Lynette White

Lynette White


Caribbean Gospel artist who's music is a stimulating fusion of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Neo-soul, R&B and just plain' ol' Gospel music.


Lynette White

Born in Bronx, New York to Caribbean parents, Lynette remembers music as one of the biggest parts of her life. Raised in the church, she was inspired by the sounds of James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar but could not escape her cultural roots and vividly recalls the deep soulful reggae music that permeated the community.

Lynette began her solo career at the age of 12 with The Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic Inc., in Long Beach California after her family’s relocation. Throughout her high school years she was an active member of her church choir as well as Solid Rock Community Choir, with whom she toured the local circuit extensively.

In 1993, the young vocalist took her music to another level when she went on tour with reggae icons, The Wailing Souls. This tour afforded her the privilege of working with music legends such as Carlos Santana and Bob Dylan. The group also opened for acts such as 10.000 Maniacs while on the road. Lynette continued to travel internationally with Marky Mark and Prince Ital Joe on their Life in the Streets tour.

Lynette has been involved in a wide range of freelance vocal work. She was featured in the theme song for NBC’s Smart Guy, and sang lead vocals in “One Love” for Universal Pictures’, “Fear”, starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. “Have a Good Time” from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion is another of her credits. One of the young singers’ most notable accomplishments was her work on “Hakuna Matata” sung by Jimmy Cliff for Walt Disney’s, “The Lion King”. Bound by Honor is another Disney project that Lynette took part in. The scope of work the artist has been exposed to broadens to include rap artists such as Mr. Grimm and Def Jef as well as RCA’s female pop group, Wild Orchid. Another of Lynette’s notable accomplishments is the reggae music legend, Bob Marley’s album, “Soul Almighty” that she was featured on.

Lynette is committed to her desire to create music that appeals to multi-cultural people such as herself that want to hear Zion’s praises sang with a world-beat rhythm and a soulful melody. This desire came to fruition in 2004 with the independent release of her first solo LP entitled, I Will Lift My Voice. In 2006, the sophomore effort was recognized with two Marlin Awards nominations. New Life, New Song, her latest release, is already receiving amazing reviews throughout North America and the Caribbean and has received multiple Marlin Awards nominations for 2008. “People need to know that God inhabits their praises…and that the freedom of worship should be celebrated on earth, as it is…in heaven!”


I Will Lift My Voice 2004
Produced by Lynette White,Steve Verhault & Carlton "Santa" Davis @ Tigertone Studios (Venice,CA), Killa Cal @ Wicked West Studios (Montebello, CA) and Courtney Panton @ Kingston Studios (Brooklyn, NY)

New Lift New Song July 2007
Produced by Kelda "Timeless" Sweeting
Nassau Bahamas- Steve Verhault @ Tigertone Studios, Venice Ca. , Carlton "Santa" Davis @ Iya Vibes, North Hollywood, Ca.

Set List

The Lords Prayer
Something Acapella
Worthy of Praise
I'm Concerned
Blessed Assurance (Remix)
I am Persuaded
Goodness of Jesus
To God Be the Glory
Typical set is approx 1 hour (varies upon request)