Lynn Harrison

Lynn Harrison


Imagine a cross between Bruce Cockburn and the Dixie Chicks: that gives you an idea of Lynn Harrison. Catchy songs with powerful lyrics...a knack with acoustic songs about stuff that matters to ordinary people. Plus...a voice that will melt your heart.


Born in Texas, raised in Winnipeg, Lynn Harrison has called Toronto "home" for most of her adult life. She writes about stuff that matters to ordinary people: family, home, life, death...and hockey! A prolific songwriter who has released 4 solo albums in a decade (and been included on 10 compilations during that time), Lynn recently completed a two-year project as Songwriter-in-Residence for Take5, the daily current events program on CIUT 89.5 fm radio in Toronto. It was there she wrote "Bicycle Bell", the modern-day anthem that won Best Political Song in the 2008 Ontario Council of Folk Festivals' "Songs from the Heart" Contest, as well as a whopping 68 other new songs, several of which are included on her latest CD, "Simplicity". The new record is a spare, acoustic-guitar-and-vocal collection that showcases Lynn's exceptional skills as a songwriter. It follows her other solo albums: “Broadview” in 2005 (which includes award-winners "No Place to Go" & "Sympathy Card"), "Learning Curve" in 2003 ("First Day of School", "When I Walk I Run") and "Lynoleum" in 2001 ("Stage", "Room to Love", "Einstein's Brain"...all award-winners.) Also a freelance writer, Lynn writes about creativity and the songwriter's life in her blog: "Staying in Tune". She lives in Toronto with her husband and two teenage children. “Lynn’s music speaks to the essence of what life is all about,” (Charles Adler, Global TV).


• Simplicity – Solo Recording – 13 Original Songs - 2008
• ITunes Essentials – Canadian Winter Music – “Skates & Wings” - 2007
• Songs for a Better Planet, Volume I and II - “Tall Trees” “Music Town” (2003, 2006)
• Broadview – Solo recording – 13 original songs - 2005
• Healing and Hope – “Every Hand” (commission, Credit Valley Hospital) – 2005
• Let it Snow – Unique Canadian Winter Music – “Skates & Wings” - 2003
• Learning Curve – Solo recording – 12 original songs – 2003
• Tears of a Thousand Years – 9/11 Commemorative CD, 2002 – “Laugh Myself to Sleep”
• Groovy Mondays – “In Spite of it All” - 2003
• No Place Like Home – Ottawa [more] – “Tearing Down Tent City”
• Songs Inspired by Literature I – “Einstein’s Brain” - 2001
• Lynoleum – Debut solo album - 2001

Set List

With well over 100 original songs (plus well-chosen covers) in Lynn's repertoire, she's able to custom-design each concert for the audience or event.
Lynn's set lists virtually always include some award-winning songs, and offer a pleasing range of tempos and moods. Her style ranges from very upbeat country/rock to laidback folk/jazz...yet every song is built on a compelling lyric and beautiful melody.