Lyndon Wesley

Lyndon Wesley


History won't remember the day Neil Finn, John Denver and Mark Knopfler were invited for lunch at Lyndon Wesley's request. The offer after-all, was politely declined but somehow the laughter, the clattering of utensils and the clanging of glass lives on, if only in the mind of Wesley himself.


A son of a preacher man and described as ‘a melody master’, by Jeff Jenkins, Lyndon has won numerous song-writing awards and written and produced three albums since 1998.

Born in Geelong and raised on the West Australian Aboriginal mission fields, Lyndon’s formative years were spent hunting, making milo-trucks and gings (kind of slingshot), playing doogs (marbles), riding homemade bicycles and of course, playing guitar.

Lyndon found his feet listening to bands such as Crowded House, U2 and The Eagles and cites Daniel Lanois, Jimmy Webb, Neil Finn and Mark Knopfler as key influences.

After travelling extensively throughout Australia and many acoustic shows later, Lyndon's debut album 'Stupid Adventures' spawned the Lyndon Wesley Band, which promoted the album to local audiences across Melbourne.

As a solo performer Lyndon continues to open shows for artists such as Ross Wilson, Mark Seymour and Don Walker. Fronting his electric outfit, the Malvern Stars, further defines the often-understated melodies and strong harmonies that Lyndon's reputation is fast being built upon.

2006 has seen the release of Lyndon’s best work yet, in the form of a 6 track mini album, ‘While The World Lay Sleeping’. Deserving comparisons to Neil Finn and more recently, Shane Nicholson give you an idea of style and sound. “…Gorgeous, dreamily sung pop songs…” (, that appear to be as instinctive as they are orchestrated.

Lyndon resides in Melbourne with his wife and two boys.

While The World Lay Sleeping is Lyndon’s current 6 Track EP and is distributed by MGM.

Lyndon knows the exact location of every item in the supermarket, and when in Sydney he chooses to stay at the Sebel Townhouse.


Happiness Is Falling Down

Written By: Lyndon Wesley

A broken man
Is what I am
The agonising truth
Spewed forth from you
My salty tears reply

Happiness is falling down
I pick it up
Up off the ground
And hold it close
But it slips right through my fingers

I fire one, I fire two
Prayers of faith to hold onto
Beyond the grave
I believe there will be answers

I won’t pretend
My heart will mend
Our precious innocence
A thief removed
My heart is broke into

The Shortest Summer

Written By: Lyndon Wesley

It’s the shortest summer
Hold your breath and count to ten
And look no further
Than this grey town

A shot of thunder
You hit the roof again
And it’s no wonder
The lights came down

And I hit it on the head in a sense
Sell me what I thought could only be a myth
And I hit it on the head
I wish I missed
Cheer me up the truth’s an ugly mess

The stands have emptied
To gather ‘round your bow
Your voyage is destined
To flush me out

I hide in steerage
A stowaway I guess
To clean up my own mess
I can’t ride this one out

Salvation Song

Written By: Lyndon Wesley

Where can I find a salvation song in a minute?
Today I’m told tonight is my last on the planet

I’ve been down
Since I made the news
All the daily views
Circle around
Like a buzzard might
Misfortune’s delight

Where can I find a salvation song in a minute?
I searched my heart only to find nothing in it

Furnished rooms
Pictures on the wall
Carpet down the hall
Evening looms
On this lonely life
Sleep won’t wake tonight

I might as well leave the light on by my bed
I might as well recall the words she once said
“I’ll never tell”, she said the world needn’t know
Fate turned her back unsure of where she would go

Where can I find a salvation song start explaining?
I drew the line, silent while time stood complaining


1998 - Stupid Adventures LP
2003 - Our Finest Hour EP
2006 - While The World Lay Sleeping EP

Set List

The set list is developed for each gig. However, as a rough guide;

*There is enough original material for 60 minutes.

*Included covers material will provide two x 40 minute sets.

Lyndon performs solo or with his infamous band The Malvern Stars.