Lynn Bobby
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Lynn Bobby

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lynn Bobby CD"

This is really solid stuff, even if your name isn't Jackson. Lynn Bobby makes up for a lack of creativity in the album title department by crafting some clever cacophony and crooning on the chorus of leadoff track "The Score." Much better than anything The Fugees have done.

In a day with all these different crazy types of rock and/or roll, it is nice to have something that is simply just rock music. Of course, I am just as jaded as everyone else, so I tend to have my own preferences, but I have come to one conclusion: I like women that like this kind of music. So if you like this album, e-mail me and we can go out. Maybe grill up some garden burgers on the Weber and play a little volleyball.

If I were a band and on tour, I would play the third track when arriving at the motel room. Yep, I would play "Roadway" in the Rodeway Inn. Seriously, the chorus in this song is great too. Bobby writes great choruses. The singing is good throughout, but the choruses are extra special.

"Passing Through" sounds like Billie Myers. So hooray for that. "Breathe You In" has that guitar thing that The Kirby Grips did on "German Shimmy." Like six people know that song, though, so I do not know how helpful that really is. At any rate, this song sounds like it is on the soundtrack to some 1988 movie.

This is midsummer-falling-asleep-in-the-car music. Don't forget to pee when you stop at the gas station!

by: Joel Edelman
- Agouti Music


EP- 880 Sessions
LP - Lynn Bobby



The Lynn Bobby Band
Lynn Bobby moved to San Francisco and started performing in 1988, right out of college. So, it’s no surprise she calls San Francisco her hometown. Although she has admittedly played under far too many band names, such as DMQ, My So Called Band, Coyote Blue, and Electric Eggplant, and on and on and on… the name she prefers and intends to stick with is Lynn Bobby and/or The Lynn Bobby Band. Her band mates, Howard Vatcher (lead guitar), twin brother Don Vatcher (bass guitar) and Kenny Susan (drums), tend to agree with her.

All three boys in the band got their musical start in Humboldt County, California, and bring their rich, inspired, organic liveliness to the band weaving it together in a beautiful and intense tapestry of all original rock music, with Lynn Bobby at the helm.
“Attempting to explain Lynn Bobby’s music is quite a challenge. Groundbreaking, original, surprising and impossible to categorize . . . that’s a start. A friend tried and said, ..She can rock as hard as anyone and then create the most tender ballads imaginable. She’s hard to figure out… Lynn’s songs draw you in. Her lyrics are, at once, smooth and flowing, then take a quick turn with surprising twists. Lynn’s band turns in one inspiring performance after another on these tracks. There is a creative energy at work here that is a revelation. This music is about bitter truths and sweet longings. Cold realities and warm hopes. Lynn is backed by inspired musicians like Howard Vatcher on electric guitar adding unique layers and textures that make these songs soar. Satin and steel. Silk and sandpaper. It’s wind whipped in the hot sand.. and the most relaxing, deepest breath you’ve ever known. That’s a start. But I still can’t explain Lynn Bobby. I’ll always enjoy trying, but sometimes the pleasure is in the indefinable mystery . . .”~Paul Severino

These days you may find her either rockin the SF Bay with her handpicked dream band or keeping it simple in her South Florida tropical paradise, at a cafe, festival, or under a palm tree...