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His flow is remarkable,different,and infectious, hailing out of Atlanta,Ga Lyrikz is a force to be reckoned with, his style is somewhat reminscent of his states long list of super performers before him. with possibly the single of the year Lyrikz will soon add his name to his home town heroes.


If you took T.I.'s swagger, Ludacris's flow, Jay-Z's sense of style and Diddy's hustler ethic's and combined them into one you get Lyrikz, a southern born and bred Artist who combines a unique style of Hip-Hop with jazzy and upbeat instrumentals. His flow is like a breath of fresh air which sets him apart from any other artist on the market to date. " I just want to take what I was blessed with and show people that you don't have to be on the streets to feel the impact I'm just the average joe that can flow". Stating that the market is over-crowded with all the thug mentality. " Not saying that is a bad thing to have that mind set because I understand why we do the things we do and that's due to the lack of opportunity in our communities and I intend to change that". Lyrikz is Guaranteed to keep the dance floors packed for years to come.


Singles include "Like That", " Do u wanna", "What u know","Lollipops",and "Get 2 Kno ya" off of his album BakPack 2 Briefcase!!

Set List

Like That- 4min"9sec
Do u wanna-3min"27sec
What u Know- 3min
Get 2 know u- 2min"48sec