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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Country Rock




"Lynn Moffatt newest music video of her recent single “Dark Room”"

Written when Lynn was going through her own challenging life transitions, the song depicts the difficulties of overcoming such transitions in life, where sometimes we feel like being enveloped in a dark room of emotions or characters, even when we are surrounding by sunshine and light. That’s when we have no choice but to let the voices inside have a voice and take meaning to each own life’s challenges and direction.

Lynn Moffatt shares the following about “Dark Room”:

“Have you ever been alone in a room and gotten the feeling that maybe you weren’t alone at all? When everything is dark and silent, the voices inside get louder. ‘Dark Room’ is about that inner controversy and social pressures. Turn off the lights and turn up the song and let your imagination drift…find your own ‘Dark Room.’”

Growing up in Capreol, a small town in isolated Northern Ontario along the Tans-Canada Railroad, Lynn Moffatt’s music was molded and shaped by her isolated upbringing, bringing out a dynamic vocal and melodic range with comparisons to the clean country melodies of her childhood idols like Patsy Cline, as well as inwardly delving into her own self, delivering grit and emotional power in her music.

Her debut album is expected for release later this spring, and is produced by legendary music heavyweights Chris Hall and Terry Brown. The album intertwines Lynn’s vocals with string and steel guitar riffs straight out of The Grand Ol’Opry, traveling bass lines, electric guitar and organ pads reminiscent of the ‘60s country-rock era. - Skope Magazine

"International Women’s Day Special - Live Strombo Session"

Lynn Moffatt talks International Women's Day with Strombo. - The Strombo Show, CBC Radio 2

"An Interview With The Promising Canadian Singer-Songwriter, LYNN MOFFATT!"

Growing up in Capreol, a small town in isolated Northern Ontario along the Trans-Canada Railroad, Lynn Moffatt’s music was older and shaped by her isolated upbringing, she brings out a dynamic vocal and melodic range with comparisons to the clean country melodies of her childhood idols like Patsy Cline and Shania Twain, as well as inwardly delving into her own childhood memories and isolation with the grit and raw emotional power similar to that of musical legends like Johnny Cash and Alanis Morissette.

After recently moving to Toronto, Lynn Moffatt has quickly grabbed the attention of many music enthusiasts and industry heavyweights. In 2016, Lynn set off on her first tour in the USA, and went on the perform at SXSW Music Festival and other venues spanning across 25 states. Having toured throughout Canada and USA, Lynn Moffatt has performed at Canadian Music Week, NSNE Music Festival, Sounds of the City Festival, and most recently at Toronto’s Junction City Summer Music Series.

Her debut album is expected for release later this fall, and is produced by legendary music heavyweights Chris Hall and Terry Brown. The album intertwines Lynn’s vocals with string and steel guitar riffs straight out of The Grand Ol’Opry, traveling bass lines, electric guitar and organ pads reminiscent of the ‘60s country-rock era.

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Learn more about Lynn in the following All Access interview:

Thanks for your time today! Where does this interview find you today? Is there music playing in the background? If so, what is it? What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood?

I’m currently on a patio between gigs, writing out my answers on my iPhone. There is a beautiful fountain in front of me and the sun is surprisingly hot for a September afternoon in Toronto. No music is playing but if I were to switch on a tune I may select from Hot Chip’s 2015 album ‘Why Make Sense.’ The album has the power to make any job flow and turn a frown to a smile and then into a dance in no time. If I’m looking for a more calming soundtrack I drop the record player needle onto some Patsy Cline or Hank Williams Sr. those two always play to my heart.

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician? Can you recall your earliest musical memory?

I remember when I got my first Walkman and I used to listen to any tape I could get my hands on and picture myself on stage performing the songs. It was my favorite thing to do…at the time I thought that was how everyone listened to music. The first song I wrote was called ‘In the Meadow Sheep Were Grazing’ I wrote it using the black keys on the piano…not sure why I was singing about sheep though.

