Lys Guillorn

Lys Guillorn

 Shelton, Connecticut, USA

Sonically bent roots rock. Vampires and little birds. Avant-twang.

“So if oddly uplifting, folk, blues country-infused acoustic semi-electric psychedelic dark pop music is your thing, please say hello to Lys Guillorn, you'll get along just fine.” Geraint Jones, Comes With a Smile #14 (UK)


Band members - Lys Guillorn (vocals, guitar), Peter Riccio (drums, vocals), Eric Bloomquist (bass, vocals)

Lys Guillorn is a singer/songwriter based in Shelton, Connecticut. She is of the same musical school as Laura Veirs, and Kristin Hersh, with a little Emmylou Harris thrown in: dreamy, lyric-driven, melodically interesting, and undefinable.

Live sound is solo on electric or acoustic guitar, focusing on lyrics and intricate guitar work, or with full band, adding a little more crunch.

Guillorn has opened for artists including: Laura Cantrell, Amy Rigby, Scout Niblett, The Handsome Family, and Nora O'Connor.

Guillorn is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter whose eponymous debut CD was released in 2003, receiving international radio airplay and notice in indie press. The CD was produced and engineered by Jeff Feuerzeig (best known as director of the films "Half Japanese: The Band That Would be King" and "The Devil and Daniel Johnston"). Feuerzeig enlisted guests Stanley Demeski (Luna, Feelies), Brenda Sauter (Feelies), Dean Wareham (Luna, Galaxie 500), Robert Quine (Voidoids, Lou Reed, Tom Waits) and Glenn Mercer (Feelies, Wake Ooloo).

In the spring of 2006, Guillorn released the "Three Songs" EP; a trio of intricately arranged, original home-recorded tracks, packaged in a hand-letterpress printed cover.

Guillorn's oddities collection "Wayward Children", pulls together her releases on compilations from various small indie labels over the last several years, including originals, covers of Skip Spence, old English ballads, fragments, and other miscellany.

"Winged Victory" is Lys Guillorn's first studio record in ten years. It was recorded at Dirt Floor Studio in Chester, Connecticut with her bandmates and some special guests.

"Guillorn's lonesome, stark music doesn't just conjure the Velvet Underground but serves as a rallying point for other Velvets fans to contribute (the late great Robert Quine, Luna, Feelies). She's no Nico clone though-think more of the lovely third VU album." -- The Village Voice


Steel Pier

Written By: Lys Guillorn (Little Wren/BMI)

My wallet looks like a lottery—
all tickets and nothing to show.
The carny’s lights are diamond dim,
spooky and inviting.
I’m going to liberate some money
just to let my pockets breathe.

I want to win you
I want to win you
I want to win you
a half a chance.

I’ll have a lady read my fortune
before I hit the road.
She’ll tell me what I already know
and show me to the door.
The moon hangs over the water
like a frazzled crystal ball.

I want to win you
I want to win you
I want to win you
a tiny collage.

I want to win you
I want to win you
I want to win you
a little plush toy.

When I Was a Tiger Lily

Written By: Lys Guillorn (Little Wren/BMI)

Telegraph to me a little story of yourself --
I promise to hold it and keep it to myself:
“After dinner I become a swan.
Before breakfast the rosy fingered dawn
comes and puts my coat on.
When I was a tiger lily,
I grew outside your window,
my pollen turned you yellow,
beneath a garden pillow,
releasing my shadow.”

[inst part]

Telegraph to me another story of yourself --
I promise to wear it like a locket on my chest:
“In winter, I will be gone.
In springtime, I’ll return a fawn.
In summer, my coat will be long.
Autumn -- leaves on the lawn.
Now I am your tiger lily,
when I grow through the summer,
aurora borealis,
a chimney on a dark road
releases my shadow.”

[inst to end]

When I was a tiger lily / ooohs x 8


Lys Guillorn - Winged Victory (CD - November 5, 2013, Little Cowgirl Records)
Lys Guillorn - Wayward Children (CD - March 2009, Little Cowgirl Records)
Lys Guillorn - Three Songs (CD EP - March 2006, Little Cowgirl Records)
Lys Guillorn - s/t (CD - 2003 Little Cowgirl Records)

Select comps/other:
"How Many, How Fast?" Not Before My Time (Golden Microphone, 2010)
"Sixteen Reasons", Happy Sweet Sixteen Carrot Top Records, (Oct. 2008)
"St. Augustine", Dream magazine comp issue 8
"(I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too" Homebreaker, Skeeter Davis tribute (Sanitary Records, Oct., 2006)
"You Love to Fail", It's Meaningless, Magnetic Fields tribute SCTAS zine, September 2005)
"Banks of the Ohio" (traditional, on Ball of Wax zine comp #1, August 2005)

Set List

A typical set is 40-60 minutes of original material. Longer sets can be arranged upon request.

Depending on the gig:

Solo - acoustic or electric guitar and vocals, sometimes banjo

Three piece band - electric guitar, vocals, drums and electric bass