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Los Angeles, California, United States
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""This album is huge!" - Kaj Roth, from his April 2007 review of "You Like It Clean""

Don't be fooled by her name that has that Country feel over it, Lynn is a rocker and only works with the best or should I put it this way - Brian May and American Hi-Fi frontman Stacy Jones wanted to be on Lynn's album.

Her husband Skip produced the album with a million dollar buck sound as the result and it's not so strange since vocal phantom Steve Perry (Journey) has recorded in the same studio and he won't settle for anything less than the best.
Lynn has written 10 of the album's 11 tracks herself and if I didn't know better, I would believe that this was a Greatest hits collection taken from her 5 albums but oh no - "You like it clean" is the debut and you can only admit that she's just as good as writing great rock/pop songs as she looks.

Normally a cover like the Pat Benatar hit "We belong" would stand out as one of the best songs here but it doesn't, after the super strong start with amazing songs like "Million miles", "This is your life", "I wasn't a friend" and the title track with more hooks than the most popular fishing lake in Alaska - the Benatar cover just feels like a part of the family.

This album is huge!"

---Kaj Roth, (,
April 2007


"Lynn Carey Saylor – You Like It Clean"

Every few years a solo artist comes along that truly fits the title of "singer / songwriter." Okay, maybe it's every decade. I'm talking about an artist that sings material that they have written themselves and have a personal bond with. Lynn Carey Saylor is one of those rare artists, and she is extraordinary.

"You Like It Clean" is a disc that is radiant and emotional; a disc that sounds both accomplished and spontaneous. Saylor, besides having beauty beyond compare, has a voice that has a soothing, genuine feel to it. She's not overpowering these tracks with vocal acrobatics; instead, she lets the keen songwriting and bright melodies that she's written drive these songs home. The "down home," "girl next door" natural tenderness of her voice is really quite enchanting in a subtle way.

The songs here can range from a classic rock formula ("Million Miles," "Blink Of An Eye"), to upbeat pop ("This Is Your Life"), to an "Americana" brand of adult contemporary similar to Faith Hill or Shania Twain ("Do You Wanna Dance," "You Like It Clean"). Like other artists in the female adult contemporary genre, Saylor has a kind and gentle, "au natural" appeal to her tone. The supporting cast on these songs is also something to marvel and praise. Names like Mark Schulman, former Billy Idol drummer and current Pink skinsman; keyboardist Dan Siegel, who has worked with a number of huge artists including Bela Fleck and Herbie Hancock; and Queen guitar messiah Brian May, can all be found contributing their talents on this disc. And, all of their efforts are exquisitely produced by Saylor's husband, Skip Saylor. Now, I know a lot of you lost me after I mentioned Brian May. The classic rock icon actually contributes his voice as well as his distinctive guitar tone here. With solos on the poignant "If We Believe," and another during a remake of the classic Pat Benatar hit, "We Belong," his contributions are really something special. While singing background vocals with the latter track's songwriters, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro, May dishes out a solo near the end of the pumped up rendition that is memorable, to say the least.

When you talk about this record from a lyrical standpoint, you can't help but feel that this is the heart and strength of the disc. With lyrics that address issues like race relations ("If We Believe") and the tragedies of driving drunk ("I Wasn't A Friend"), Saylor motors her songs to complete perfection. As she sings "I'd take the keys from your hand / And I'd make sure you stayed / Instead I let you drive away / I wasn't a friend yesterday" from "I Wasn't A Friend," you feel the tragic guilt of the words, but the song melody resonates with hope and light instead of something that might reside on the dark and tragic side. Only the finest songwriters are capable of such lyrical magic.

Look for Lynn Carey Saylor to explode. This is one of the best albums of its kind to come out in a long time. Saylor is ready to pack her bags for a tour in support of the album. She has endorsement deals with SPG Guitars and Dean Markley strings. And, she has a super producer for a husband, and brilliant musicians as dedicated friends. Yes folks, very soon the whole world will begin to "like it clean."

