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Lyrical Storm

Fort Wayne, IN | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Fort Wayne, IN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"Break Out Artist"

If you heard soulful poetry in spoken word, over a beat straight from the rhythm of the hip-hop culture, you may call it a Lyrcial Storm as well. This artist takes the traditional elements of spoken word and seasons it with his own flavor. In his performance, you can expect to experience love. "My goal is to have them visualize what love is. I want to expose them to the fact that love in relationships is only one aspect of the many forms of love." Lyrical Storm has been working and perfecting this poetic style for over fournteen years. "Finding Love" is a compilation of his views on the subject from puppy love to a more mature understanding of the value of love. So why does Lyrical Storm's "love poetry" include the rap culture? Because he feels that combined, it conveys a deeper massage that can reach the audience of today. "In some ways, rap is not as strong in lyrics as it used to be, and is becoming more known for its beat. Poetry is about the words and the feeling. The words should bring a picture to your mind, before the beat and before the music. Here, there is a focus on the lyrics, not just the hip hop. There are many things on the agenda for Lyrical Storm. He is scheduling performances in which he can work with a band, his own music or solo and acapella. The second volume to "Finding Love" is in the making. He also dabbles in the area of playwriting, plays the trombone, and is working on mastering the guitar. In the future he aspires to be signed to a record label. Lyrical Storm currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and is no stranger to the Midwest. Born in Fort Wayne, he pays special attention to bringing to the plate what the Midwest has to offer. "I got my start in college open mic nights. There is talent here in the Midwest, but it is often overlooked. With that being said, the biggest challenge I had was to follow my heart and go after my career." To hear the original sound of Lyrical Storm, you can visit and do not forget to leave feedback.

By Katrice Gullens - AMPS Indy Magazine

"Taking Shelter in a Lyrical Storm"

For Immediate Release
Taking Shelter in a Lyrical Storm

Spoken Word artist Lyrical Storm’s new book of poetry taps into love and lust, all in the name of free expression and good memories. A storm is on the horizon, rapping about love, loss, and the good old days.

Poet/Hip-Hop artist Lyrical Storm has published his first collection of poems and musings in Finding
Love 101: Uncharted Vaults Series Volume One. Part inspiration, part education, Finding Love 101 is
a mix of original poetry, memories from growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and wisdom gleaned from his elders along the way. Written over a period from 1995-2003, Finding Love 101 includes photos, a vocabulary glossary and even
a question/answer section about Storm. Finding Love 101 is a personal love story reflecting
on teenage love and coming of age during the college years, meant for both nostalgic adults and younger people going through those life-altering times.

About the Author:
Lyrical Storm has been writing poetry for well over 12 years. He was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana as one of four children to a single mother. During his sophomore year in high school, he became a member of a local group, the Black
Italians. He worked with many Fort Wayne artists, honing his creativity, his poetry, and love of freestyle prose.While urging a dream of steering people to the right path of the Lord, he is currently studying in the field
of marketing and performs at local poetry nightclubs. He currently lives in Cincinnati, where he publishes,
writes, and develops video games concepts.

Uncharted Vaults Volume One
by Lyrical Storm

Softcover / $10.00
ISBN: 978-0-9792615-0-3
Available online at:
and participating Midwest bookstores
For a review copy or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Bernard Howard - Jenkins Group, Inc.

"Billboard Discoveries Review"


