MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN
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The LAB formally know as Lyrical Assault is an Alternative Rap group. They have already won the title of 'Best New Band in Canada' at the 2007 GBOB Challenge and went on to the world finals in London and ranked among the top 15 Best.


Contact Info:

514-631-9812 - 514-453-4319

The LAB is currently working on their new album. They are in studio writing and recording and almost finished with the project.

Originally formed in 2000 this group has been on the Montreal music scene for a while and has gained tremendous experience as well as a loyal following of fans. They have been overseas to perform as well as toured the provinces of Quebec and Eastern Canada. They have released several albums independently and are now working on their first official album.

To the date, The LAB has performed in over 200 events, including international competitions, clubs, parties, graduations, contests, shows and charity events! Being so versatile has made them popular towards teenagers as well as the older baby-boomer generation.


If you could see

Written By: Lyrical Assault

See the problem with me,
is that I'm too damn focus,
that's why I can't sleep,
'cause my mind is always turning,
it got me grindin' through we


Written By: Alisa Charles, Nicholas Legault


Fresh to death you can't deny
Probably wonder how we got so fly
this is something that can't be bought
you either got it or you don't

Won't You Go

Written By: Nicholas Legault, Pierre-Luc Fortin

won't you go leave me please
with you here I can't feel this peace
walked this road together it seems
like forever and we built these schemes
traveled the path, been through many battles & laughs
but now we've finally reached the limit like a salary cap
there's no wonder took it all now I had to react
I'm no longer shook to fall (but) don't answer me back
I'm handsome you act like I ain't, plan some you act like I can't
what you are is a cancer attack, like a pain
in my side why you stop me from flying?
got my brain upside down imprinted a stop sign
done did it at all times broke down my confidence
hope bound to fall now won't crown incompetence
won't drown in all you're stench, you drove me to hell
but gotta learn to love you cause I can't hate myself

Now Won't you go
cause I can't stand to see your face no more
please let me breathe
cause I can't feel this peace until you leave
no, I can't stand it no more
stranded for sure
I had to let you know
Now won't you go

yo I have to learn that I gotta leave you back
cause in this term you just keeping me back
but man it's so hard, so many good times
and now we're both far, I feel we should mind
each our own biz, we were both known kids
close to no ends brothers man no friends
no chance I ever thought that I would outgrow you
understand how much I owe you
you were the one to help shape who I am
and it's stupid we can't kick it
cause now I'm a man
and I'm a mess right now, cause I can't stress how I
will never see you ever again, daam
how can I leave something so good
but I guess we all got to say goodbye to our childhood



The LAB has released a total of 4 "street albums". The first album was made to promote the band and because their fan base wanted something they could play and show their friends. The following 2 albums were Nick Lucas and Charley Brown's duo project which came out at the same time as R-tikk's solo project. Both albums have been popular in Quebec/Canada on local radio stations and hip-hop promoting websites such as: , and

In 2006, Nick Lucas and Dj Passan released a small demo/experimental project entitled 'Funk for your Trunk'.

Set List

Usually The LAB plays a mix of their funkiest songs, such as:
1-Won't You Go
2- If you could see
3- One life
4- Smoothies
5- Freaks and Geeks
6- Swag
7- Overnight
8- Feeling Good
9- Double time
10-Under The Influence