Lynne Fiddmont

Lynne Fiddmont


The poetess sings and writes of love with a mothers insight and a lovers passion on jazz tingled soul songs such as "Cupid", "Holiday", and "U R Loved" in a voice that soothes and caresses like aural ointment. Melodious flavors, mature and fresh. This overdue debut is a richly inspired wonder.


"Life's too short to sit around and wait for something good.
Check your latitude! - from "Flow"

Behold...a woman whose time has finally come. After being the go-to singer for an astounding and diverse roster of musical talents that includes Phil Collins, Patti Austin, Stevie Wonder, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Yolanda Adams, Norman Brown, Bill Withers, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston and Seal, this lady is ready for the world to hear her voice, her music and her story. The lady is Lynne Fiddmont and her first step toward total self-expression is her life-affirming debut album, Flow (released on the lady's own boldly named recording imprint, MidLife Records).

Flow is a 9-song collection of melodic, jazzy soul songs for which Lynne composed all but one. Beyond writing and singing, Lynne also produced the project, learning Pro Tools and other advanced studio techniques to ensure that she had a hand in every aspect of its creation. All of her hard-earned time in studios and on the road working amongst the very best the business (in all fields) has prepared Ms. Fiddmont for her maiden voyage as a complete artist in her own right. The key has been getting in tune with personal goals...and going with the flow. "Flow is the developing philosophy for my life right now," Lynne explains. "As things occur, you can either fight them or go with them, figuring out solutions and making the best of a challenging situation."

Flow marks Fiddmont time! "You know," she muses, "I've never felt that before...but I feel it now! It's been great doing things that were once 'off limits,' like producing or Pro Tools. I called in many of my favorite bass players (the instrument of her heart) and even had to tell one of them to go home after I felt the part he played was sufficient! There aren't many women producing, editing and recording. I refuse to be limited. I want to express my full potential, whatever that is. It has nothing to do with anyone else. I feel like I'm finally getting that...and its great!"

The music washes over the listener, bathing them in the luxuriant moods of Lynne's divine, sultry voice. Ms. Fiddmont surrounds you in an intimate aural embrace of love, serenity and sensuality. Like sun-ripened summer fruit, the CD bursts open with the care-free samba "Holiday" (produced by bassist Freddie Washington, best known for co-writing Patrice Rushen's "Forget Me Nots," which was also sampled for Will Smith's "Men in Black").

"Flow (The EP Remix Series)," released as the CD's first single through INgrooves and on tastemaker compilations in Europe, has whet the appetites of listeners for Lynne's soul-stirring artistry. Fusing a boppin' groove to catchy, clever lyrics, co-writer and producer Tim Carmon and Lynne hit the mark with a musical combination destined to touch everyone.

"Say" (which recalls vintage Rufus meets Minnie Riperton) opens like a Calgon-inspired afternoon daydream before descending into a gentle plea to reignite romance. It features lovely piano work by Mark Stephens. And then there's the intoxicating and mesmerizing "Cupid." "I love the opening lines," Lynne sighs. "'You are the song that my soul sings / You give my melody a meaning.' I'm a hopeless romantic. That's how I look at the possibilities of love. The idea that it can exist is so inspiring."

Another love wrinkle can be found on "Feels So Right." "That's my sexy song," Lynne chuckles. "It reminds me of some ol' Isley Brothers! I really struggled with putting this on the record...but as writers, we must be free enough to discuss all aspects of human frailties and realities. Sometimes we need to examine things we don't always like about ourselves."

The reverently introspective "Never Really" is actually the first song Lynne ever placed as a songwriter on another artist's album. This song originally appeared on pop star Tyler Collins' 1992 album, Tyler. Lynne's new arrangement takes some sumptuous new harmonic detours (check the coda), lending even deeper resonance to the soul searching of the lyric.

Flow's one cover song is the CD's closer "No Regrets," which young Lynne discovered on a 1976 recording by Phoebe Snow (it was also recorded earlier by Ella Fitzgerald). It's the second song that Lynne ever sang in public. Swingin' in a sultry, sassy mode supported by a trio of piano, bass and drums, Lynne proves her jazz roots with aplomb here while also sharing another truism of her life philosophy.

