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gifts and presence

Written By: mark daniel


The snow quiets things but I still hear
all hope of sleep just disappear.
And I feel this house’s empty places
and I clearly see the missing faces.

It’s another Christmas and my eyes open
To an empty silent home,
To slowly sense the quiet of
Knowing I’m alone-
Knowing in reality it is
Just another day,
But wishing for a happy hug
And watching children play.

CHORUS> “A holiday from happy
From those I need to see-
Holidays ring hollow when
You’re not here with me.”

And as the hours scitter past
Quietly I say-
“joy to the world and all of that
But take this loneliness away.”

The lights are too bright
But too little warm;
It’s too silent at night
And bad dreams will form.
The presents to come aren’t
the presence I need;
and the angels on high just watch
while I read,
and sit,
and pray.
“Joy to the world and all of that,
But please take this loneliness away.”


She Called Me Gone

Written By: Mark Daniel


You asked me in just to tell me “get out”!
I’m too tired to even ask what this is all about.
You only want to hold me to give me a twist
And baby that’s one of those things that’s not gonna be missed.
You called me over just to tell me to scat
Well I’m one dog that’s gotta problem with that.
We had some good times girl, I’m not gonna lie
But if you want me to beg than you got the wrong guy.

CHORUS> “You said ‘hey it’s not you- it’s me!’
Well that’s one point on which I agree.
Alright already, I hear what you say!
Have fun with HIM and get out of my way!”

So this is it, should I take a bow?
Can I get you back? Should I ask you how?
Cuz you look so smug, smilin’ there-
That you must be convinced that I even care.
But your only doin’ has been doin’ me wrong
And I clearly put up with your doings too long.


So you just wanted to tell me we’re through?
Honey this is the last time that I am with you!

When I Got The Girl

Written By: Mark Daniel


Each day fell away, blurring the last.

Each hour passed away to thicken the past. With the passing of years slow became fast.

Chorus> “He’s still the grown little boy she met years ago.

She still brings him the joy he thought he’d never know. Each at the other’s side, ever after happily.”

No crisis could make them stray far apart. Distance made the sunniest days cold and dark.
They couldn’t stand the strings pulled so tight between their hearts.


And when the weight grew so great That it was hard for both to stand
They would just sit and smile in silence awhile Each softly holding the other’s hand.
Then he smiled at her, like he used to do-

And he thought back on all that they’d been through,

And he asked “can you believe my luck in ever finding you?” She had answered him then, smiling again;
“Yes, my love, I do”