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Lacing a pounding ATP (Air Tight Productions) beat, Lyn delivers a powerful message to the hip-hop generation. With a blazin performance everytime, electrified by Oklahoma's finest dancers, Dizzy and K.O., Their emblem bears the letters V.I.P. (virtuous, illustrious, priceless).


From a young age, Lyn was always known as the ‘church girl.’ "Man," Lyn smiles, "I was 'saved' since I could say the word, 'saved'." Lyn enjoyed church and her church family. At a young age, Lyn fell in love with music. She began traveling from state to state, singing and rapping with the “Oklahoma Christian Posse.” Lyn later formed a group called "Anointed Harmony” that performed at churches and festivals all over the city. When Lyn was offered a full scholarship to play basketball at Connors State College, her musical aspirations were put on the back burner.
Away from the comforts of home and church, Lyn, thinking she had all the answers and finally control over her own life, Lyn found herself pregnant before the second semester of her freshman year. As a result, Lyn, losing her scholarship and unable to afford school on her own, was forced to drop out of school and move back home with her mother, ashamed, disheartened, and feeling like a failure.
As her pregnancy began to show, Lyn began to hide in the house only maintaining her relationship with her mother and best friend, Ilinda Jackson. One visit to church exposed a new dynamic amongst her beloved church family. “I remember everybody whispering and shaking their heads, immediately down-talking me, without even asking me about the situation,” Lyn recalls. For example, she recalls one of the ministers walking by remarking, “Hey, what happened to you? Somebody hit you in the stomach with a baseball bat?” and then walking off laughing before she could respond, without a thought of the shame she was already experiencing. Crushed by the experiences, Lyn decided that she no longer had any desire to attend church, the one place around which her life had revolved.
She then looked to the world for the support the church had denied her for being pregnant out of wedlock. This feeling pushed her away from any church-like environment, including that of her own mother. She moved out on her own once again with her newborn child. In that time away from home, Lyn gave birth to two more kids and looked to man to find the comfort that she once found at home and in church, only to find herself yet unfulfilled.
With nowhere else to turn, she turned once again to God, to find that her life, although it was a consequence of her own rebellion, was not over, and that He still loved her. She began to understand that her children, although they may have come out of season, were not burdens, but blessings from God. Only then could she move forward and rebuild her relationship with God.
She joined a new church, The Refreshing, and slowly gravitated back to her love for music and dance. She began to record and perform with Fresh Productions at the church and work on her music with her brother, Kadence, Producer of Air Tight Productions (ATP) and member of Exodus, local rap ministry. She performed as an opening act for Exodus’s album release and recorded a verse on their 2004 mixtape.
All of a sudden a door was opened for Lyn to speak, sharing her testimony and experience, at a young women’s conference. The event led her to realize how powerful her life lessons were to others and how important it was for her to share them. Lyn began to feel the need to talk about the things people were scared to talk about in church like sex, college life, boyfriends, girlfriends, partying, smoking, and the influence these things had over her generation. By her telling her testimony and speaking to others, hitting them face-to-face with the issues they dealt with daily, maybe she could prevent somebody from making the same mistakes, or worse, that she did.
Later that year, at a local talent show, Lyn saw a group of girls gathered in the corner. She felt a sudden pull in her spirit to go and talk to them. When she couldn’t shrug it off, she walked over and introduced herself to what turned out to be the finest dancers in Oklahoma City, and the would-be first place winners of the show that night, Dizzy and K.O. From then on out, the three were inseparable, ministering every chance they got through the art of hip-hop.
Lyn took the next step in her career and signed to Selah Records, Inc., Exodus’s record label in November of 2004. She recorded and released her first single, “Skee Skirt” on New Year’s Eve 2005. She is currently in the studio recording her up-coming freshman album, “My Time.”

“Why? Cuz I’m a soldier bout mine and Imma always get back up if I fall down fifty times, and I’m still gon shine this little light of mine. Yall move to the side. It’s Lyn…my time…”
-“Still Here”


"Still Here"

Written By: Lyn (for Selah Records)

“Still Here”

Hook (x2)
Still Here. People wanna knock me, drop me, really wanna keep me bound. (what) These people aint knowin they messin with a souljah that’s warrin’ now. (get em up) It don’t matter to me if I aint got no beat, still bring that heat, still move ya feet, so come on represent with me.

Still remain, maintainin, and jus sustainin myself cuz givin in and givin up, you know- it’s bad for my health. I bring that word hard, prob’ly like you aint never felt, cuz no weapon formed against me is gon prosper itself. So uh- back back. Gimme sixty feet cuz I’m rollin like a balla, fire- nothing but that heat. Let me see you get crunk while I’m bustin on this beat. Imma let yall haters know- I’m still here til I decease. What- you thought I was gon let ya words hold me back? (no, no, no) What- you thought that back-bitin was gon make me slack? (no, no, no) You thought your hatin on my mistakes and steadily fakin, patiently waitin on me, hatin on me was gon keep me off the racks? (no, no, no) Why? Cuz I’m a souljah bout mine, and Imma always get back up if I fall down fifty times, and I’m stil gon shine this little light of mine. Yall move to the side. It’s Lyn. My time.

Hook x 2

I count it all joy when I go through my trials cuz the testing of my faith makes me run the full mile. A lot of times I have to stop, break down, and get on my knees cuz it’s hard walkin away, havin to turn that other cheek. But my faith is in God. He says in the end I win. The devils are like the waves-getting tossed in the wind. I love my life and my kids. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Most people look at me and say, “She’s not that average Christian girl.” (yep) Keepin’ it classy and sophisticated, too, but at the same time, can get gangsta if I have to make it through, so just remember my God holds me down on the frontline, so move to the side. It’s still my time.

Hook x 2

Bridge (x 2):
We all gon shine. (Get em up, get em up)
Cuz it’s still our time (get em up, get em up)
If it’s some Christians in here (get em up, get em up)
Let em know we still here (get em up, get em up)

Yall already know.
It’s Lyn, baby.
And I’m still here.
Representin’ Selah Records.
And I’m still here. (repeat) Yeah.


"Skee Skirt" (2005) Single off of the up-coming album "My Time"

Set List

"Skee Skirt"
"Still Here"
Dance Performance
"No More Condemnation"