This review appears at this link: - CD Review by Scott "Dr. Music" Itter, for

"A melodic pop/rocker's wet dream!"

I had not heard of Lynn Carey Saylor until I heard this release. One may be mistaken for thinking that this could be a country album. But that could not be further from the truth. This album is actually a melodic pop/rocker's wet dream. And it features none other than Brian May on a couple of the tracks. The cd kicks off with 'Million Miles' and it is obvious from the word go what path this awesome slab of plastic is going to tread. Second in 'This Is Your Life' is already a fave of mine, and you will be humming it for ages after too. Third track, 'I Wasn't A Friend', well it is personal. Just listen to the lyrics. And take on board what you hear. The Pat Benatar re working of 'We Belong' has Lynn's own authority stamped all over it. And this is the first track featuring Brian May. The second being 'If We Believe'. This 11 track album finishes with the awesome 'Blink Of An Eye'. This album is very very good. Please support this independent artist by purchasing this cd from or Lynn's website. I myself cannot stop playing it!! - Reviewer: Ravenheart Music (UK)

""You Like It Clean" album review"

LYNN CAREY SAYLOR - You Like It Clean: Power-Pop artists don't usually do a lot for me, but I loved hearing Lynn Carey Saylor's music and voice when I discovered her profile while searching My Space for some cool music. To say her album is excellent is an understatement and I reckon anyone who appreciates great music filled with passion should check this release out. Often many Power-Pop artists are known for writing songs about broken relationships and on most part the lyrics continue in this way. However it's fair to say that Lynn's lyrics are much better written than many other artists who play this genre of music. It's also fair to point out that all that songs aren't just about relationships, life etc. A couple of the songs also deal with subjects such as racism and drink driving. Check out 'If We Believe' and 'I Wasn't A Friend' which are amongst some of the best songs on this album. Other great songs include the opener 'Million Miles', 'You Like It Clean' and 'Heaven And Earth'. It's worth noting that Brian May (Yes the chap from Queen) makes an appearance on a couple of numbers including the anti racist number 'If We Believe' . A great album with a top production. We at Street Voice love Lynn Carey Saylor and we reckon you'll love her too! 9.5/10 - UK based "Street Voice"


2002: "If We Believe" featuring QUEEN guitarist, Brian May. Limited Edition Single benefiting the Mercury Phoenix Trust AIDS charity.

January 2007: "You Like It Clean" full length debut CD, pro-production, radio ready & retail packaged!
Includes the following songs:
1. Million Miles
2. This Is Your Life
3. Wasn't A Friend
4. You Like It Clean
5. We Belong (Feat. Brian May & Eric Lowen)
6. What We Can't Have
7. Heaven & Earth
8. If We Believe (Feat. Brian May of QUEEN)
9. Do You Wanna Dance
10. Naked Truth
11. Blink of an Eye

Lynn Carey Saylor also appears as a background singer on the 2006 album "Much Love" by Auckland, New Zealand based band, Spacifix. This album won the Pacific Music Award for Best album of the year on May 31st, 2007.

Notable news:

April 2009: Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition among 15,500 entries.

October 2008: Lynn's anti-drunk driving song "I Wasn't A Friend" was licensed to and appeared in the first episode of VH1's CELEBRITY REHAB 2 reality show program.

