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"Local Spins of the Week: Grand Rapids' Lynn Thompson Band"

Local Spins of the Week: Grand Rapids' Lynn Thompson Band
Posted by The Grand Rapids Press October 05, 2008 05:54AM
Categories: Local Spins

Lynn Thompson has been around long enough that you'd think pretty much everybody around Grand Rapids would be familiar with his delectable mix of rock, funk, jazz and soul.

But frankly, not enough folks have been exposed to Thompson and his band's talents, so today I present to you "More Money," the title track from Thompson's latest CD.

With terrific saxophone work by Johnny Gist and Dan Giacobassi throughout, Thompson's Dave Matthews-meets-Van-Morrison-meets-Morphine-meets-something-smoky-and-luscious approach pulls you in like an electromagnet and won't let up.

Lynn Thompson:
"More Money"

And I must confess that the album -- produced by Al McAvoy at McAvoy Studio and featuring the talents of Guitar Center Drum Off finalist Scott Pellegrom (percussion), Jim Shaneberger (bass) and Andy Ogrodzinski (electric guitar) -- has quickly soared up my list of favorite local albums of the year.

Get more information about Thompson at and And catch him in Grand Rapids at 9:30 p.m. Nov. 15 at Louie's Tavern, 608 Bridge St. NW - Posted by The Grand Rapids Press

"Recoil Magazine September 08"

(RECOIL MAGAZINE): Led by the 12 string guitar-playing singer songwriter Lynn Thompson, this record features a roster of great talent that brings an unusually professional texture to a local effort. Aside from the obvious Dave Matthews angle, the record has moments of Morphine, with beefy riffs and bari sax, along with Thompson's direct lyrical style. Overall, a cool funk moves through the album, punctuated by the occasional rock grind and harmony-driven layers of horns. Produced and engineered by Grand Rapids veteran Al McAvoy, all the virtuosic, understated musical components are clearly audible for the keen listener. ---Ryan Cunningham)
- Ryan Cunningham

"Revue Magazine November 08"

(REVUE MAGAZINE) Classify this album under "meaty, invigorating blues/jazz infused rock. MORE MONEY features some great interaction among Grand Rapids' best local talent on saxophones, bass and percussion in particular. Guitar, flute and vocals flesh out the already strong performances. Tracks are hook and groove laden from beginning to end. Saxophones are often the driving force, and whether its an extended solo or simply flourished, they remain prominent throughout. Sax is smooth on the opener "Feelin' Numb" which has enough funky pep to herald the following "More Money" Where the solos take off. Shifting with a grungy, heavy push on "Dream Girl" (track 3) which is a swanky tune about about a movie starlet. "Let Me In" (track 6) is a soft ballad and welcome breather; It's the one song you can slow dance too. The finishes strong with "Woo Me" (track 9) Which begins innocently and becomes a sassy, rocking tune, leading perfectly into the deep grooves of the rowdy "Come To Daddy." Playfulness from the previous track turns naughty here. This is a pretty sexy album overall. ---Michael Loffelman - Revue Magazine

"CD Review September 08"

(GRAND RAPIDS PRESS): At times Lynn Thompson sounds like West Michigan's version of Dave Matthews; at others, he delves into a jazz-blues-funk thing with refreshing results. His fourth album covers the gamut in riveting, rhythmic fashion.---John Sinkevics - Grand Rapids Press

"Interview" - Revue magazine


1. Skeleton, 2003. 2. Serotonin, 2006. 3. Say So, 2007. More Money, 2008.
Yes on the radio play, W.Y.C.E. 88.1 Grand Rapids.



David Matthews, Morphine, Peter Gabriel. are a few of our influences. Too many to mention.
What makes us different is the ability to appeal to a wide audience, from hippie kids to conservatives. Combining music that is Sexy Fun, Upbeat Danceable, Mesmerizing and Powerful! When we preform the audience reaction is over whelming, we receive applause in the middle of our songs, people will stand in front of us and scream in the middle of lead solo's not to mention the end of the song. The audience will sing along with chorus lines like (Take me to it cause I really want to do it).
This past summer playing a large festival we were the opening act for the main band, after we finished our set people left, they thought we were the head liner. Don Kinsey of the Kinsey Report said that we have an original funkanality. We are consistently putting out new material and already working on the fifth album.