I always like to ask artists about where they came from and how that city or town has influenced them as an artist now. So how do you think your hometown has affected who you are as a musician and the art that you create? How has your sound changed since you moved to Toronto?

I actually grew up in a really small town in Northern Ontario, called Capreol. The community was full of kind and loving people but I always knew that I would need a larger audience. I’ve made Toronto my home for the past 7 years and I’ve loved every one of them. It’s funny because most of the people from my hometown avoid the ‘big smoke’ like the plague as busy city life does not appeal to them. I love how everything is so close, the action is all around you and you are constantly buzzing in the beat of the city. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my trips back to my parents place in my hometown, the silence and the stars are a luxury I used to take for granted. I think a lot of my inspirations come from comparing the two environments and cultures. When I’m in the city, I people watch and imagine stories about the people around me. When I am up north I am much more reflective about my own experiences.

Musically, did you approach this year any differently then you did last year? How has 2017 been treating you and your career?

This year has been dedicated to moving forward with my original music. I’ve been a lot more strategic this year, implementing plans and goals that will move my career in the direction that I’d like to see it go. I’ve worked with some really talented cats and my band is top notch. We’ve spent countless hours tightening our sound and our live show and are excited to finally release some music and perform as much as possible.

Let’s talk about your debut album that you plan on releasing this fall. What was it like putting this collection together? Did anything at all surprise you about the process? How long did it take?

It has been a process getting all of these songs together. I began with my acoustic guitar and vocals for each song. I do love the simplicity of vocals and guitar but I always knew that I wanted the tunes to have a large grand sound, using real instruments. After bringing a few songs to Chris Hall (Producer), he encouraged me to get a band together so that we could take the tunes to the next level. Matt Riggs (guitar) and Tyson Hiseler (bass) and I began to jam and their ideas were the back-line of the project. We recorded bed tracks for most of the tunes in one session with Vito Rezza on drums. After that, we began to build to the tunes. Michael Fonfara and Matt Horner can be heard playing great keyboard, organ, and synth licks. And Ivana Popovic plays real strings on a number of the songs. Then we joined forces with Terry Brown (Vis-à-Via Recorders) and really put the songs under his mixing microscope.

Some of the songs I wrote many years ago and some are much newer. The album should take the listener on a journey of sorts… lyrically and musically, starting with a groove and monotonous routine, then into a break of the norm, independence bridging on isolation, chaos, freedom, and eventual resolve and back into a new groove. I think this album is a driving album. Turn it up during a road trip and get into it.

What was the inspiration for your debut single, “Again”? How do you think it prepares listeners for the rest of your album?

‘Again’ is like a summary of the themes I touch on in the rest of the album. ‘Again,’ sets the rhythm and groove for the journey.

“Pacing, switching, erasing, repeating” are the first lyrics of the song and of the album…I was actually contemplating writing a song about writing a text message and trying to find the right words to convey what you are actually feeling. “Spacing, shifting, reverting…” were still relevant to this process…the next lyrics, “lifting, recording, coding, debating, hating, owning, loving, sharing, growing,” all of came to mind and the idea expanded. I thought of how truly repetitious life could be…The more I thought about that, the more I could see everything in life as a pattern. Not only are our societies build on patterns and repetition, our mere existence is cyclical. Haha, so everything happens again and again.

My friends would definitely not refer to me as an ‘over-emotional’ person, but I am sensitive and I am very empathetic. Though I may not always be outwardly expressive on the regular, I use music to taste and savor my emotions and cherish that.

With the summer over, what is something fun that you tried for the first time? Did you get to play out live much?

Good question- it made me reflect upon the fun things I did this summer - All Access Music

"Lynn Moffatt Releases Compelling New Single, "Again""

Canadian recording artist Lynn Moffatt has released her compelling new single, "Again."

Growing up in Capreol, a small town along the Trans-Canada Railroad in isolated Northern Ontario, Lynn Moffatt’s music, though shaped by her isolated upbringing, spans a dynamic range and can be compared to the clean country melodies of her idols Patsy Cline and Shania Twain, and the grit and raw emotion of Johnny Cash and Alanis Morissette.

