Lynn McCarn

Lynn McCarn


Lynn is a Christian artist with a wide ranging appeal. Singing mostly original songs with a country flavor, Lynn has been entertaining and ministering for most of her life. Over the past year, the national media has taken note and Lynn's past three singles have charted in the top 40.


Whether you call her music Christian Country, Southern Gospel or just plain music, chances are you are going to like what you hear from this down to earth wife and mother who is passionate about her music. Although she has been singing since she was two years old, her professional music career did not begin until she was nearly thirty. Now a singer and songwriter who travels extensively throughout the US, Lynn will engage you with her quick wit and sincere smile. She is passionate about her music and the message of hope it contains. Although her music feels "a little country," it has universal appeal. Her fans range from the tried and true members of the church choir to elementary school kids == and everyone in between. Her concerts are upbeat, positive and fun, with a little homespun wit and a lot of laughter. Over the last couple of years, the Christian Country and Southern Gospel media have taken notice of her. Her last three singles have appeared on national charts, with her current single, "At the Foot of the Cross," currently in the top 20 on the Gospel Music News Southern Gospel Chart. She has also appeared in the Power Source Christian Country and Gospel Music Charts, and the Christian Voice Magazine Southern Gospel Top 100 Chart. She is receiving radio airplay throughout the United States and is working constantly to broaden her horizons. Adding Lynn's music to your festival or event will add great music and great fun.


LP: One Wish, Lamon Records
Single: God is Still God, charted at #64 on Power Source Magazine Christian Country chart

LP: More than Words Can Say, Lamon Records
Singles: Sometimes You Gotta Shout (charted in Power Source top 100), More than Words Can Say, Mountains (charted in the Top 40 in Power Source and Christian Voice magazine)

LP: Testify, Lamon Records (now C&L Entertainment)
Singles: Testify (top 40 on the Power Source Christian Country Chart, appeared on the Christian Voice Southern Gospel Chart and the Gospel Music News chart)
At the Foot of the Cross (currently appearing on the Gospel Music News Chart at #19, also appeared in the top 20 on the Christian Voice Southern Gospel Chart)

Currently working on a new project to be released in May, 2009

Set List

My typical set list varies. I can do up to five 20 minute sets without repeating songs. My songs are mostly originals. Complete list includes:

God is Still God
This Country Needs the Cross
Just one Wish
I'll Fly Away
Amazing Grace
More than Words Can Say
The Carpenter
I Want you to meet Jesus
Sometimes You Gotta Shout
Faith Steps In
The Best is Yet to Come
Created in Love
Close to You
Sweet Hour of Prayer
I Wanna Go
At the Foot of the Cross
Mama Prays
Safe and Warm
This Life and One More
1:00 AM
The Boogeyman
What are you Waiting For?
Nothing I Can Do
Don't You Wanna Go?
More than a Melody
When God Calls Your Name
God Loves You
He Loves me Anyway
It's About Who You Know
This Side of the Finish Line
The Last Goodbye