Lynch Po, Tefylon Millitant, Meezy

Lynch Po, Tefylon Millitant, Meezy

BandHip HopReggae

Our music is a mixture of hip/hop, R&B with a twist of Reggae.


Teflyon Militants have been grinding for years through the streets of CT. First by turning their high school lunch rooms into a MC battle field and earning the credibility and reputations as real MC’s! Teflyon hit the studios and began working on a project titled “NEW ERA” under 588 Entertainment and took the experience as a way to grow and demo their skills to perfection. Teflyon began to perform in various showcases, such as all-age parties throughout New Haven, Naugatuck, Waterbury, Bridgeport and Hartford. Standing out with their unique presence, crowed motivated tactics and their smack your mouth dry lyrics, Teflyon can only take this rap game very serious!
Teflyon is made up of many members, but the three members in front of you are the ones that take the cake. RAGENI, JERZY and CHAY$E delivers a universal style to this music and touch any aspect of doubt in a non-subliminal fashion. RAGENI spits a smooth, laid back, sneak attack flow. He’s considered the patient, dissector of the group. Don’t sleep! JERZY also delivers a smooth flow from beef to baby got back! The ladies love this charm talker as equivalent as the haters hate him. Fellas watch your girl! CHA$E is action packed, high energy, ruthless on the mic and just like Rageni & Jerzy, he has only one thing on his mind… MAKING IT! Don’t get in the way!
Teflyon has a low tolerance for beef and has taken may heads off in freestyle battles in the streets and will continue to do so. Hungry? The music speaks for it’s self.


Do Dat and Haters wanna Know has been released earlier in 2007, sending a message in CT, AL and GA