lynden approaches their music without boundries... Musically, they create melodic rock driven by soulful melodies and classical instincts. The sound is unique, branded with powerful vocals, cello, and lyrics that are remarkable for their "bare all" honesty.


lynden began as a melodic rock duo in the summer of 2003. Coury Palermo (vocals) & Matt Butler (cello/keys) met and became fast friends. Both had recently moved to Nashville to pursue music – Coury as a singer/songwriter and Matt as a touring musician. “I think we had a huge respect for each other (musically) but were so busy doing our own “thing” that working together never even crossed our minds”, said Matt. That soon changed. While working with another musician, Coury asked Matt to join several of the songwriting sessions - soon after lynden was born.
Over the next year and a half the duo wrote, recorded & played... trying to solidify their brand of melodic soulful rock... “we are by no means reinventing the wheel... just trying to put a different spin on it.” From the recent response to their debut EP it looks like they are beginning to do just that.
After two long years of trial & error, lynden debuted their first album “pieces vol. I” in 2006. Recorded in Nashville and Atlanta under the production of producer/musician Charles Judge, the record draws from rock, electronica & soul to show the first step in this young band’s ongoing evolution. Since the initial digital only release ( in January, the EP has scored two number 1 downloads: “first time (you were mine)” and “better,” and a Top 3 ,“I’m on fire,” while continuing to win over fans worldwide.
Now in the early stages of their follow up album, lynden is expanding their sound to show growth only ‘the road’ can bring. The material is a mixture of what fans were drawn to, with a renewed energy that promises to bring a whole new audience to the table. “This record is a reflection of where we are in life. I think it’s a more accurate portrayal of all things lynden”, says Matt. “The main difference is the writing approach. ‘pieces’ was very much a labor of love”, says Coury, “we had not done a huge amount of touring so there was no “band” in place for the studio process. This time around we are writing in the moment… as a band. Chris (drums), Evan (guitars) and Jono (bass) have become much more than our “road mates”. We are moving forward together." This is lynden.


1.pieces vol. I (March 2006 EP)
2.all is calm (December 2006 Christmas EP to benefit Katrina Victims)
3.pieces vol.II - rarities, remixes & L-sides (May 2007 - website only purchase)
First Time (You Were Mine) - (Single; First indie band/song to go to #1 on
Better - (Single; second #1 for 6 consecutive weeks)
I'm On Fire (Single - third top 10 (#3 for two weeks) from "pieces vol. I"used in Burnlounge commercial)

Set List

7-10 songs or 45min in length.

1.over you
2.slip from my hand
3.all I know
4.falling down
5.killin' me
6.dont stop
9.other side
10. I'm on fire