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Lyrical Opposition

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
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"Street Remedy: Lyrical Opposition"

I have no clue how Im not hearing about these dudes on other blogs. They are ridiculously nasty and the beats compliment their art perfectly. Let this serve as the introduction to Lyrical Opposition, a California based duo consisting of KritaCal and Cross the MC. Im sure they will become widely known soon. - Street Remedy

"Lyrical Opposition Mixtape Review"

These guys are good!It's got an eletro pop arrangement that thumps like street in the back while SON's lyrics flow like water. You know your hot when you reference Transformers,Nickelodeon,and power rangers and still make a hard track.After giving it a thorough listen it gets spiritual on some tracks the tracks are reflection with religious tones they're good but I enjoyed more the aggressive tracks like "transform".I got a real kick on how they bring Geek references in without coming off corny. You can download the mixtape at - Average Joe

"Forever A Movement Presents SON"

Son and Lyrical Opposition make up Forever A Movement. The three artists work closely together on all their material. What I mean by this is that according to ReverbNation and their profiles, Son manages Lyrical Opposition while they in turn manage Son.
Son has released numerous mixtapes dating back to 2007. His first mixtape released was The Rising of the Son (Vol. 1) under the name “Young Son.” In 2008, his debut tape was followed by The Rising of the Son (Vol. 2): Still I Rise and The Rising of the Son (Vol. 3): The Zenith. His most recent prior to Final Destination have been Step Ya Game Up and Step Ya Game Up (Part 2). All of these can be found on DatPiff.
Son is a devout Christian and his music has many spiritual references. His lyrics, messages, and song titles are influenced by his religion. Here are my thoughts on his mixtapes…
The Rising of the Son, Vol. 1 (2007)
This was Son’s earliest mixtape I have been able to find. It has a few of my favorite tracks on it. ”Tears” is a heartfelt song that really hits the listener as you can tell Son is sharing something very personal to him. ”Guilty by Association” is another story track but much more fast paced. You’ll want to listen a few times to this one to see the crazy connections he develops with the characters in the song. ”Til My Demise” is flat out sick. It has an ill beat and is full of energy. The lyrics revolve around being at war with yourself, something like having God on one shoulder and the devil on the other. ”Listen To Your Heart” is the only club-like party track as Son sample’s the popular DHT song. Thankfully he doesn’t overdo it and uses just enough so it doesn’t turn into a pop song.
The Rising of the Son, Vol. 2: Still I Rise (2008)
On this mixtape, Son follows up with “More Tears.” It acts as a continuance to “Tears” from his first tape. Similar sound and message, I can’t pick a favorite but suggest listening to them back to back. ”Still I Rise” will get you pumped up, such a sick beat on this one. ”The One” and “Lyrical Revolution” are two more to check out.
The Rising of the Son, Vol. 3: The Zenith (2008)
Top track on here is easily “Innocence.” The song is about a kid in college that takes his younger sister to his campus. She has skill singing and is introduced to a student who claims that he can promote her. I won’t explain the whole song, but it is a must listen. In my opinion, this is the most lyrically impressive and you will want to listen several times. The song plays like your reading a book or watching a movie.
Step Ya Game Up (2009)
This tape has my two favorite tracks by Son. ”Still I Rise” is insane and has become a constant song played in my car. “Step Ya Game Up” is the other that I’m always playing. The song shows his talent especially on the last verse…“rappers get a deal and get to singin like some catholics, trappers get a grill and get to actin like some actresses, rather spit fo real, we keep it underground like tracks, till the kid is passionate, the way I do it major, I’m more then 50 cent and underrated like I’m Jada…”
Step Ya Game Up, Part 2 (2009)
First, if you’re looking for a battle track or just something to get you pumped up then you gotta listen to “Throwdown.” On “Masterpiece” the name speaks for itself. Perfect production on this one. In “E.N.D.” (Eternity Never Dies), Son does a play off of Mase’s “24 Hours to Live” concept. Sick track and another of my favorites. ”24 hours to live, I just praise Him, put me in the ring wit the best, I’m Joe Frasier, you can be the Ali, singin like you Beyonce, i’m a beast boy, i can get you bodied, 23 left, ima walk into the lobby of Def Jam records and say somebody shoulda signed me…”
Final Destination (2010)
Now for his newest that dropped yesterday (9-15-2010). No disappointment here. He just exerts confidence even more on this tape. Explored some different sounds that I wouldn’t normally expect from him on songs like “Old Skool” and “Don’t Stop”. He starts everything off with a bang. ”Infamy (Amended Version)” is sick and he’s letting everybody know that he’ll take on anybody right now. It’s hard to argue with him about that after you see the creativity and fire in his lines on this one. He keeps it going next with my top song on the mixtape “Champion.” “so if I go hard I can probably rival Jay-Z, yeah crazy, maybe even Shady, but me and Jay-Z intertwine like chain links, I do it cause it’s all about progression, Jesus my influence you can call him my connection, follow his direction, he’ll be my protection, the blessing, I ain’t been the same since I stepped in, X-men, I’ll take em’ to camp this year, I’m amped this year, approved with a stamp this year, I’m back this year to blow em out the atmosphere, young son, tell them that the champ is here…” He keeps the creativity going with “Make Em Sing.” It’s a different beat then I’m used to hearing from Son, but he handles it with ease killing each verse as - Too Sick Muzik


Son, Forever A Movement - The Rising Of The Son, Vol. 1 (2007)
Son, Forever A Movement - The Rising Of The Son, Vol. 2: Still I Rise (2008)
Son, Forever A Movement - The Rising Of The Son, Vol. 3: The Zenith (2008)
Son, Forever A Movement - Step Ya Game Up (2009)
Son, Forever A Movement - Step Ya Game Up, Part II (2009)
Lyrical Opposition - Forever A Movement Presents... (2010)
Son, Forever A Movement - Final Destination (2010)



Lyrical Opposition, An Underground Hip-Hop Duo From Forever A Movement Entertainment. The Duo Consists Of Cross And KritaCal, Both Former Solo Artists That Formed A Duo Within The Group, Forever A Movement. They Are Called Lyrical Opposition, Because Of Lyrical Styles That Are Completely Opposite, But At The Same Time Combine To Create Effective Music. Christian "Cross the MC" Bustos, Is A Filipino-American Hip-Hop Artist From San Francisco, CA, Trained By Fellow Label Mate, Terrell "Son" Batson. His Style Consists Of Punchlines And Metaphors Almost Every Line. He Is Fairly New To The Hip-Hop Scene, But Has Developed Into One Of Premier MC's On The Forever A Movement Entertainment Label. Mito "KritaCal" Cardenas, Is A Bay Area Native, But Currently Resides In Los Angeles, CA. His Alternative Flow Speaks For Itself And The Only Way To Learn About Him Is To Listen To His Dramatic Verses. Lyrical Opposition Is A Very Unique Duo And A Forced To Be Reckoned With In The Hip-Hop Industry. Cross and KritaCal, Together They Make The Hip-Hop Duo, Lyrical Opposition.