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"NoCover Magazine"

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"Music Spotlight: lyricroad"

When you are listening to Lyric Road, you get this warm fuzzy feeling all over you. I especially like the band's happy retro feel good spirit. The group, who are based in Las Vegas, is as stated from their website, "is the bridge spanning retro goodness and solid, future-thinking styles" (Lyric Road). If you still are sure about the sound of this group, I can say this: The band, based on the information from their website, "performs self-described “pop rock with an 80s feel” and has a sound wide open to a broad spectrum of audience members" (Lyric Road). But, why take my word? Check out the Music Submit Player and some of their tunes for yourself after this great spotlight.

I first wanted to get some basic information on the members of group. The band had this to say about the members: The members consist of: Dave Matel- lead vocals, piano, drums. Matt Prinkey- guitars, bass. After asking the band members some general technical questions, I quickly discovered that the band's name is trademarked and that the band has filed their songs for copyright protection. Currently, none of their songs have been published but I am sure to this will not be true soon.

I started to ask the members of the band their background, their reasoning for making music, and whom did the group felt are their fans. Dave Matel studied classical piano and music theory at the Cleveland Institute of music. Matt Prinkey also studied classical guitar and theory at UCLA. Why do we want to record and release our own music? to entertain and touch peoples minds. Who is our fan/customer? Right now; I would say women and men from 20-35. What are our songs about? Personal growth with some politics overtone.

When asked if the band write their own songs, the band stated "yes". Furthermore, some of Lyric Road's musical influences include such legends as The Beatles, Billy Joel and early 80's music. How do we describe our music to people? The band stated: "Uplifting and fun". In addition, the image that the band's music conveys, according to the band, "I think we are pretty diverse so I would have to say a big "Welcome sign" for everyone".

As we are coming to the end of our questions with Lyric Road, I wanted to know specifically some of their short and long term goals as well as any updates that they wanted the readers of Junior's Cave to know about. Lyric Road's short term goals includes "to push this first album "stop the reign" tour and start on our second". What are our long-term career goals? "to gain success with this project and possibly produce other acts". How would we define the word “success”? "Feeling complete". How do we rate our live performance ability? "Currently, on a scale 1 to 10--an 8". Have we had any previous print or broadcast media exposure or reviews? "Actually, we're in the may issue of NoCover magazine and are doing some college radio right now". Some new developments with the Lyric Road at the moment includes: "We're working with A&R select, NoCover magazine, and are in the midst of putting together a fall tour".

"Lyric Road"

"Lyric Road's nimble blend of influences reveals one foot in delicious old school sounds and the other foot beginning a stride into the future." - A&R Select

- A&R Select


We're working on our debut CD with the intentions of starting college radio for the Spring semester. We also have been in NoCover Magazine's "groupies suck Vol #11" and will be in their "Bands to Watch" section of the magazine, and will also be in their March 2008 issue with review . Our song Stop the Reign has been picked up by Bare Metal Records for a compliation CD project.



Lyric Road

Las Vegas' Lyric Road is the bridge spanning retro goodness and solid, future-thinking styles. The band performs self-described “pop rock with an 80s feel” and has a sound wide open to a broad spectrum of audience members. Fans of classic sounds will recognize the influences of such in Lyric Road's music and other listeners will be drawn to a sound that breathes some fresh air into a stagnant radio culture.


Music is an anchor. Not in the sense that it will drag you down but in the sense that it provides mooring and strength to both artist and listener. “Music makes us feel alive, complete and centered,” according to Lyric Road. And those vibes follow through to the listener, leaving fans with encouraging and entertaining songwriting.


Songs, says Lyric Road, should be something that provides fulfillment to the listener; it should be a sublime source of uplift. And that's exactly the sort of thing Lyric Road sets out to provide the audience with every song. “Music should not leave you empty and yearning but full with happiness, sorrow, anger and, most-importantly, self-awareness.” The band offers uplift and encouragement and also a place to find catharsis for the darker emotions, making for a well-rounded personality to the music. Lyric Road believes in using music as a way of bettering the world and it certainly is a brighter planet with the likes of Lyric Road around.


It's a colorful and diverse world by which we're surrounded and Lyric Road sees that as an opportunity to find a cornucopia of different influences and songwriting ideas. “We're inspired by people of all walks of life and the stories they tell.” Musically, Lyric Road cites a broad range of artists, with a list of faves that stretches from the classic rock era all the way to the post-modern rock of today.

The Artist at Work

Lyric Road is looking to head out for touring in the fall of 2007. Writing is an ongoing, never-stopping process. The group is put the finishing touches on its next album. Lyric Road is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Lyric Road's nimble blend of influences reveals one foot in delicious old school sounds and the other foot beginning a stride into the future.” - A&R Select