Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

Their music is a mix of Modern, Classic and Indie Rock. They put on an exciting and energetic performance on stage.


The band consists of 5 musicians from Lexington High School. Gabe Medina is the lead guitarist and founder of the group. Max Pratt is the bass guitarist. Chandler Rush is the rhythm guitarist. Brian Nam plays drums. And last but not least, Peter Kukolich is our lead vocalist.

Lyme Lyght was formed in October 2011. They have performed in Lexington, Burlington and Cambridge. They plan to release their debut album sometime in early April. Their music is available on their Facebook page and Youtube channel. Their influences consists of The Beatles, Aerosmith, The Driftless Pony Club, and other classics and modern rock bands. The Band is sometimes clalled "The Melting Pot" in their highschool because every member in the band is a different ethnicity. Gabe is ethiopian, Max is White, Chandler is British and African, Brian is Chinese and Peter is white. On the fourth day the band was formed they had their first gig in Burlington Ma at the Real School.

Set List

RoadKill ( original )
Funky Groove ( original )
Southern Tune ( original )
Inner City ( original )
Black sky ( original )
Say Hello ( original )
Come Together ( cover )
Billie Jean ( cover )
Black or White ( cover )
House of 1982 ( cover )
Aint' no Rest ( cover )