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Kansas City, Missouri, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFTRA

Kansas City, Missouri, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Hip Hop A Capella




"Music Review: Lyricast – We Outchea (W.O.S.A)"

Lyricast helps revolutionize the sound of hip hop, and strives to maintain flow over a woozy beat on his single “We Outchea (W.O.S.A)”.

The compact set of rap verses served up here is captivating, with its perfectly chosen drums and subtle swagger, the artist seems to enter the rap world at a sort of attention apex.

“We Outchea (W.O.S.A)” gives you that assertive feel. Its drum sounds hit hard, never disappearing into the mix, and allows Lyricast to rapidly fire his raps with ease. It’s distinct in the way that standout elements seem inextricable.

The drums, lyrics, and melodies all stand apart, yet each is impossible to envision functioning without the others. It’d be hard to guess which sound was produced first; you imagine them all springing into being simultaneously. The music demands for recognition and raises expectations that have long been coming.

And Lyricast doesn’t disappoint, he jumps in before the beat can make a momentary impression and dispels his edgy rhymes with just enough dynamism to keep the listener focused on the activity at hand. He prompts on unexpected revelations that would go on to shape his style and lyrics.

His raps are breezily lyrical, clever, and thoughtfully informed. He’s a smart guy, and he doesn’t care whether you think so or not. “We Outchea (W.O.S.A)” is something of a thesis on internalized and externalized confidence—so much so that the music can feel like a means to a greater end. - Xttrawave

"Lyricast Pours His Heart Out In “Motivation”"

Lyricast sounds like he’s ready to go to war with anyone who’s interested in blocking his success in “Motivation”

When a rapper is motivated to make it to the top of their craft, nothing can stop them from reaching that goal. In “Motivation,” we get a chance to hear Lyricast’s journey to success, and what he delivers is a passionate banger that features nothing but words of wisdom and explosive vibes.

The first thing that comes to my mind while I listen to this song is Lyricast’s energy on it. From start to finish, our hero spews out animated bars, giving listeners the proper introduction to who he is as a man and a hustler. Aside from that, I thought Lyricast did a great job of engaging with us through a very catchy hook and consistent flow, grabbing our attention and never letting go. If you ask me, that is how you establish your dominance on a song.

Make sure you check out Lyricast’s “Motivation” at the top of the page. Trust me, it’ll get you amped up!



We Outchea is a new single from hip hop artist, Lyricast. It has a fresh and funky, southern style beat, at times even sounding almost like 90s industrial music. The track makes good use of vocal layering and lively conversational delivery. The rhyme pacing alternates between fast, action packed and mellow, drawl intervals.

The song builds suspense and concentrates its lyrical intensity in the final third of the song. We Outchea could be characterized as a party jam or something more serious, depending on how much attention the listener pays to the content, but it also has a certain deep, trippy quality to it. This is one of the more uniquely styled rap songs I’ve heard in recent memory. It has a more experimental and avant garde sound than most indie rap songs. - ANASTIM DUCRAY

"Motivation (Remastered) by Lyricast"

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, rap music’s fire-spitting technician of verse Lyricast is certainly making a name for himself in the world of hip-hop. Not only is Lyricast turning his dream into a reality, but inspiring thousands of others who are witnessing his process and development. Lyricast is all about ambition and the science of using language as a tool to shape one’s reality. Thus, we find the name Lyricast to be an apt pseudonym and philosophy.

Produced by Fabobeatz, Lyricast’s offering entitled Motivation (remastered) perfectly demonstrates the vocal range and skills of the rap maestro. The track is enough to put a spark in the hearts of listeners. Lyricast’s breathless cadence and inner-struggle narrative proves to be the icing on the cake. However, instead of leaving his audience in the pits of a dark dream, Lyricast converts the negative idiom into a positive charge, giving this alchemist of words a distinction among others. - WARLOCK ASYLUM

"Lyricast – “We Outchea” (W.O.S.A)"

South Carolina artist Lyricast makes his EarlyBBQ debut with the release of his latest single “We Outchea” (W.O.S.A). The new single is raw and gritty as Lyricast drops heavy game for the people. The production is raw instrumentation, reminding us of production by Philly legends The Roots. Listen as Lyricast goes in with aggressiveness, condence and determination. Stream “We Outchea” (W.O.S.A) below and follow Lyricast by using the links below. - EarlyBBQ

"Lyricast - Motivation (Single)"

He who had a dream, and turns it into reality; Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music since 2001 was him. Work, can never be work if you love what you do. High school and College days had passed on. Here’s to re-living raw, unpopular moods to sweating energy in sound recording booths. He who was drawn to stage performances, as music videos to street curtains. This independent artist found his lit path divine... Not just bootstraps, as if through songs, a soldier resides.
How strong are their beliefs?

Check out one of the hottest tracks from independent artist Lyricast called "Motivation". - Breezy Says

"Lyricast “Motivation”"

Hip hop tends to forget about the talent pool that’s in Kansas city. We have found you guys something refreshing from the usual trap and drill that you get from the midwest.

