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Lyric1 is a solo rapper whose intelligent and entertaining rhymes inject new life into hiphop. His raps showcase pure rhyming ability and strong songwriting skills over a mix of hot beats.


Lyric1's story can be traced back to Uganda where his parents first met. After having to flee Uganda in the 1970's due to the Idi Amin regime, they would touch down in England where Lyric1 was born. In an attempt at a better life, they would eventually move to Canada in 1984.
While growing up in Saskatoon, an unlikely hotbed of hiphop, Lyric1 began writing his first raps at the age of 14 and began making local tapes with his neighbourhood crew. While the crew would later disband in 1997, Lyric1 kept writing and searching for opportunities to expand his musical career. His search would take him to Calgary where he would meet Adollaz and Deezuz and form Maintain One Voice Entertainment (MOVE). This would lead many opportunities such as appearing on MTV Canada on BreakOut as well as a spot on the 2006 SXSW Tunetank Festival CD.
He has also performed throughout British Columbia and Alberta and has opened for DJ Kool Herc, Moka Only, DL Incognito and r&b singer George.
Lyric1's raps have been able to transcend geographical borders as he was able to release a UK-exclusive mixtape in 2004. His music has been played all over Canada and his latest release "Get In On The Ground Floor" has charted in several college markets including Victoria, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Lethbridge and Halifax. He has also been a featured artist on CBC Radio 3.
Lyric1 blends clever wordplay, catchy lyrics, great storytelling ability, unique concepts and an amazing live performance to be one of Canada’s only all-around emcees. His style is very innovative with both his flows and content bringing something very fresh and original to Canadian music and hiphop as a whole.


Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Written By: Kiran Sthankiya (Lyric1)

1st verse:
They always told me "Keep your eye on the ball"/
And if you take a step, you may trip, but never fall/
And if you stumble, get yourself together/
Always keep your spirits up, good or bad weather/
Decisions that we make, can't help but make me wonder/
Did I do the right thing or did I make a blunder?/
Will this choice leave me haunted, will it leave me wanting more?/
Or will it leave me eager? Can't wait for what's in store?/
Like when I made the move, almost five years prior/
To the city made of oil and it's got me feelin' higher/
But at the same time I was feelin' kinda low/
Scared if I don't make it, what if I couldn't blow?/
Would I go home empty to the 3-0-6?/
With all my dreams crushed like some Frito Chips?/
So I put in on the line and let 'em hear my voice/
Lyric1 standing tall and I'm sticking by my choice?

Chorus: If I coulda, woulda, shoulda, that's what folks always say. If I coulda, woulda, shoulda, now it's too late

Verse 2:
Sometimes I sit and ponder when I'm smokin' marijuana/
About the ways to live with honor and the ways to be a goner/
See, the place that I was brought up, half my homies caught up/
And it ain't even from the dope or tryin to blow the block up/
My friends used to skip the school, drinkin' beer, hittin' fools/
Now their lives behind the 8-ball, spent too long betting pool/
Instead of taking classes, no hope for graduating/
And now they on their asses, unemployment lines are waiting/
The few of them who working, they hate their fucking jobs/
It's slave work in the factory and the boss a fuckin' slob/
Plus they had them kids, teen pregnancies/
Had to cope with their problems, liquor dependencies/
It's all about those choices but they found out too late/
Now they pay the price, living out a cruel fate/
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, now they reminiscing/
There's no way for them to go back, but they ain't tryin' to listen/


Verse 3:
Now I ain't one to preach, I've made mistakes too/
I've had my share of misses, fuck-ups and take-two's/
I've had my share of problems, more than I can count/
On my quest for large amounts and the right kind of bounce/
I've lost a bunch of money but I always made it back/
And I dropped some wack shit but then I blazed a track/
I've been so crazy late that they wouldn't even wait/
But I've been so fuckin' early that they ask me "what's the hurry?"/
I've gotten so high that I don't know where I am and I've gotten so drunk that I couldn't even stand/
I've been so twisted that my puke looks like sludge, but I've been so sober that you'd swear I was a judge/
I've been a heartbreaker because I never call 'em back, but I've had my heart broken so I'll say that shit is wack/
This game is like chess so I play it like a king/
Coulda, woulda, shoulda...I wouldn't change a thing/


Get In On the Ground Floor - June 2006
SXSW 2006 Tunetank New Generation Compilation - March 2006
The MOVEment Volume 1 - July 2005
Bachelor Of Applied Lyricism (UK release) - December 2004
Back to School EP - August 2004

Set List

Don't Ask Why
Excuse Me Miss
Get Money
Dead Man Walking
The Break Up
What Are You Worth?
I Get Lifted
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
Where Ya From?

The set runs approximately 40-45min but can be adjusted depending on specific show requirements. The set uses a good mix of songs along with call-and-response and crowd participation to leave the audience with something to talk about after the show.