Lynne Hamer - Songwriter

Lynne Hamer - Songwriter


Obsession Duo - Lynne Hamer & Ed Richey
perform classic 60s, 70s and originals using acoustic guitars, harmonica, violin, synthesizer, piano and
sound effects


Lynne Hamer has a formal music education with a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Music Therapy. Hamer writes background music that could be used for film and also writes acoustic folk music. Hamer first studied piano at the age of eight and major in piano in college. Subsequently, she has studied other instruments including guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, bass guitar and banjo.

Ed Richey is an environmental engineer by profession and has been playing in rock 'n roll bands for 25 years and specializes in class rock. Richey adds a nice blend of vocals to the duo and has a proclivity for adding soothing synthesizing melody lines to original music and classic rock.


We have been aired on local college stations across the nation at specifically on Novembet 16th, 2011 and May 22nd, 2011.