My music expresses the wonder and sometimes humor of day to day life. It's folk fusion music that sounds a little jazzy and beachy on occasion. It's largely inspired by lake Michigan and my travels.


I bought a Washburn back in 1998. I tinkered around with it and then put it in a closet where it stayed until 2001 when I moved near Lake Michigan. I've always been fond of writing and singing but I had never tried to put the two together to make my own music.
Since 2001, I've written songs and performed locally.


I have an album I recorded on my Dell. I call it Gypsytown and I sell them when I play on occasion. I am not signed to a record label yet.

Set List

I don't have a set list yet. I should work on one of these... I don't do too many cover songs but I do cover a Gillian Welch song on occasion. I tend to sing acapella irish tunes. May Morning Dew and Here's A Health for example.