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Lyric, has the sound of TLC a twist of Destiny's Child and all ages seem to Love them. 3 very beautiful young ladies 15 - 16 years of age. They are truly "Dolla Bills".


Is a group of 3 beautiful young ladies out of Cincinnati Ohio, each of who bring unique musical talents, ranging from, writing, singing and rapping, to dancing performing and even acting. Eriah C. Taylor (16 Yrs Old) is the founder of the group. She not only writes but she also has a beautiful singing voice. Samara Parks (15 Yrs Old) also sings very beautifully and posses numerous talents such as writing and dancing. Both of these young Ladies attend the School of Creative and Performing Arts home of the MTV Reality Show "Taking The Stage". Teonna Brown A.K.A. (Tee Tee)(16 Yrs Old) a student at Withrow University, is the rapper of the group she also does writing and is often compared to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.
Eriah had an idea of a girls group that would consist of 2 singers and a rapper. She took the idea to Samara who together with Eriah can blend their voices together very well so they sound as one. Immediately Samara thought of her best friend Teonna who raps all day long and whose rapping skills were very polished for her age. After their first meeting all the girls decided they had something very special. Each of the young ladies can dance, write and pickup on notes and harmonies very quickly, so came the Name Lyric!!!

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Dolla Bill

Written By: Eriah C. Taylor(ASCAP), Teonna Brown

(rap) Shorty you a ten naw boo I'm a dolla only sixteen and all the boys wanna holla yes i swag it out i got a swag so mean thats how i do on the level with the green. U say I'm a boss cause i make it look easy all the girls who hate is the ones who wants to be me my donk got swag an u know i'm thick wit it lil mama bad and u know i be sick wit it.drop yo ten cents or yo lil dime peice cause i'm a dolla bill u betta get like lumpy yea i'm the truth and i ain't gon stop imma keep going till i reach the top "wats up"

Chorus:Bump being a dime cause imma a dolla bill i'm a dolla imma imma a dolla bill (3xs)

(verse 1) Walk wit a switch going right down my list my swag be so official even girls can't resist they me my credit where my credit is due they can't even hate on me cause they know i'm the truth bump being a dime yea cause i'm a dolla bill u can be the cheap change but i am the bill dudes say they need a dime thats top of the line but then why dimes is the third less change in line


(verse 2) No competition oh yea did i mention your man keep callin me u betta upgrade u see, he want a dolla bill he want a chick thats ill he wants a chick that can hit up to a mill (now thats independant) know wat i'm talking about i'm sixteen and i got a bank account, Beyonce is your diva and Ciara is yo go girl heres a betta deal let E'riah be yo dolla bill


Bridge: Imma dolla bill Imma dolla bill yeah is u a dolla bill is u a dolla bill yeah cause we some dolla bills we some dolla bills tell the dudes to bump the silver and get wit the green (bump em bump) em (2xs)


Taylor & Taylor Productions LLC

Title: Down Pack

Written By: Eriah C. Taylor(ASCAP)

Title: Down Pack

(Rap) If u a real boss show me where u at cause a real boss roll wit the best take a test u ain't got to go to school to see wat a tru dolla bill can do. It's easy ur girl wanna be me they call me tee-tee aka the girl wezzy lyric brought this beat straight back we gon show u how stella got her grove back. Dip it low pick it up slow Imma show u how to make your man say whooh i can bounce on my toes my mama taught me better so i kept my legs closed, might be quiet god knows i ain't shy shy? shoot why i'm tellin that lie were bold were cold swag contatious the way they come at us man it be outrageous (3)

Chorus:We call it down pack fellas where yall at all the girls lets bring that back now work it work it work come over here can you handle this twerk the look in my eyes got u hynotized reflection of my body all in your eyes now ah push it like we use to do girl it's 09 it's called down pack (tru)

Bridge: When we walk in the parties we always steal the show we do our down pack then we drop it down low if your man is up in here better grab him real quick cause when we finish our dance your man leaving wit lyric(2xs)
i twerk i shake i rock my body like tick ticka tock tic ticka toc toc cause i can break it down like that i make the fellas say bring that back speakin of back rewind that hook straight back so u can jig u jig your down pack can you dig that why i why i jig my down pack haters sit back so i can jig u jig my down pack where my ladies at do the do the do the down pack where my fella's at let me see u jig ur down pack (ha Ha) ya'll get it ya'll get it ya'll get it


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Dolla Bill - 2009

Set List

8 - 10 min