Lyrical Trilogy

Lyrical Trilogy

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopPop

The overwhelmingly upbeat party-friendly tracks accompanied by Lyrical Trilogy's signature spiritually inspirational tracks, all framed in a perfect Hip-Hop/pop-song aesthetic, will leave hooks stuck in your head for weeks.


The Lyrical Trilogy is comprised of two Emcee's and an R&B artist, that bring various styles and topics. Each member has been part of the Hip Hop scene for years, but in 2010 they came together to form Lyrical Trilogy. Lyrical Trilogy brings nothing but heart and real life experiences with an explosive captivating sound. Another factor that sets Lyrical Trilogy apart from other acts is the fact that they are a multi-ethnic group allowing for a further reach into different cultures and lifestyles bringing a broad range of experience that is easily related to by the masses. If you are looking for a captivating sound be prepared to be reciting hook for weeks on end!


Single - The Hybrid - released 2010 - is a custom introduction song for Strikeforce MMA fighter Joe Duarte.

Mixtape - Fast Food For Thought - released 2010

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