Kansas City Rapper Lyricast stopped by to drop of his remastered banger ” Motivation” prod. . The track is a perfect release just in time for the summer. Truly something you have to pull out the whip, head to the car wash, and ride out with your bass on max.

Stay up to date on Lyricast here and and the links below. - kjshotme

"Lyricast - Motivation."

“Motivation” is an exciting brand new single from rap artist Lyricast. The track has a massive feel, with a really powerful groove and a stunning focus on forward-thinking ideas and direct lyricism.

The song has a punchy, direct intro, and more importantly, a really massive groove, with plenty of bottom-end. The vocal ad-libs are also spot-on, with a stark and diverse focus.

Lyricast created a cool vibe on this track, which sort of reminds me of old-school west coast hip-hop, yet combined with much more modern trap influences. The sound makes me think of pioneers such as DMX or NWA, but it also tips the hat off to contemporary pioneers, like Kendrick Lamar, only to mention but a few.

Learn more about Lyricast, and check out “Motivation” via the following link: - Thebandcampdiaries

"Lyricast Releases New Single "We Outchea (W.O.S.A)""

Lyricast has released a new track entitled We Outchea (W.O.S.A) on Soundcloud.

This is a very unconventional track that experiemwnts with live drums and riffs to create a distinctive track. The vocals are at the core of this project and narrate the themes and ideas behind Lyricast. The uniqueness and creative insight this track brings is exceptional. This is a highly reccomended track.

He who had a dream, and milked it to reality; Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music notes since 2001, marked him. Work can always be fun if one loves what they do. High school to College days molded beyond
free-lunch ways of the Juicy Juice. Challenged by re-living raw and un-popular moods, to sweating energy and heart in sound-recording booths. - Noah Penza


  • Motivation (remastered)
  • We Outchea (W.O.S.A)
  • Ya'll Don't Know
  • Azz Got Hipz
  • Devotion
  • Motivation
  • War Time
  • Snakes
  • Credits



He who had a dream, and milked it to reality; Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music notes since 2001, marked him. Work, can always be fun if one loves what they do. High school to College days molded beyond free-lunch ways of the Juicy Juice. Challenged of re-living raw and un-popular moods, to sweating energy and heart in sound-recording booths. He, who was drawn to stage performances, as music vids from songs hit sought street curtains to dawn in a whole new light. An independent artist found his lit path divine... Beyond boot straps as if through songs, a soldier resides. How strong are their beliefs?

Can one really rub off as to enjoying life, yet boss thoughts of "do or die" vibes:

Cast's first on stage show hosted by “Dj Favour” was through backing of the "90s HipHop & R&B Part I"; "Zoom Club" in Frankfurt, Germany of 2012. The song called "I'm Hot"(prod by Dolobeats) shot a roaring applaud:
 . The Hiphop/Rap artist teamed up with saluted wavelengths like "Dj MC-Hollywood" at the "Pearls Lounge Un Discoteka"; Nabburg, Germany, 2013. 

An archived track titled "Devotion"(prod by Dolobeats) may have lead an unlucky performance at an un-timely gig for the "Park Cafe", Wiesbaden, later be released, a classic. Realizing one's failure is a choice of the mind, where character resides, "Azz Got Hipz"(prod by Ray//Flava) was sure to follow a new light. It's song release party was an even bigger performance at "Club Nachtwerk" in Koblenz GE 2013:

His flight from Germany rippled tides after "Snakes"(prod by Ray//Flava) left to memory, a stand-up guy during the "Our Hip-Hop DE" event's spotlight. Wiesbaden, GE 2014 was just the beginning of even greater possibilities. 

Check out his very first music video titled "Yall Dont Know"
 ... A song produced by "Rafael Sasina & Peter Postl". The film which was directed by "Richard Porter" of "SoulFolks Studio" in Wiesbaden, Germany. First airing onto "Radio 99" by "Nader Dj Nasty". A video which paved the wave of differences, while a smash hit as the sounds of "Azz Got Hipz" quaked social interest: . This big budget video production was composed by Ray//Flava and directed/filmed by "Tre the Boi Wonder; as Art Davis". 

To fight for a cause bigger than oneself, solidified "Motivation" (prod by Fabobeatz) of Erlangen GE's next hit breaker kick-off. Patchwerk Studios got a hold of this, and mix/master engineering for the track included “Ray Seay and Kenny Mixx” off bat. Graduate of “Atlanta Institute of Music and Media”. Re-shaping the lives of those down to ride, whips another “hit after hit” for debate he's nothing nice and one heck of a Gumbo; Southern-styled! 2019’s latest releases include “We Outchea (W.O.S.A)”; unique word play birthing a challenging good message.

Lyricast credits "Jknock Graphics" flavor, for his first ever logo design and multiple album cover vibes. HIIRP... means "Here's II Radio Play".

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