Cape Breton Lyrics & Laughter

Cape Breton Lyrics & Laughter


A group of six talented young musicians and actors performing an energetic mix of Cape Breton music and comedy


After four resoundingly successful seasons at the Louisbourg Playhouse, Cape Breton Lyrics & Laughter returned for another fun-filled and entertaining summer! This year's cast featured the production's veteran performers, Colin Grant, Meaghan Grant, Michelle Mills, Andrew Tyne, Eric Angus Whyte, and Adam Young, and was, by all accounts, the most successful run yet.

In preparation for the fifth season, the cast spent the spring recording their debut album, a self-titled disc containing thirteen tracks representing the "best of" Cape Breton Lyrics & Laughter from the first five years.

The disc is available at the Louisbourg Playhouse, and also online at A few tracks can also be previewed at

Cape Breton Lyrics and Laughter was performed at the Louisbourg Playhouse every weeknight from June 26 to September 1, 2006, at 8:00 PM.

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Full-length CDs:

Cape Breton Lyrics & Laughter [2006]
Colin Grant [2006]
Eric Angus Whyte - Always Home [2004]

Set List

2006 Summer Setlist:

Oceanside Again [Sons of Maxwell cover, written by Dave Carroll]
Goat Set [fiddle tunes]
Pale-Faced Love [Eric Angus Whyte, original song]
When You Gonna Get Yourself a Woman? [original comedy sketch]
Loch Lomond [traditional]
The Beaton Track (aka Severely Beaton) [fiddle tunes]
White Squall [Stan Rogers cover]
Wild Mountain Thyme [traditional]
Elfin Knight [Kate Rusby cover]
Miner's Song [written by Dennis Conn]
Nancy Whiskey [Makem & Clancy cover]


Roving Gypsy Boy [Rankins cover, written by Jimmy Rankin, arranged in 3|4 & 4|4 time]
Combined Effort [fiddle set]
You'll Be Home Again [written by Allister MacGillivray]
Date Preparation [original comedy sketch]
Piano Set [duelling pianos, contains four tunes, one written by Meaghan Grant]
Lyndesfarn [Eric Angus Whyte original]
Date Night at Squiggie's Tavern [original comedy sketch]
Four Strong Winds [Ian Tyson cover]
Don't Call Me Early [Tommy Sands/Barra MacNeils cover]