Soaring, brutal and daring, Gainesville indie-rock trio Lyndon serve up an expert and inspired mix of thundering epics, breathless waltzes and sledgehammer blues – a truly stereophonic experience. Their first LP, The Ice Caves, is due out this summer.


Formed in a living room with vaulted ceilings between Marshall Terry and Joe Alewine in the Spring of 2003, Lyndon has grown into one of Gainesville's most diverse and electric acts.
After having been involved in any number of terrible and ultimately shortlived projects, Terry (19) and Alewine (23) met after Terry posted a fairly routine message in an online forum. The
hopeful search for bass players and additional guitarists commenced soon after, but with little luck.
An adequate solution with a bass player was eventually found, but the match was contentious at best and dissolved after only a few gigs. Frustrated and determined not to wait any longer, Alewine and Terry continued as a two piece and recorded their EP, The Terror at 40,000ft, as a duo.
The permanent solution on bass was eventually found when Terry met Ben Harris in a class on jazz history. The two got along well: Terry gave a copy of the EP to Harris, who liked what he heard enough to learn a few of the songs and try out.
Now a three piece, they rehearsed furiously and played the entry round of a Battle of the Bands contest on their second gig as a threesome, which they won.
Since then, they've been holed away, recording their feature length debut, The Ice Caves, slated for released sometime in the Summer of 2006.


EP: The Terror at 40,000ft (2005)
Released locally, with no releases in the vein of a traditional "single." However, all six tracks have received one form or another of local radio airplay. Some of these songs are available on their Web site,

LP: The Ice Caves (2006)
Out this summer, assuming their minds do not crack completely. Two songs from The Ice Caves - 'I Will Work Harder' and 'The Lawn', are available to hear (unfortunately, in a limited bitrate due to this site) at the Audio page. We encourage all listeners to listen to the higher quality mp3's available at our website.

Set List

Our setlist varies greatly depending on the venue and our general mood, but it tends to conform, at least usually, with the requirements of sharing the bill, which is to say 45 minutes. However, we have been known to play as little as 20 minutes and as long as an hour, as circumstances allow. Given a hypothetical 45 minutes, however, the setlist would probably look something like this:

Panic Attack at the Movies
The Lawn
Capital Finances
I Will Work Harder / The Ice Caves
The Lizard