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"Review of "Sing Me a Song...please"

“Sing me a Song...please!” is truly an original album from singer/songwriter Lynette Louise that draws from both mainstream jazz and honky tonk country. Lynette's loungy vocal performance pairs nicely with either genre, and she takes full advantage of this with incredibly diverse and solid arrangements. Lynette is a renowned international autism expert, having taken a number of children with autism and other special needs under her wing and caring for them like family. This selfless life experience certainly glimmers forth in her songs. She is a great lyrical storyteller, as she sings about the importance of love, both toward God and children, and, as a listener, you hang onto every word. “Sing me a Song...please!” is well-recorded, and Lynette's lyrics pierce through the arrangements perfectly. “Sing Me a Song” is a jazzy and lyrical number with great yearning vocal delivery and a nice build-up. “Used to Listen” gives the listener a first taste of Lynette's honky tonk side with the incorporation of the violin, a pleasant group vocal, and great lyrics about prayer, love, and family. Though it seems an unconventional combination, Lynette Louise has put together ten inspiring tracks that draw from both jazz and honky tonk, highlighting her strong lyrical talent. Fans of either of these genres, check out this strong album from a good person.
-Chris & the Review Team

- Radio Indy


Sing Me a Song... please :
This Country/Jazz CD has 10 tracks of original music and can be found on Radio Indy, CD Baby, ITunes etc

Crazy To Sane is an eclectic mix of Rock, Blues, Country and Show tunes due for release in 2009



I am a performer with a band composed of consummate artists hired on a gig to gig basis. Yet my greatest and most acclaimed work is always attached to the healing of brain disorders because I share the message of what I've learned Internationally.

I began by raising eight children, six of whom were adopted and four of whom were autistic. I say 'were' because three of the four now lead normal lives. I raised them while hosting television, performing standup, acting in movies and yes, singing in bars.

My musical style is reflective of the life I have led. I incorporate funny, sad, determined and motivational messages into music that suits the tone. I vary from 'Rock' (Brainiac) to 'Blues' (Prison Tour Blues) to Show Tunes (Thing To Thing) to Cabaret Ballads (Light).

This combination is brought together with comedy and stories and/or slanted in the musical direction of the venue via variations of the original arrangement.

This breadth of life and musical experience allows me to perform in every venue from churches to raunchy college gigs. I am truly blessed.