Lyman Louis

Lyman Louis

 Warren, Oregon, USA

Lyman is an acoustic singer songwriter with a gift for the heartfelt, the comedy, as well as uptempo fare. He will make you laugh, cry and tap your toe. Lyman's performances are a journey with characters, imagery, and emotion. On top of that, Lyman is a consummate no-drama professional.


Step aboard, take a window seat, have your ticket ready. The train’s about to leave and you’re invited to come along for the ride.

From the first note to the last, an evening with Lyman is more than a collection of songs. It's a well crafted trip down a laugh filled and emotional byway with characters and scenery that you won't soon forget. Through the years Lyman has mastered the art of connecting with an audience, celebrating the event with them and sending them home with a lifetime of memories.

While wholly unique, Lyman counts among his influences some of his generations great singer/songwriters: Juno award winner Fred Eaglesmith, hit songwriter Steve Seskin, and legendary performer Jim Croce.

Enjoy the ride, it's a good one!



Written By: Lyman Louis

© 2012 Lyman Louis

There’s a railroad track, forgotten line
Three switchbacks, to the top of the pines
And I walk up, and I walk on
She’ll never know, that I was gone

This river flows, from south to north
Starts in the mountains, flows back and forth
And I’ve been here, and I’ve been there
If she ever knew, she never cared

The ring ‘round Rosie, it’s fortune teller’s spell
And pockets of posies, will never cure my ills
I’m bound to her by a witches brew
And Rosie’s ring is held on with screws

The sky grows dark, and then goes black
Storm clouds rise, and then fall back
I crawl out, and I stand tall
While she brings down, one more squall


Pockets full of posies
Could never break this ring
With every evil thing she’s done
I’m turning home again


Any Texas Town

Written By: Lyman Louis

© 2012 Lyman Louis

There’s a wild look in my baby’s eyes
A look she never tried to hide
She’s searching for another northbound train
She never tells me where she goes
There’s no goodbyes or hellos
Any dance hall suits her just the same

There’s laundry she left drying on the line
Radio plays some old Patsy Cline
I’m here just sitting on this stoop
This time any Texas town will do

I keep thinking ‘bout San Antone’
The way the river grinds and moans
This time I’m only passing through
I’ll head down to Galveston
Where the water’s wet and the women warm
Look for one sweeter than honeydew


Never been to San Angelo
Lubbock, Paris or Waco
But I’m ready to just let the miles unwind
When she sees what I left for her
Some photographs and dime store beer
Maybe she’ll regret her fleetin’, cheatin’ mind

There’s four points on the compass rose
I’m headed south, everybody knows
It’s the only way to reach the top of the world
And I might miss her now and then
But I can’t wait her out again
She’s had the time to let her sails unfurl


Let The World Wait

Written By: Lyman Louis

© 2012 Lyman Louis

The furnace just kicked on, for the second time this hour
Dogs scratching at the door, my baby’s warming up her shower
I cuddle with my pillow, just hoping for a snore
It’s only five am, can’t the world wait a little more

[Let the world wait] somehow they’ll just have to get by
[Let the world wait] don’t worry about tomorrow’s alibi

And tell me what’s the hurry, does anybody know
What could be the reason to head out in this snow
Put whiskey in my coffee, that’s what coffee’s for
We’ll carpe diem tomorrow, let the world wait a little more

[Let the world wait] somehow they’ll just have to get by
[Let the world wait] don’t worry about tomorrow’s alibi
We’re always so damn busy, don’t you think it’s true
I’d rather spend the day, holed up here with you
Lay back down beside me and let the world wait a little more

The sun is barely broken, even birds are sleeping in
Look at that old rooster nestled in with his old hen
Nothing today will matter, let’s just lock the door
Turn off the phone and let the world wait a little more


We’re all that really matters, let the world wait a little more


Lyman's second CD, "Steam and Smoke," is scheduled for a September 2012 release. Featuring performances by Tony Furtado, Chris Kokesh, Skip VonKuske, and Jen Bernard, "Steam and Smoke" is 14 tracks of laughter and tears, lovers lost and found, and award winning songs. Co-produced by Lyman and Timmer Blakely, and Engineered by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios in Portland, "Steam and Smoke" is a collection of original songs by one of Portland's premier roots songwriters.