Blue notes of bittersweet déjà vu fill Lynne's breathtaking new acoustic version of "U R Loved," a Quiet Storm classic that she first recorded in 1991 with her former husband Wayne Linsey (under the Duo name "Linsey") on their CD, Perfect Love. "That was the first song that Wayne and I wrote together," she reminisces. Lynne is dedicating her debut solo CD, Flow, to the late Carl Anderson, a peerless artist with whom she shared many personal and professional memories. He passed away in 2004. "Carl always pushed



Written By: Lynne Fiddmont / Freddie Washington

Woke up Monday morning, Feeling good,
Change of plan, No work today,
Oh, work can wait,
Maybe take a drive along the coast,
Wanna get away, Away,
It feels like a holiday,
I woke up with a smile, somehow,
It must be a holiday,
Maybe take a walk, In the park,
Hand in hand,
Checkin’ out the band,
Kinda wanna fire up the grill, Barbeque,
Have some lemonade, Hey,
It feels like a holiday,
Cause the music’s nice and loud no doubt,
Nothin’ like a holiday yeah.

Bon chi, Bon chi, Bon,
chi bon, chi bon, bon,
ooh ooh ooh,
It’s a holiday, (Woah, woah, oh)
Bon chi, Bon chi, Bon, chi bon, chi bon, bon,
It’s a holiday,
Take some time to celebrate, Yeah,
Just enjoy your life today...
Make today a holiday yeah.
Hangin’ with my friends,
Havin’ fun, Feelin’ good,
It’s that kinda day, (Woah, hey)
There’s nothin’ like havin’ fun,
In the neighborhood,
Watchin’ children play,
Let them play,
Every day’s a holiday yeah,
When you wake up with a smile,
Oh wow,
Even on those rainy days yeah,
Just start dancing on a cloud, Anyhow,
Celebrate your holiday yeah.

It's a holiday,
Its your holiday


Come on celebrate make today a special day yeah,
Just start dancing on a cloud right now,
Everyday’s a holiday yeah,
Celebrate, Holiday, It’s a holiday...


Written By: Lynne Fiddmont / Tim Carmon

Life’s too short to sit around,
And wait for something good,
To fall down,
On you from on your lucky star,
Pick your feet up,
Don’t be shy,
Just get into the groove,
It’s about attitude,
Here’s what you gotta do oh.

Get in the go of life,
(Get in the go of life)
Get in the flow of life, (Flow) Everybody now’s the time,
Let’s get happy,
(Let’s get happy yeah)
It’s what you gotta do,
(It’s what you gotta do)
Come on and lose your blues,
(Come on and lose your blues)
Hurry now it’s up to you,
Let’s get happy, (hey).

Even when the sky above is dark,
And full of clouds, And it seems,
That lady luck has turned on you,
Oh it’s really not your situation,
But all about the view,
Check you latitude,
How high are you.

Get in the go of life,
Get in the flow,
Now’s the time,
Let’s get happy,
(Let's get happy yeah)
It’s what you gotta do,
Come on and lose your blues,
Hurry now it’s up to you,
Let’s get happy.
(Happy yeah)...


Written By: Lynne Fiddmont

You don’t hold me like you used to,
It seems you’re taking me for granted,
If you say you really love me,
How come you look so disenchanted,
How can we hold it together,
How can we see this through,
I wanna get right back next to you.

(You gotta Say) Say you’ll never never leave me,
(Say) Say you’ll leave me never
(ooh say) Say you’ll never never leave me,
Let’s make it last forever.

Lately you look right through me,
As if you’re in a daze,
And I’m lost in this feeling,
I feel like I’m in a maze,
Searchin’ for that loving feeling,
The feeling that we once knew,
How can I get right back next to you, you.



Searchin’ for that loving feeling,
The feeling that we once knew,
How can I get right back next to you, you.


U R Loved

Written By: Lynne Fiddmont/Wayne Linsey

U R Loved

There’s a place
In my heart
That belongs to you
You are there
In my dreams
All I want is you

Though I try to forget
I cannot escape
Thoughts of you
I’m in love
U R Loved

If you find
there’s a time
You may need a friend
Trust in me
Call on me
I will understand

Fate may take us
Separate ways
Still the time will never come
Where you will need
And not have love
For U R Loved

Oh I love you
I love you
I love you
U R Loved

Thoughts of you
I’m in love
U R Loved

I love you
I love you
I love you
U R Loved


Flow (The Album) 2007.

Flow (The Single Remixes) 2005.
- Flow (Acoustic)
- Flow (Soul Jazz)
- Flow (Urban)
- Flow (Dance Radio Edit)
- Flow (The Groove)

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Set List

NO REGRETS (cover)
HOLIDAY (original)
ALL I DO (cover)
DINDI (cover)
FEVER (cover)
FLOW (original)
SAY (original)
CUPID (original)
NEVER REALLY (original)
U R LOVED (original)