Lynn Carey Saylor's "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" selected for 3 Compilations via Sonicbids opportunities between July-September 2007:

Sept. 24, 2007: "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" selected for's Digital compilation to be entitled "GIRL POWER." The compilation will be distributed through's Digital Download Store.
Release: TBA

Lynn's song was one of only 3 songs selected for this opportunity among all artists submitting to it via Sonicbids:

July 2007: "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" was selected to be one of 20 songs featured on the compilation CD, "GREAT INDEPENDENT POP MUSIC, VOLUME 1". The compilation will be featured and sold on the online mp3 store,, and distributed digitally on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, as well as on physical CDs, which will be sold through CDBaby, etc. Release date: October 2007

Past (out of print) compilations Lynn's music has appeared on include:

GuitarGirls Compilation CD,
Pop & Ballads

GuitarGirls Compilation CD,
Rock & Country

Reel Sound of Music, Volume one

Lynn Carey Saylor also appears as a background singer on the 2006 album "Much Love" by Auckland, New Zealand based band, Spacifix. This album won the Pacific Music Award for Best album of the year on May 31st, 2007.



All words and music on 10 of 11 songs on this endorsed artist's modern Rock/Pop CD "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN" are written entirely by her and she tackles such weighty subjects as racial tolerance (on her award winning song "IF WE BELIEVE" featuring BRIAN MAY of QUEEN) and drunk driving (on the emotional heavy rock ballad "I WASN'T A FRIEND"), but never seems to be preaching to you. Her songwriting style is one of thoughtful lyrics, expressive melodies, big dramatic chorus hooks, lush background harmonies and full bodied instrumentation, set off by modern production.

Queen's Brian May also appears on the lone cover tune on "You Like It Clean", the 1984 smash hit for Pat Benatar, "WE BELONG." Lynn's version of the song boasts not only Brian May, but also the songwriters of the song, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro. For those who know Pat Benatar's big ballad interpretation of the song, there will be some surprise as to Lynn's much more rocked up arrangement of the song, a departure that was designed to set it apart from Pat's version and also to reflect Lynn's style and showcase the rock guitar sound and style of guitar legend Brian May, who plays both lead and rhythm guitar on the song.

In addition to Brian May and the writers of "We Belong", there are other musicians of note appearing on Lynn's record. They include STACY JONES (drums) and JAMIE ARENTZEN (guitar), currently playing sold out stadiums with Miley Cyrus and also known for their popular rock band "American Hi-Fi" (and 2002 hit single "Flavor Of The Weak"), CHRIS JOHNSON, programmer of the smash hit single for Evanescence, "Bring Me To Life" and drummer MARK SCHULMAN, who has toured or recorded with the likes of Cher, Foreigner, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and most recently, rock artist Pink.

Lynn Carey Saylor is endorsed by world famous string manufacturer The Dean Markley Company, was the primary endorsement artist of SPG Guitars until the company's sale in 2008 and is currently the first FEMALE endorsed by Goodsell Amps, who endorses such well-known guitarists as Gilby Clarke (of former Guns n' Roses and Rockstar Supernova fame), Butch Walker (Epic artist and noted producer/songwriter for artists such as Pink, Avril Lavigne, American Hi-Fi and others) and Country superstar, Vince Gill. Advertisements featuring Lynn's image and name have appeared in such guitar related publications as Guitar World and Premier Guitar.

Lynn writes songs both for herself and for other artists in a wide variety of genres, but most often in the genres of Rock, Pop and Country. She has received many accolades and "Honorable Mention" nods for her songwriting, including recently having had the honor of her song "102 (Songs About You)" being named one of 14 finalist songs in the Country genre of the 2008 International Songwriting Competition among 15,500 total entries to the prestigious year-long competition.

Her music has also been heard on television, most recently in the season 2 opener of VH1's popular "Celebrity Rehab " reality program, and Lynn's music was also hand selected for non-exclusive licensing representation by Suzanne Hilleary, founder of the WACBIZ company. Suzanne is noted as having placed 2000 Grammy winning Song of the Year "Smooth" with Carlos Santana and WACBIZ represents and licenses the catalogues of over 200 professional acts -- from Duncan Sheik to Danny Aiello, and those who have recorded and toured with the likes of Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Suzanne Vega, Tom Petty and many more.

Lynn is also a BMI affiliated songwriter and music publisher, as well as an active member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1996.