Lysette Titi

Lysette Titi


Voice like velvet-Songs like thread-Music that bends and mends the human heart.


WHO IS LYSETTE TITI ??????? I am AN EXTREMELY creative person. An Odalisque for the music industry- a French African/Native American; hence my name, Yele Madlene Oweleo Lysette Titi. THE LYSETTE TITI SHOW IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! I am an INSPIRED SONGWRITER which means I only write when I am inspired. I live for a living! Money seems to find me wherever I go . I love business and convertibles. It is not unusual for me to spend an entire year living out of a suitcase and spend the next painting my house and recording at home. I love to sing my own songs for two reasons the first being that it seems to make other people feel good, and second I love the sound of my own voice. My anecdote is incomplete, however, my history is full and rich with lots of Superstar Stories. My lyrics and melodies been recorded by Monica Arnold, Faith Evans, Nami Amuro, 702, Cherelle, Amerie, and Morrison Slick to name a few. I have written with Rodney Jerkins, Chucky Thompson, Dallas Austin, Diesel, Mario Winans, Tim and Bob and Debra Killings. I live a very blessed life. I am surrounded by love through friends and fans. The most favorable memories of my career were working with Debbie Allen, Arturo Sandoval, Desmond Richardson [I miss you], and Pauletta Washington in Soul Possessed ; a ballet and musical performed at the Kennedy Center. I enjoyed my years at Black Entertainment Televisions Teen Summit . Also, I remember the 2005 international tour with Kelis. Currently, I am recording an album and singing with my favorite Go-Go band in the whole wide District of Columbia ; Backyard Band. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities life has afforded me. ONE DAY, I AM GOING TO SELL SIX MILLION RECORDS!!!! My number one aspiration life is to leave this world better than I found it! Love Lysette


Bus Stop

Written By: O.Titi

I've been driving by you every morning and I'm wondering when you are going to get your ride. Lately , all the men that Iv'e been meeting aint been driving and I no that I'm not the only girl with a ride
Boy you know your looking lovely at the bust stop I only wish you had a ride so you and I could ride around the city looking pretty feel me baby.Looking at me like you want me from the Bu Stop holla when you get your ride so you and I can ride around the city looking pretty feel me baby-

Should I keep on driving or should I stop cause he waves hi when i drive by is he tryingt o flirt or is it really cause he needs a ride to work well i don't know but mamybey if we lived in a real big city where nobody drives and evrybody rides the trainor bus to hook up but we don't boy so how you gonna come get me?
Hook (again)

Should I Uturn ,drive back to pass my number to you boy your looking so fine I can't lie that I want to meet you aw yea!


...Vamp one day your'e gonna pull up to my crib and honk the horn to let me know that your outside in that nice ride and then we can go all around baby yeah!


Young Sad & Blue, 702 "Places & Certified, Nami Amuro "Something Bout The Kiss", Blue Streak "Damn"(performed by So Plush and Ja Rule) Tatyana Ali etc

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