lynn rosenblood

lynn rosenblood

 Santa Monica, California, USA

ITs me -- straight from my heart to yours. My songs find Love in the darkest of places. My songs travel through genres, depending on the instruments. thus I love playing with someone who can play any instrument - providing the right landscape for the song!


Raised in the natural landscape of HAMILTON Ontario, Canada, Lynn Rosenblood’s opera singer mother and English professor father provided a rich musical upbringing. Intellectual depth and formal musicianship are in Lynn’s blood, as her mother sang with the Canadian Opera Company, her grandmother was an opera singer and her great grandfather was a composer and played piano for the silent movie house in Hollywood, California.

As a child, Lynn was surrounded by music and books. She walked through the forest to school, took piano and dance lessons and was always singing. Despite her formal musical training, it is nature that seeded her deep understanding of rhythm and also where Lynn feels most musical. “I like sleeping on the ground,” she says. “A lot comes clear when I’m in nature and away from the intellectuality of how I was raised. I have a strong relationship with trees, which have kept me grounded in all the places I have lived.”

As a teen, Lynn left her small steelworker hometown for Toronto, where she took a job at the rock station Radio Q107 before she was accepted to Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver. She paid her way through school with voiceover and radio work as she studied fine arts, and it was during this time that Lynn purchased her first guitar.

Lynn now divides her time between Santa Monica, California, and the Kootenays in Southeastern British Columbia, where she lives in a tipi during the summers and writes songs. It is in this tipi where most of her debut album was written. While the cerebral foundation of Lynn’s musical upbringing is present, the communion with nature seeds the crafting of these songs, which are “small paintings of the heart’s journey through life’s landscapes,” Lynn says. “Writing songs is the way I pull my life together into one artistic mode. I paint, sculpt and dance inside life’s stories and embody the rhythm of songs and all that came before.”



Lynn Rosenblood!

Set List

No covers, originals only... i like a 35 to 45 minute set... 8 songs minimum - i could go longer i have so many songs, but these are the most accessible, i guess
backyard jamboree
im not yours
for all that
get it back
and the winner is
some days your up
movin on
i'll be your everything
leave a light on