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Lynn Marie Smith

San Clemente, California, United States

San Clemente, California, United States
Band Comedy


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The best kept secret in music


"Heartfelt Talk"

"Lynn gave a heartfelt talk about her experiences that touched the audience. We are still hearing people talk about her and her message."
- Chris George, Student Activities - Harper College

"Lynn Was Wonderful"

"Lynn was wonderful. She really connects with students and everyone felt comfortable asking questions and sharing their own stories and struggles. Her informal style was a huge success and we will bring her back to our campus soon!"
- Kathleen Bond, Program Board Convocations Chair - Belmont University

"Lynn Is A Joy To Work With"

"Lynn's program is a real look at a problem many college students face. More importantly, the candid way she discusses the 'cool, fun' way in which she fell into a serious drug problem was eye-opening. Lynn is an upbeat speaker whose infectious energy makes her a joy to work with!"
- Joseph Harvey, Lecture Chair of APSU Govs Programming Council

"Lynn's Brave and Unflinching Examination..."

"Lynn's brave and unflinching examination of herself, her actions, and the choices that led her from a straight-A cheerleader at school to a crazed half-dead drug addict shows us the kind of determination it took for this young woman to stay clean. In the end, the hardness of her drug tale is lifted by her honesty and spunk, and love of family, friends, and life."
- Loung Ung - Author First They Killed my Father and Lucky Child

"Gripping and Inspiring"

“This very personal account of one young woman’s courageous journey is gripping and inspiring.” - Nancy Cartwright, Voice of Bart Simpson

"Lynn Marie Smith Moves People..."

"Lynn Marie Smith moves people. Her smile is infectious. She is a joy to work with. Fresh, hip and in tune with the world that she so passionately speaks about. Her experiences have taken her on a path that is allowing her to touch the hearts, souls and minds of those who need it most."
- Donnie Vick UCasTV, Nashville

"Keep Doing What You're Doing Lynn..."

"Lynn Marie Smith's presentation was moving, powerful and was well received by all the youth present. Right now I have a Juvenile Detention Center full of kids who all want to write personal letters to her. Keep doing what you're doing Lynn, you have no idea what an impact your words have on these kids." - Vincent P. Vurro, Superintendent Southwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center

"We Will Bring Lynn Back To Our Campus Soon!"

"Lynn was wonderful. She really connects with students and everyone felt comfortable asking questions and sharing their own stories and struggles. Her informal style was a huge success and we will bring her back to our campus soon!"
- Krissie Harris, Coordinator of Student Activities, Oakton Community College


Lynn Marie Smith has appeared on several television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, MTV’s True Life, and The Dr Keith Ablow Show, among others. She has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Good Housekeeping, Financial Times, Christian Science Monitor, and many newspaper articles throughout the country. She has testified before Congress and is a member of the Advisory Board at the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Lynn’s powerful voice has inspired thousands of people around the globe, at high schools, jails, rehabs, and colleges in personal appearances that draw rave reviews. Her book, Rolling Away: My Agony with Ecstasy,was published by Simon and Schuster Books. Lynn corresponds with teens, young adults, and people all over the world through her website and email, and these communications will form the basis of her next book, The Joy of YES! Visit to learn more.



At nineteen, Lynn Marie Smith went from small town straight "A" student, to an aspiring actress in New York City.  By twenty-three, she was living in a psychiatric ward nearly destroyed by drug addiction.  

After years of healing and recovery, she was able to begin a new life.  She became a drug educator, author, and speaker, reaching out to other addicts and potential users. It gave Lynn an amazing feeling of freedom and it helped her heal. When she finally opened up about the alcoholic home, the drug use, the psych wards, the brain damage, and the unhappiness that she had been through, the guilt and shame that had controlled her life for so long began to dissolve. But when the pain left, a void remained - no longer the darkness, but a shadow. Lynn was sober, and helping others, but it didn't feel right. She was still fighting but now on the other side.

Lynn's audiences and readers never fail to ask, "How did you move past the pain to make a positive life for yourself?" It was a simple realization.  A profound understanding that changed her life forever.

Growing up, Lynn was told by parents, teachers, commercials and counselors that she  must say 'NO' to the bad things, she must confront her problems, and conquer her demons.  Everyday would be a fight that required denial and sheer will power to survive.  But it didn't feel good. Lynn realized it was denial of life masquerading as life. It took Lynn a quarter of her life, and a trip to rock bottom, to realize: the only way to make a positive life for herself, was to make herself positive toward life.

Yes -  life can be painful. Yes - life can be challenging. Yes - life can fill us with fear, jealousy, anger, and sadness.  But the only way to be at peace with our lives and ourselves is by ACCEPTING the painful, not by rejecting it. Once Lynn decided to view everything that landed on her doorstep as a potential teacher rather than a monkey on her back, her entire life transformed. Lynn's emptiness turned to energy. Every day isn't a fight, it is an opportunity.  She is full.  She is flying. She is serene, confident, and truly happy.

In this powerful talk Lynn shares her answer – she says 'YES' to life.  She empowers the audience to see that by accepting their struggles, their fears, their pain, and most importantly, by accepting themselves, they can find the courage to overcome any obstacle and find their true path to happiness, success, and freedom.   

Say 'YES' to the challenge of facing the world with an open hand, rather than a clenched fist.  Say ‘YES’ and celebrate everything that comes your way - believe that each experience is valuable and meaningful. What we view as difficult and painful in life can be a vehicle to move us into selfhood—full, integrated, bad-ass human beings … if we say YES to the challenge.