Lyra Celtica

Lyra Celtica


Lively traditional celtic music featuring accordion,guitar vocals, and percussion. Fantastic reputation for live performances.


Lyra Celtica featuring Lynn Tocker on accordion (first winner of the BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year Award, and one of the original members of the Kathryn Tickell Band) have earned a reputation for fantastic live performances throughout the UK. Currently working on their long-awaited second album, their success has taken them as far afield as the USA and Russia. Apart from her unique and virtuoso style of accordion playing, Lynn also has a reputation for her compositions, most notably, the haunting slow air "Floating from Skerry", which was recorded originally by Kathryn Tickell, and by numerous musicians since, and which still proves to be a popular tune in sessions all over. Frankie McGuire, who recently performed on a series of BBC programmes with such people as Karen Mathieson and Julie Fowlis, has worked and recorded with some of the finest musicians around, including the Alison Brown Quartet from the States amongst others. His reputation in Russia precedes him, where he set up the first Bodhran school there, so much so that he was invited as a guest of honour to the first ever Russian military tattoo, the Kremlin Zorya, in 2007, amongst such distinguished company as Prince Michael of Kent. His performance of the late Dave Carter's song, "When I Go" earned him standing ovations in the States from audiences that included Dave's own friend, the world's foremost Autoharp player, Bryan Bowers. The unique rythmic sound created by Frankie's percussion and Mark's guitar playing has allowed Lynn to shine in what some say is the best playing of her career to date.


Lyra Celtica (2005)

Set List

Varierty includes reels, jisg, slow airs, songs.