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Going by the moniker of lb. which stands for Lyrikllybetta, he is every sence of the word. One might label his music to be "punchline-rap" but for the true hip-hop listener much more lies beneath. Combining intellect with an innate street swagger he personifies what it means to be a true lyricist.


lb. (pronounced el-be) is a Los Angeles, California native currently residing at Wilberforce University, a 4-year private institution and HBCU outside of Dayton, Ohio. His music is in one word"lyrikllybetta". Seemlessly combining the laid back demeanor and attitude of the Wescoast with the pain stackingly harsh and stabbing lyrics of the East, lb. has been molded into nothing less than a "beast".

While searching for a label home Lyrikllybetta stumbled along a humble yet very aggressive L.A. based group of of men whom had their own label, own producers, and artist and were still laying the ground work for a soon to be dynasty Known as Lewis Entertainment. With heavy competition and many ego's in the room lb. proved himself worthy of a chance to board this speeding train. He has known of and been making music with Lewis Entertainment for just over two years now but became an official member of the label in June of 2008. Great things are expected of this tight-knitt camp because of their versatility, professionalism, and most of all the high level of talent in such a relatively small vicinity. Accompanied by fellow label mates Corey Lavel and Phizek, also Los Angeles based artist, they are bound to make a splash in the great lakes of the music business.

In a world where everyone proclaims them selve's as the "best rapper's alive" or "hip-hop saviors"; lb. makes no such claim. Only that he is lyrikllybetta, and any music lover looking to suffice his or her thirst for good, well thought out music will not be disappointed with one of his many songs.

One must warn all listeners that if you are looking for the usual or mundane you will be saddened to find that his delivery is fresh and daring in every way. The fashion and approach he takes in conveying stories and metaphors are unheard of, rivaling the true greatest rappers of all time. A sence of nostalgia might over come the few whom listen and have been around long enough to witness the true giants of Hip-Hop come and go. Arousing the question: Is my favorite rapper any longer my favorite rapper? The answer is clear as the newly found fan bopps his head towards his destination only to find how sad he is that no one else can hear what he's listining to. Lb. truly a symbol for lyricism and all music in general. The bad news is that your favorite rapper is getting older and his or her skills are diminishing at an alarming rate. The good news is that I just saved over $489 on my car insurance and that lb. will continue to get better. Lyrikllybetta.


No published albums at this time.
-Many in the process of being licensed.

Set List

1) By my side (2:47)
2) The Party (3:49)
3) I Gotta GirL (3:33)
4) My Infatuation (3:37)
5) Responsibility (3:12)
6) I’m A Rapist (4:25)
7) Right There (4:46)
8) Gossip Topic (3:52)
9) Wit’ the Business (3:21)
10)Go Getta (4:15)
11) Make me Say (4:32)

(And many more) has a plethora of music to choose from so depending upon the setting and the scale of the outting a set could last from 15 mins.-(2 hrs+).....