Rennes, Bretagne, FRA

LYS is the first french rock band spotted by Steve Hewitt (drummer & songwriter in the multi million selling Placebo) in London who has produced this summer their first album mixed by Paul Corkett (The Cure, Placebo, Bjork, Fiction Plane, Nick Cave, Radiohead...) at Warner Music France studio.


After a remarkable gig at the 93 Feet East last April in London, LYS comes back with a new line up and a busy Schedule. Their first single produced by renowed wizard Olivier Lude (Producer of M), has been distributed by Warner Music France since August 2010.

Spotted by ex Placebo’s drummer Steve Hewitt, they supported his new project « Love Amongst Ruin » at their gig in Paris at Flèche d’or.

The band from Brittany is also going to support Pony Pony Run Run on their french tour and is about to go on tour all over France, Switzerland, Belgium, England and Germany.

Watch out thèses Frenchies, their minds are set to take over and conquer European crowds in 2012...


"in my mind" single August 2010 (BMB/Warner Music France).
"New Way Home" single october 2011 (LYS/Believe)

First album coming soon in 2012.