Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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Written By: LyricsDaKID

I Remember Wen They Use To Say That I Cant.
Now They Like Obama Screamin Yes You Can.
But I Jus Focus On Gettin My Grandz.
Money So Big That Break My Rubberbandz.
Better Yet So Big It Cant Fit In My Pants.
My 501 Levi's Pockets Be Stuffed.
Thats Why All Tha Haters Talk Down About Us.
But I Get Enough Money To Not Have To Give A Fuck!
Smoke A Lot Of Good Weed Til It Have A Nigga Stuck!
I Feel Like A Virgin, Cuz Im Untouched.
Get High Everyday, On Tha Weekends Im Drunk.
Im Tryna Stack Money Til Im Rich Like Trump.
And Every Night Have A Different Group Of Hoez On My Bus!
Word To Mac Miller We Jus Muthafuckin Kidz.
That Means We Kick Increadibly Dope Type Shit!
Married To Tha Cash, Broke My Ex Chick.
Get Behind Tha Movement Or Suck My Dick!