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Lyrical Assasin

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He is a 15 yr. old star in the making. Lyrical Assasin is known for his Hype performances and charismatic personality. He captures crowds with his unique style and stage confidence. He is an extremely talented rapper who is on the verge of setting trends throughout the music industry as we know it


National Recording artist (AKA) P.J to his family and Friends. He is a 15 yr. old star in the making , Born and raised in the Mid-West as Patrick Spencer. Columbus, Ohio is wher he lives with his mother. He is a freshman at Beechcroft High School. At the age of five he started his music career singing in the children's choir at church. Years later he wanted to expand and experiment with rap/hiphop. At the age of 11 he starte performing in talent showes such as June-teenth at Franklin Park and many other show cases around Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland and even branched out to Baltimore, MD.
Oct 2001 he open for Bilhal at the Columbus Convention center during the Tri-State Music Conference. Last year he received air time at the Oberlin College radio station 91.5 during the Mesha White Show. At the age of 12 his song the smash hit Ya-heard is used in a blockbuster movie called "Jacked Up" staring Bizzy Bone with his name in credits. In June 2003 he open for Lil Hollywood at the USA skating rink along with Street and the rest of the crew from Mean Mug Records spittin that hot stuff. Assasin wrote a original song for that show. Writting is one of his many talents. Los Angeles is where he finished a professional demo


The hot single Ya-Heard was release in a blockbuster movie called "Jacked Up" staring ,
Bizzy Bone. Also had air time at the Oberlin College Radio station 91.5 in Oberlin Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio about 2 hrs away from Columbus

Set List

Lyrical Assasin can hype up any audience with his high-energy hip-hop show which consists of his three most recent recordings. The set runs 20-30 mins. A typical show will include himself an a hype man, sometimes he may travel with a live DJ, but no entourage.

Original Discography:

1.) "I Lock the Flow"
2.) "I'm Just Sayin"
3.) "Roll With Me"