-a-dem Lykaden!""

"HooooooWeeeeee do I love this band! These boys are tight and full of energy. Their tunes scream rock-n-roll...the good kind, the way it's meant to sound. The band consists of Jason Hayes on guitar and vocals, Michael Reddee on vocals and percussion, Sapo on bass & Isaiah Contreras on drums. It seems Michael Reddee and Jason Hayes are the brains behind the band's super-terrific-happy-hour songs. Isaiah is one fine drummer, I might add.
This band is worth checkin' out!" - Cindy Chaffin of

""Lykaden has an out-of-this-world guitarist!""

"Lykaden has an out-of-this-world guitarist! He made some pretty amazing sounds come out of his guitar. The band is like experimental mood metal drowned in anger. I loved it!" - &

""Completely caught up in the music. Good job!""

"Lykaden, with the crowd ready to go, jumped right on it with the band moving the room...the ride all night was a lot of fun...watching Mike and Jason jam I was completely caught up in the music. Good job! I would like to see Lykaden sometime when I am not at work!!" - D. Wakeley of

"EP Album -"

"Five tracks is not enough to do this album justice, Lykaden brings the noise with their new EP. With their hard driven guitars and Sublime style lyrics, expect nothing but a solid album from this Richardson, TX band. Mike Reddee, lead vocals, can spit out lyrics faster than Eminem, but yet maintain a smooth flow over catchy guitar licks. Lead guitarist Jason Hayes must of taken a page from Jimmy Page’s book because his unique style brings a full plate to the table. First track on the album “Wilt” is screaming for airplay on a radio station somewhere in this country. With its reggae style lyrics and loopy guitar sound, “Wilt” will have your head bobbing up and down.
Who let Danzig out on track two “Two Times Removed”? Not that is a bad thing of course!! “Super metal punk funk rap rock alt”, couldn’t describe it any better on “Less Depressed” If you can follow what he’s saying for about five seconds, Frazzl’d will treat you to a ice cream sandwich. Track three is by far one of the fastest songs I’ve ever heard, but who said Lykaden was a pop band….who, huh, what? What was running through my mind when I first put on “Less Depressed”, I thought “Wow, what a great guitar intro, kind of like “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam".
Just when I thought Lykaden couldn’t pull off a good semi metal punk rap rock alt. Ballad, here steps in the last two tracks on the EP “Figure It Out” and “Day Before Tomorrow”. Remember that ice cream sandwich? Well, Lykaden brought it’s volatile live energy to this album, with it’s catchy, loopy guitar licks and free style flowing lyrics, you're for sure gonna want more Lykaden after this five song tasty treat." - Frazz of

""high-energy, well executioned""

"Lykaden's recent show @ Graffiti's Rock Room (5/7/04) was high-energy, well executioned, and, at times, humorous. Guitarist Jason "Heyjay" Hayes splashes color through melodic riff, rhythyms and old school metal soloing. Bassist Joel "Sapo" Clary & drummer Isaiah Contreras are able to hit a solid groove (I found myself bobbing my head). Therein lies the band's creative edge over other metal drones...the band pushed boundries & favored the experimental over the mundane. The same was true with Rage Against the Machine (which I liked quite a lot, mostly due to the bouncy funk, Tom Morello's guitar playing, and Zack de la Rocha's leftist political passion). Queens of the Stone Age are another band that brings a healthy zest to the metal scene. In guitarist Hayes, Lykaden has a treasure of great passion & creativity, evident in his guitar playing & singing. That treasure puts Lykaden over almost any of the tortured Korn wannabe's..." - David Elliott of

"'She Can Do!'"

'Bring The Rock' Compilation CD
New Lykaden Release 'She Can Do'

Lykaden has teamed up with National Noise, Left Ear Entertainment & Inbred Threads for the release of 'She Can Do'. This is a strong taste of what's to come in the near future on a new album. Some of the other top bands on the CD include Hollow and Mad Mexicans.
Copies were at the Bring The Rock at National Noise's & Inbred Threads' booths at the BFD concert!
- National Noise, Left Ear Entertainment & Inbred Threads


She Can Do (single)
Lykaden (self-titled EP)

The song 'Wilt' from the EP has received both radio and tv play.
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Rock band Lykaden emerged from the diluted music scene in Dallas, Texas in 2002 and over the last 2 years have become one of the most unique and locally influential bands not only in Dallas, but throughout the state of Texas. Despite their local success, however, the band has developed a reputation for following their own impulses while not deferring to commercial trends.

Of all places to come together, Navo, a small Texas town north of Dallas, is where the band started. Michael and Joel knew each other from being in previous ventures. Jason was brought in through an acquaintance in an ad at a local guitar store in which the beginnings of Lykaden began to take form. As for Isaiah, he was brought in later through a friend.

Lykaden played their first show in November 2002 when singer Michael Reddee, guitarist Jason Hayes(aka Heyjay), bassist Joel Clary(aka Sapo) and drummer Isaiah Contreras got together for kicks at the Across The Street Bar in Dallas. Although they didn't yet have a following to speak of that night, they quickly earned respect and rapidly materialized as a local favorite in Dallas. Lykaden won a local battle of the bands contest in 2003 and after aggressively gigging in support of their first EP release, the band recorded their first full-length record, Immoral Minority, in 2003.

Over the next three years, Lykaden released the songs 'Wilt' and 'Day Before Tomorrow' for the movie Arizona( Lykaden was quickly shedding the "underground local band" label, and soon began receiving offers from tv shows that wanted a leading band of the current alternative rock scene. Wherever their music is played, the band follows.

Captivating vocals with relentless guitar works, balanced attractively with a bass and a very punctual drumming, Lykaden encompasses and emits rock, alternative and psychedelia to the soul. The lyrical content of Mike Reddee offer a unique artistic vision of our world through catchy phrasing, while still evoking real emotion and excerpts of a life surrounded by trivial hardships. The musical stylings find common ground in the adaptations of alternative, rap and rock with expansive choruses. Lykaden’s live shows are full of volatile energy and raw feeling. The lively production leaves the listener astonished. Heyjay’s authority and execution on guitar provide the crucial feature in the show, but it is the mixture of all 4 members that make the sensation of rock energy absolute. The amalgamation of all these essentials has proven to be an unbeatable method for the novel band.