Lyquid Amber

Lyquid Amber


“...excellent musicianship, compositions and arrangements, a warm fusion of bluegrass, folk, blues, jazz and pop, centered on Evo Bluestein's banjo, and Hans York’s guitar, striking an enjoyable balance between Pat Metheny's smooth airiness and Bela Fleck's aggressive funk." -- Sing Out magazine


Based on the original music collaborations of Evo Bluestein and Hans York, Lyquid Amber in its full complement also includes the incredibly talented Eva Scow (viola, violin, mandolin), Kevin Hill (bass), Dusty Brough (guitar), John Martin III (percussion, vocal) and vocalist Karen Marguth (total of seven people, though the sub-group is four).
The music could be called progressive acoustic.

Individual members have strong histories but the ensemble is new.

Evo Bluestein employs a myriad of banjo tunings, traditional and original, to compose funky and quirky new music. In the 1970s, he started The Roundtown Boys Oldtime Stringband, and, in the 1980s, he founded Bad Boys Zydeco. He grew up as a member of the Bluestein Family Stringband and has toured throughout the U.S and abroad.

Hans York is a master of DADGAD guitar--a tuning that produces unique harmonies and voicings. As a classically-trained musician, who grew up in Germany, Hannsjoerg studied jazz, rock, and world music traditions. Living in Brazil added to his repertoire of musical styles and rhythms. In addition to composing, Hans is a noted producer and arranger and winner of Kerrville Festival Song contest 2008.

Before graduating from high school, Eva Scow began making a name for herself. Besides performing with Lyquid Amber, she can be heard on David Grisman’s latest “Tone Poets” cd or performing Brazilian jazz with Mike Marshall or guitarist Anthony Wilson (Diana Krall).

Jazz bassist Kevin Hill, was born in Texas and grew up in China and West Africa. He began performing at age 12 and has been playing bass since age 16. Kevin studied jazz and contemporary music at The New School in New York. He played in several bands in New York and California.

Dusty Brough and John Martin III come from a Nuevo Flamenco background with the group Cerro Negro.

Karen Marguth is a jazz vocalist from the bay area who lives in central California where much of this music germinated.

Lyquid Amber music draws from the members’ collective experience in jazz, rock, classical, Brazilian, and Southern Appalachia, to create inspiring new landscapes in music.

Sub groups (duo or trio) featuring Evo Bluestein and Eva Scow, offer multi-instrumental roots/Americana performances and workshops.


Down with the Elements

Written By: Evo Bluestein/Hans York

Down with the Elements Evo Bluestein/Hans York

Mountainside I’m down with the elements
Standing in a stream
Current swift I lift in the air as if
I’m inside a dream
Coming down I’ll know how the water feels
Spinning round and round
Swaying in the tops of the tallest trees
Oceans full of sound

Nothing that you said nothing that I did
Matters much at all
Wash away the past stand inside of a
Gentle waterfall
Walking through the fog in the morning light
Just before it clears
Sun breaks through the gray fading into blue
Everything appears


Lyquid Amber "Drops of Rain" (2001)
Lyquid Amber "Ritual" (2008)

Set List

All original songs only, sets are variable in length. the band is flexible but 45-55 minutes is a common length.
Some titles: A Likely Story, Exactly, So Far, Down with the Elements, Seconds Away, Pretty Much, Snowy Spring, David's Dream, Ritual