In 2016, Lynn set off on her first tour in United States with Matthew Riggs (guitarist), and went on to perform at SXSW Music Festival and other venues across 25 states. Her debut album, produced by Chriss Hall and Terry Brown, intertwine Lynn’s vocals with strings and steel guitar straight out of the Grand Ol’Opry, traveling bass lines, electric guitar and organ pads reminiscent of the ‘60s.

Lynn Moffatt has been touring throughout Canada and the USA, including performance during Canadaian Music Week, NXNE Music Festival, Sounds of the City Festival, among others. Her full-length album will be sold and streamed worldwide in Fall of 2017. - The Prelude Press

"Interview – Lynn Moffatt"

Ontario’s own, Lynn Moffatt has been busy releasing new music and touring since forming The Lynn Moffatt Band back in 2015. Recently, she has released two singles, “Dark Room” and “Check It Out“, so it was only fitting that we have a chat with her about these singles and so much more! Enjoy!

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a Toronto based singer/songwriter/performer preparing to release my first EP of groovy, bluesy, country/rock tunes. I perform with my 6-piece band The Lynn Moffatt Band: Tyson Hisler (bass), Matthew Riggs (guitar), Stefan Loebus (drums), Chris Hall (electric pedal steel), and Michael Zahorak (Keys). Our next show is March 24th at Revival on College St. Toronto to celebrate the release.

Last month you released a video for “Dark Room”, what would you say was the highlight of the video shoot?

Probably seeing it all come together after developing the idea and the song for so long. It was a stressful day but actually flowed really smoothly thanks to the great team who worked on the project. It was also really fun to have Lylith the python on set for a while.

The song has a very upbeat and infectious sound, care to share a bit about the writing process of the track?

There have been many versions of “Dark Room,” I originally wrote it with the acoustic then made my own version of it with Garage Band. The song evolved when I started performing with guitar player Matt Riggs, and then again when Chris Hall took over to produce it. It was all based around a strange but fairly simple and catchy 4-chord riff that I’ve jammed with so many musicians over the years. The lyrics came to me one day when the actual light fell from the ceiling in my already dimly lit room while I was sitting there strumming on my guitar considering writing a song.

“Check It Out” is your newest single, which has a stronger country vibe than “Dark Room”. Where do you tend to gain inspiration when writing?

I generally like to gain inspiration from dissecting the world around me and introspecting my own thoughts. I ponder things like what drives the intentions we have?; How do people understand their own reality?; What issues cause stress?; What is the meaning of life? and many more…

I call “Check It Out” my most country sounding tune. I am from a small town in Northern Ontario, where there is sort of country and rock built into the culture. Although I appreciate music with greater meaning, I also think there is a time for fun catchy melodies that make you want to sing along a little. What I wanted to do with “Check It Out” was have an important message built in- essentially, don’t just let life pass you by, go grab it with all you’ve got but wanted the music to sound less intense, more relaxed like you can just cruise on through.

As far as videos go, for “Check It Out” you went more of the lyric video route, what made you make this choice?

In lyric videos, the words are almost dancing to the music. I ended up using time-lapse footage from over 20 drives around North America that I have filmed over the past few years. So it’s not just a lyric video, its’ a road-trip lyric video. The song “Check It Out” is about discovery and exploration; turning the next corner and moving forward, so the driving footage just made sense- plus- there are some seriously beautiful clips.

You will be releasing your album next month, besides “Dark Room” and “Check It Out”, is there a certain song you can’t wait for your fans to hear?

Yes! I’m excited to have this music out there and available. I’d like to show off some of my more edgy/blues tunes, like my song “Let It Be Red” as well as a ballad with some serious feeling called “Find My Own Rhythm.”

Do you have any upcoming shows to promote your album release?

