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The united sounds of Montreal. A vocalist rapping and singing over every genre that emerged out of this city that encompasses cloudy and cosmic sounds. That's how you know it's just a bunch of stars in a sort of fusion, ready to bring in a new reality or new universe via a Big Bang.


Lysick was born in Montreal, to a split-family home and was left with his mom to raise him- Wait, this sounds like every rapper's story.

What differentiates Lysick from every other rapper is that for one, he's from Montreal and embodies the city's culture, whereas other Montreal rappers are too influenced by American rappers with no hint of their surrounding affecting their music. While the city's French heritage influences Lysick, his Haitian and Nigerian background also adds to his character as he implements those features into his music as well.

Montreal's music scene has no definite genre, it's very spacy and transcendental. This environment can be found in Lysick's music. In 2012, Lysick dropped a traditional rap record called "YOLO (You Only Love Once)" for a Valentine's Day deadline. That release landed him a spot to perform at POP Montreal in the same year. Since then, he's been recording material for his upcoming project, 'Repulsive Beauty'. On the road to the 2nd release, Lysick has been performing at bars, theaters, open mic venues, and others, to keep his name out there.


YOLO (You Only Love Once) [ft. Krystale]:

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YOLO (You Only Love Once):