The Lynx Technique

The Lynx Technique


Guided by nature, the LA-based band, The Lynx Technique, finds ways to attune their animal instincts to this electro-charged terrasphere (aka planet earth!). The band's name was inspired by the endangered North American Lynx and the spirit the animal represents.


Ever-striving to strike a balance between the kinetic and the potential, their sound is inspired not only by what can be identified by the senses but also by tapping into what is beyond sensing and comprehension. With nature as their guide, they allow themselves to be led to by its power with every step. Their up and coming album Academy of The Lynx illustrates the next leg of their colorful journey - Whiskey and Wine is a sample of the songs that will be distributed by BFM Distribution in the month of April. Check out


ectro/organ and atonal guitar driven amoeba shaped by edgy vocals and polyrhythmic percussive modulations. The band is committed to donating a percentage of the proceeds from sales of their EP to non-profit organizations dedicated to saving endangered species. Their 5-song EP was released as a limited edition run of 300 and each case was individually hand-screened and crafted from environmentally safe materials. The EP's artwork and packaging were designed by the two-time Addy Award winning graphic designer Loren Gillum.

"LYNX TECHNIQUE, THE Algebra (United Notes) cd ep 7.98
Their smart energetic pop struts with a little bit of swaggerin' attitude. This five song ep features lots of craftily arranged crunchy guitars, interesting tempo'n'mood changes and cool vocals that alternate between a slinky coo and a snarky sneer. This is a terrific debut cd stunningly packaged in a special screenprinted digipak, and comes with 1" buttons for the band and label. Fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves, Tegan & Sara and Metric just might appreciate the non-textbook, tuneful schooling of The Lynx Technique's Algebra."-Aquarius Records

To see a Lynx Technique show is to experience a sonic frequency that'll rattle your rib cage, soothe your ear drums while relaxing your mind. Like a good bourbon.

Academy of the Lynx will be distributed soon.

Set List

10-12 songs

45 min

No covers,

All original music, rocking out on piano, drums, cello and bass