The release party will be March 24th at Revival (783 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C5). The Facebook event will be up soon on my page, in the meantime, for tickets you can email

$12 in advance and comes with a free copy of the EP!

For someone who has yet to see you perform live, what can be expected from your live show?

Performing with the whole band makes for a big sound. We have a good time jamming and rocking to our tunes. So it’s a pretty live energy performance mixed in with some more low key moments where we feature the quieter side, and let the music speak softly.

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Thanks for listening and being curious about my music and my process. I hope anyone who is listening feels welcome to come to a show and say hi, it’s great to have connections with people who are enjoying discovering new music. I always love to hear what other upcoming artists are coming up with so please don’t hesitate to connect on social media- that’s what it’s for ultimately. Thanks for the interview, I’m looking forward to sharing more of my tunes! - Canadian Beats


Title: Lynn Moffatt
Written by Lynn Moffatt with songs by Chris Hall and Jeff Skinner
Produced by Chris Hall
Recorded by Chris Hall, Adam Hall, Terry Brown, and VWave Productions, Toronto Ontario, Canada.

Lynn Moffatt Band members include Lynn Moffatt (Lead Vocals, guitar), Matthew Riggs (guitar, backup vocals), Chris Hall (steel guitar, mandolin, backup vocals), Michael Zahorak (keys and backing vocals), Tyson Hiseler (bass guitar, backup vocals), Vito Rezza (drums).

Other musicians on this album include Michael Fonfara (keyboards and piano), Matt Horner (keyboards and organ), Adrian Hogan (keyboards), Ivana Popovic (strings), and Lindsay Cox (backing vocals).

Mixed by Terry Brown, Port Carling Ontario, Canada

Album release date: January 2018

Singles, "Taken Away," "Again," "Dark Room"



Lynn Moffatt was born and raised in Capreol, Ontario, a small town along the Trans-Canada Railroad located just north of Sudbury.  Family introduced her to the classics - jazz, blues, country, rock, and gospel music, and her fascination for writing lyrics and making up songs entertained her for much of her childhood. Lynn’s first stage was in her local church where she sang in the choir and performed alongside her mother and sister on every special occasion.

Upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Waterloo, Lynn moved to Toronto and began to develop her own style as a performing musician, spending a few years on stage fronting cover bands such as Silk Tonic, Lady Kane, and HearAfter, creating and performing with her duos; SidePonyNation, and The Sunday Afternoons.  The Toronto music scene also lead Lynn to cross paths with Chris Hall (composer/arranger/producer) and Terry Brown (RUSH, Cutting Crew, etc.) who were creating the score for the musical “INANNA: An Ancient Dance/Rock Spectacle” and eventually taking the lead vocal role for the live production and original soundtrack.

In late 2015, Lynn took the next step in her musical career and shifted gears as a singer/songwriter creating original music on acoustic guitar, as well as forming her own band. The Lynn Moffatt Band gave her music new life, and performed their debut show at Lula Lounge, Toronto in November 2015.

Lynn set off on her first international music tour in United States with Matthew Riggs (guitarist), and performed their original music at throughout 25 states, and at the 2016 SXSW Music Festival.

Lynn has since released three singles: “Taken Away”; “Again”; and “Dark Room,” and is preparing for the release of her full studio album in January 2018. Following the release, she sets off on her first Canadian Tour where she will cross the country as well as play a few international shows along the way.

Lynn Moffatt's music is groovy, bluesy, country rock mix, filled with soul and raw emotion.  Her vocals intertwine with the sounds of strings and steel guitar straight out of the Grand Ol’ Opry; traveling bass lines, electric guitar, and organ pads reminiscent of a 60’s rock band.​ Lyrically, Lynn explores issues of isolation, chaos, and comfort. Her vocal performance spans a dynamic range, inspired by the clean country melodies of her idols Patsy Cline and Shania Twain; by the deep soulful sounds of Billie Holiday and Elvis Presley; and the grit and raw emotion of Johnny Cash and Alanis Morissette.

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