Lynn Adler

Lynn Adler

 Winnsboro, Texas, USA

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Sister(The Kindling Song)

Written By: Lynn Adler

SISTER (The Kindling Song.)
Words & Music by Lynn Adler © 2010 Earthen Vessel Music (ASCAP)

Sister – do you see that light? Shining in the night
To guide you. Guide you through the night.
Calling out your name
The flicker or the flame.
It’s still your light

Sister – do you feel that beat? Underneath your feet
To move you. Move you to the beat.
Calling you to meet.
Rock ‘n’ roll or slow and sweet
It’s still your beat!

Sister – do you hear that voice? Celebrate your choice
To listen. Listen to your voice.
Call it what you will.
Loud and strong, or small and still.
It’s still your voice.

Repeat V1 to close.

The Day We Buried Our Secrets

Written By: Lynn Adler

The Day We Buried Our Secrets
Words & Music: Lynn Adler Publisher: Earthen Vessel Music (ASCAP)

I remember that cold day, under that Oklahoma sky
Smokin’ menthol cigarettes, and thinkin’ we were high
Two good Baptist girls trespassin’ on the preacher’s land
Dancin’ with the devil -- flirtin’ with his band

How we did carry on, we were just fifteen
Smoked ‘til we were green, then we chewed Dentine
We made some sort of pact, put our secrets in a box
Dug a hole in the ground, and covered it with rocks.

The day we buried our secrets – a day we’ll never forget
The day we buried our secrets – under the Oklahoma sunset

Such tender things, but we thought we were tough,
And that three-two beer from Kansas, we couldn’t get enough
Remember those hayrides to the old Spooklight
How we loved bein’ scared and getting’ held so tight

Those late night rides on that dark country road
We were so young, and those boys were too old
Our folks thought their girls were sleeping safe and sound,
But we were sneakin’ out of windows, cruisin’ the town (CHORUS)

And we never looked back – we just kept walkin’
We never thought twice – the clock’s still tockin’
And it’s never too late – to lay our secrets down
Bury ‘em in the ground – instead of carryin’ them around

I became some sort of sweetheart of the FFA,
You married young, and had a baby on the way.
Our friends’ older brothers were off wagin’ some war
But we never found out what they were fightin’ for (CHORUS to TAG:)

And it’s never too late – to lay our secrets down
Bury ‘em in the ground – instead of carryin’ them around

Goolsby's Pool

Written By: Lynn Adler

Goolsby’s Pool
Words & Music by Lynn Sutter Adler / Earthen Vessel Music (ASCAP)

Old man Goolsby dug this pool
With sweat, and tears, and a team of mules
For years to come people came to this place.
Fished for the moon – sang “Amazing grace.”
How sweet the sound at Goolsby’s pool.

Through the years, old Goolsby’s pool’s been
Home to lovers, friends and fools.
By the old mill stream and that sweet sugar cane
Baptized their babies – thanked God for the rain.
How sweet the sound at Goolsby’s pool.

Oh let’s go down to Goolsby’s pool.
There’s hallowed ground at Goolsby’s pool.
Lay our burdens down at Goolsby’s pool.
And hear the sweetest sounds.

To this day at Goolsby’s pool
The blessings flow, and the waters cool.
From the deep spring hollow to the high pine trees.
Dream on the water – make more memories.
How sweet the sound at Goolsby’s pool.

How sweet the sound.