Cincinnati-based Lyrical Storm is determined to lift millennial rap to a higher art
form: spoken-word hip-hop, where a poetic lyrical template overrides redundant
hooks. In fact, all tracks on his full-length 2009 release “The Box Theory,” play
out like epic confessionals—freestyle, albeit with a thoughtful take on life, love,
relationships and, yes, the good things in life. Focus cut “Drunken Haze” delivers
on the latter promise, as he confesses, “I put the bottle to my lips and relieve the
stress, feel the presence of the devil and I must say yes/Another night up in the
club and you know the scene, you got chicks for sex and the rest for green.” In
“Hate Me,” Storm professes his undaunted dream: “Hate me because I'm all you want/I
use your envy as a victory taunt.” But perhaps most haunting is the confessional
“Abandoned,” in which he vaunts, “My flow got a name, mister don't play/man among
boys you done lost your way/Ain't had no life to write something real, no way in
hell knowing my lyrics kill.” And therein is Lyrical Storm’s ultimate ace: He gives
the listener a piece of heart and soul. The act has been polishing his art for more
than a dozen years, studied marketing in college, and is now forging a number of
multi-media projects, including coming-of-age book “Finding Love 101: Uncharted
Vaults Series Volume One,” about his early days growing up in Fort Wayne, Ind.;
plays; and videogame concepts. While production is perhaps more repetitive than his
spoken flow, Lyrical Storm has the talent and drive to create thunder in a
mainstream hip-hop world that is aching for reinvention. Let lightning strike. - Jeffrey Henckels

"Album review: The Box Theory"

Music Comments:
Lyrical Storm is a new age sounding hip hop artist. Sounds a lot like 50 cent. Very mellow and relaxing style sound to the beats which is comforting. The vocals have a very soothing sound to them which is a nice change. The beats are almost a bit eerie sounding with a dark feel. I could see these songs playing on MTV shows.

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Lyrical Storm® is a Hip Hop / Spoken Word artist with an old school lyrical feel. His lyrics are poetic and create visual presence through his word placement. In today's time of most commerical rap artist the name Lyrical Storm® both defines him as an artist and his lyrical display of talent. His story telling ability is outstanding from hits like and Abandoned and Follow the Leader. Lyrical Storm® has the ability to write in several art forms from Spoken Word poetry and playwriting, but through Hip-Hop he has been influenced by Nas and LL Cool J. Lyrical Storm® is a new age Hip-Hop artist with an old school feel. - Hot 93.9 online


The Box Theory 1/29/09

Singles: Polytone Wimp, Drunken Haze, Abandoned, and Copy, Paste, Click




Storm is a Hip Hop musician and literary author from the United
States of America. Born Bernard Terrell Howard on the 23rd of
November in 1981 Storm currently street performs in Los Angeles
running his digital productions under the slogan 'All Things Digital'
of his brand. Highly recognized for his halftime updates on Instagram
Storm street performs and gives the halftime score to local LA based
fans in his downtime of ongoing concerts. In his third season of
street performing Storm had made over $10,000 dollars in his spare
time of street performing for sports fans.


     Born and
raised in Fort Wayne, IN Storm's first interest in music started in
grade school playing the Trombone in a band. Later on in high school
he would join a rap group named the Black Italians that created
several underground albums of hip hop music. In 2007 Storm filed his
brand name with the USPTO and became professionally known as Lyrical
Storm through Hip Hop music and poetry books. His most famous
literary production to date is his romance fiction novel 'A Cheater's
Lies' which received over 1,000 downloads in under three months as a
sample reading from his personal website. This was followed by a
televised commercial campaign that reached over 100,000 viewers
locally in the Indiana cities of Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.
Cincinnati, OH was also part of this marketing campaign with over
100,000 viewers in 3 months in prime time commercial placement.
Through music his first album 'The Box Theory' received positive
reviews most notably by Billboard Discovery alongside over 170,000
views to his personal website. Storm's first Hip Hop album is his
best selling LP to this date. In 2013 Storm digitized his catalog of
entertainment products making transactions available worldwide


graduated from Wayne high school with a Core 40 diploma and continued
his studies at the University of Indianapolis studying marketing
management. Completing close to two years of studies before deciding
to become a entrepreneur Storm grew with knowledge in many fields of
entertainment. He has abilities in studio recording, voiceovers,
video production, video editing, graphic design, and performing live
entertainment. He also creates artisan style soft bound books under
his publishing company of Lyrical Storm. Altogether Storm has a
collection of 15 entertainment products with a suggested worth of 12
million dollars in ownership value.